Dear J And Mei

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Date: December 5, 2018 (8 months ago)

I miss us..
I miss the times when were okay.
Those times that I thought would stay...
Where promises were so real.

One wrong move...
And everything gets broke...
I thought I could easily cope
But then I was left here with so much hope.

At night I cried a lot.
Even others tell me to stop
Coz they had enough
Of my agony its like a crap...

Happiness is our deal
Our laughter are so real.
They are so precious my dear
That it makes me sad you're not here

I wish we still have those talks at night
When darkness covers the light.
But then who am I kidding right?
I'm in pain I can't deny

The goodnights and kisses
Those smiles a...

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December 7, 2018 (8 months ago)

Gandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Well-written sya.

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