Ashleya's Lullaby

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Date: November 20, 2020 (9 days ago)

Close your eyes, my sweetest babe.
Surrender to the night.
I'm here just to watch over you
So rest well and sleep tight.

I cannot sing so I'll just hum
my gentle lullabys
Don't hesitate coz I won't leave.
Go rest those weary eyes.

Don't miss me much; no time is lost.
For we will never part.
We'll meet again in your sweet dream
if I'm inside your heart.

Just think of me and no one else
before you drift away.
And we will be together 'til
the coming break of day.

If you are cold, I'll warm you up
with unmalicious hug.
If you tease me, I won't give in.
I'll stare at you then shrug.


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Isang kilong lamok
Kalahating ulo ng pinitpit na bawang
Isang katamtamang sibuyas na hiniwa pahaba
Kalahating kutsaritang pamintang buo
Tatlong dahon ng laurel
Kalahating tasang toyo
Kalahating tasang suka
Isang kutsarang asukal na pula (opsyonal)
Siling labuyo (opsyonal)

Pagsamahin lahat ng sangkap sa isang kaserola o kawali. Pakuluan hanggang maluto ang lamok at lumapot ang sabaw.
Pwede rin lutuin hanggang matuyo ang sabaw.
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November 21, 2020 (8 days ago)

Gusto ko malicious hug eh :D


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 (6 days ago)

Hey yow babe 😊
I know its too late for my response here...just to let you know that i'm so much flattered 🤗
Our hearts we're smiling and it's just so amazing 😍 unexplainable 💗💗💗
You knew it babe 😘😘😘

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