Make Love To You

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Date: April 10, 2019 (2 months ago)

I Want to Make Sweet Love to You

I want to tempt the hands of fate
Take you out on a lovely date
Act like a perfect gentleman
Be as romantic as I can

I want to show up with flowers
Walk with you in April showers
Hold your hand and open the door
For the woman I do adore

I want to take you out to eat
Pull out your chair until you seat
In the fanciest restaurant
Tell you to order what you want

I want to sit by candlelight
With the mood and atmosphere right
Gazing into your lovely eyes
Sing love songs and sweet lullabies

I want to turn on all my charms
Hold you in my tender arms
As I am slow dancing with you
Softly whisper "You're beautiful"

I want to count the stars above
With the woman I truly love
After that walk you to your door
So you can feel safe and secure

I want to be invited in
Gaze in loving eyes once again
As I watch them sparkle and shine
Open up a bottle of wine

I want to hope our next slow dance
Will lead to a night of romance
As we are dancing cheek to cheek
Feel your heart beat and knees go weak

I want to catch you as you fall
Let you know you're a living doll
Make your body feel like a flame
When I softly whisper your name

I want to taste your honey lips
Feel the passion behind your kiss
Smell the aroma of perfume
As you lead me to your bedroom

I want to lay down by the side
Of my lover and future bride
On this wondrous and lovely night
Make love to you with all my might

I want to kiss your pretty head
As I am lying in your bed
Prove to you that my love is true
By telling you you're beautiful

I want to give you all my love
Make you sparkle like stars above
Feel Hea...

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