Chain In The Dark

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Date: August 16, 2018 (11 months ago)

Bending my knees as I beg
Chanting a prayer as bow my head
God, if you're there can you hear me?
Unchain me from the darkness, set me free

Anywhere I go I cannot escape
Day by Day I'm losing my faith
Voices in my head are screaming again
Keeps me awake every now and then

I tried to hide the pain when the sun appear
Forcing myself to let go of these fear
But my hands are trembling as the night comes
Trying to run but my feet start to numb

Day and night I am here, I am awake
I'm not sure how much of these I can take
Someone open the chamb

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August 17, 2018 (11 months ago)

This poem...
Humility through prayer is a great step. I'm sure the answer is on the way. When no one else sees the pain inside and those difficulty, keep that line of communication open because He sees and hears when no one else can.

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