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  • GF Gets Drunk And Passes Out
    Then I heard na bumukas ang pinto ng bedroom namin. Irish had two towels in her hands, and threw them at me.I gave one to Kyle as I finally opened the glass door to the balcony. I wrapped the other towel around my waist after wiping some sweat of my body."Thanks, pre.""Uhuh.""Man, do you often do th...
  • GF Fucks Me While Being Watched
    At this point, I became focused on Irish, her terrific body, her delicious pussy, her perfect breasts. I wanted to sexually serve her. I licked her very gently, while rubbing my long finger inside her now wet hole. I placed the edge of my finger on her g-spot. She roared. "You fucking know my cunt s...
  • My GF Without Panties
    If you've been following our story, I hope you recall the one "wild" party Irish and I had with our circle of friends. Not to be outdone by the am-girl girlfriend ng isang barkada ko, who has been very openly kissing and necking with her boyfriend in front of everyone, Irish decided to remove her pa...
  • Will Irish Let Ed Fuck Her Butt?
    I was at a crossroad, when I saw Ed, whose big cock has fucked my girlfriend like she's never been before, trying to break into her anal opening. While Irish and I have tried anal sex before, and it felt fantastic btw, she was not particularly fond of it. The two instances I fucked her sa pwet, nila...
  • My Girlfriend Was Being Fucked When I Got Home
    After I cleared immigration and got my bags, I quickly went to the Nissan cars counter to get a ride back home. Buti na lang, there were many cars available. In less than 10 minutes, I was on the road.I chatted on Messenger with Irish."In the car na honey.""Ok, ingat luv.""You ok, my hot girlfriend?...
  • Pinarinig Sa Akin Ni Ed Ang GInawa Nila Sa GF Ko
    I asked Irish (after the fact of course) what was going on in her mind at this time. She said she was a bit afraid. She felt that Ed ignored what she said, na hindi sya ready to be invaded by a very large cock head. Strangely though, she also said na-excite sya. Pero at the same time, pumalag sya."E...
  • My Girlfriend's Threesome Without Me
    My girlfriend knew the massage is more or less over while the sex has started. Ed was again between her legs. She told me that familiar feeling of having a very reliable mouth eating her, flicking her clit, rotating his tongue around her vagina, lips mashing her juicy flesh while his finger explores...
  • Si Ma'am Lens Sa Nayon : GANGBANG!!
    Ang Nakaraan:Matagumpay na naidaos ang activities sa Baryo ni Kapitan Eduy,dahil na rin sa mga lumahok na sa patimpalak at siyempre sa tatlong napakagandang bisita.Gaya ng inaasahan,kinantut ng mga tauhan ni Eduy ang dalawang kasama ni Lens.Sarap na sarap ang mga tauhan ni Eduy sa dalawang kasama ni...
  • Last Three
    "Tulog na si Enzo. Si Edgar may overtime daw. Madaling araw na makakauwi.""OK. See you in 30 minutes."Ibinaba ni Chloe ang telepono. Napabuntung-hininga ang babae habang excited sa pagdating ng kanyang kalaguyong si Mark. Naisip niyang medyo matagal ang 30 minuto kaya naisipan niyang pwede siyang ma...
  • Male Escort III - Training Part 3
    Alas tres ng madaling araw nang nagising si Claire. Pagbangon niya ay nagtimpla na siya ng kape at nag almusal. Tinignan niya ang phone niya kung nagtext ang ama niya at kung may gusto siyang ipadala ngunit wala siyang natanggap. Pagkatapos niyang mag almusal ay naligo na siya at naghanda ng mga dad...
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