King And Queen

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Date: January 16, 2020 (2 months ago)

I made my hubby my king,
I gave him a crown to rule my world,
Everything I own and my being,
Love and lust,
From dawn till dusk,

But before he was my King,
He became my brave knight,
All day and all night,
Fighting valiantly for my every right,

What really turns me on,
Is a strong guy who still holds on,
A test of time daily drawn,
Always choosing to see the right in my every wrong,

I was in the dark and he brought me light,
His warm smile always shines bright,
Honestly speaking from the heart,
I always wanted to be impregnated by someone very smart,

I always dreamed of a big strong hubby,
To kiss my tears away,
To hold me close on a cold cold May,
To make love to me on a chilling day,

He became my king ruling over me,
Became my lover taking good care of me,
He made me feel beautiful just the way I am,
Making me feel horny and crazy, damn,

Before the curtain closes the show must go on,
Before our happy ending the sorrows must first begone,
My dear hubby doctor I am so...

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I am a proud filipina nurse and sometimes, a majorette of our town Marching band. I just want an awesome explosive time(either boy o girl -i find it masarap..pero straight girl aq) ;)
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