A Hundred Cuts

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Date: August 30, 2019 (20 days ago)

How attractive, how pleasant!
So intricately designed
A rose so pure and delicate
Symbol of power, affection, and love.

How foolish can I be
Despite knowing the truth
Your neck adorned with thorns,
I wrap my fingers unto.

Still, I tighten my grip
Only to bring myself another cut
Blinded by its beauty,
Transfixed by its charm.

Truly as it goes,
A girl doesn't know,
Doesn't think, doesn't learn
To be cautious of the thorn.

Again I am bewitched by his tricks
Now I am numb enough for any pain

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August 31, 2019 (19 days ago)

So sad those charms can't be undone
Beauty's barbs and thorns you shun
Caught and trapped by deceits he spun
No feeble will can ever resist
Those cuts persist, still he insist
To lavish fresh flesh, long as he exist

Ganda naman ng poem mo.  Nice ink.

May kulang ata ako ng "S" somewhere. Hahahaha. Whatever

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