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Q & A Part II

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 (1 day ago)
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Q: may susunod na confession pa ba?
A: eto na po sir. Ready ka na ba? HAHA :))

Hope y'all won't judge me after this one. Charot! XD

Q: are you the one in your avatar picture with the eye glasses?
A: well, i'm using it, so yeah it's me.

Q: what's your height?
A: 5'1" yata. Haha.

Q: ano vital statistics mo?
A: mataba ako. :)) 32 24 34 before. Hahaha. Siguro ngayon 25 na waistline, not sure. Im not checking.

Q: What is your profession?
A: im still studying. Graduating actually of teaching profession.

Q: may twitter acct ka?
A: not on twitter po.

Q: sex or chocolate?
A: chocolate. :p

Q: how about groping natry mo na?
A: i think no, well di naman ako nata-touch and bihira kasi ako mag commute. Pero may mga manyak talaga like one time sa bus, si kuya tumabi sakin then ngiti ng ngiti, kumikindat pa. Nakakairita na, tapos biglang nag cellphone, nanuod ng porn si...
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Grateful For Mundane Normality

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 (1 day ago)
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I was raised to believe that the only thing that deserves gratitude are the great ones. In our household, we only celebrate big accomplishments if you're in second place then you will not be celebrated.

I grew up thinking that I am not enough because compared to other family members I am not that smart and pretty, that's why I made sure that I developed a habit of learning. I read a lot but sometimes I still look dumb and clueless, my boss used to call me "the queen of the nerds" because according to him I represent the quiet/awkward ones, those who rarely speak but never fail to submit quality results.

I used to have a lot of things to do like I have a full time job, a small business, and several other part time gigs. I was not designed to have an idle time, I get anxious when I am not doing anything but due to some medical issues, I was forced to slow everything down. At first, I didn't like it at all because it's different from what I am used to.

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A Glimpse…

Submitted by on November 24, 2022 (7 days ago)
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I've decided to start writing na. Informally at that. First is that I think it's just right for me to properly introduce myself while trying my best to stay incognito as much as possible. So here it goes...

As far as I know I was born a female in the year 1988. I was raised and born in Manila and is now currently living in another part of the world working as a healthcare professional.

I am not a religious person but I do pray and believe that something more powerful is out there looking after us. I mostly believe in respect and doing something good not because you expect something in return, be it in this life or hereafter.

I am single as of writing and only crave the companionship of the opposite sex and never of the same gender. I prefer older men to be exact. The older the better. But ofcourse he should be taking care of his appearance.

I am not looking for anyone to finance me but any girl would love to be spoiled at ti...
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Once Upon A Time

Submitted by on November 21, 2022 (10 days ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, English · Categories: Erotic Couplings, Fetish, Wife Lovers, Mature, Romance · Tags:

I came out from the bathroom in a pink towel. I saw you sitting on the couch, watching TV. You're too hooked up with the film you're watching to even notice me. I'm slowly walking towards the television, turned it off and faced you. You're staring at me and I suddenly dropped off the towel. Your jaw dropped and at the back of my head , " Yeah that's it babe, your attention is all mine now" . Smirked ,walked towards you. I could still feel the water dripping from my hair. Staring to your eyes , I kneeled down in between your legs. Without looking away from your eyes , I'm pulling down your boxers. Seeing you fully naked made me craved for you. Ughh.

Running my fingers to your thighs... hmmm.

Touching your semi hard d*ck, rubbing it with my hand.... " ahhhh" that's all I can hear from you.

Holding your d*ck, stroking it.... "Ohhh" there you gave me a pleasant moan again

I lowered my head and start licking it and then you gasped. Yes I am enjoyi...
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Submitted by on November 16, 2022 (15 days ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, English · Categories: Romance · Tags:

Im not sure im ready to put this into words but I know if i don't try i'll continue regretting not putting into words what needs to be said. So, at least at the end of this, no matter how it ends, i can at least say i tried.

I just want you to realize what im worth. I invite you into my life, my head, my heart, my family, my bed. That is all very special and not everyone i meet is entitled to those things. I've given you everything and in return you're not even really mine. I'm not going to lie, it crushed me when i found out and i was deeply hurt. Constantly wondering what i could have said or done differently, what it was that i didn't do right. Why wasn't i good enough for you??

I cried, i was confused and lost. what little confidence i still had left in myself was gone. I lost the ability to see myself in a positive way. You were a cheater and nothing that i did, or didn't do, could've changed that. Eventually, i realized this. However, it wasn't easy. I thoug...
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Shorts: Again

Submitted by on November 14, 2022 (17 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Mature, Romance · Tags: , , ,


Before you take time reading this, please read my good friend and fellow author Crystalite's "Insensitive" as this is an approved part 2 of the said story. I strongly recommend that you read that first before this.

For easy access, here's the link to the part 1 of the story:



It was a Friday night and Marie was inside a cab, on her way to see her friends. Because of the metro traffic, she took her phone out from her purse and opened messenger.

I'm sorry. Might be around 20-30 more minutes for me to get there.I

She typed and sent to notify her friend. A reply came in almost instantly.

Oh! Traffic again. It's okay. By the way, someone you know is here.

Intrigued, she inquired.


I heard from a friend today
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My Naughty Schoolgirl - II

Submitted by on November 11, 2022 (20 days ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, English · Categories: Fetish, Romance, One Night Stand · Tags: ,

Appreciate all the PMs following up sa continuation. I was actually writing the 2nd part when power broke. Hindi pala sya auto save sa draft so I had to start over. Anyway, here it goes.

Ella and I continued our conversations. Unlike dati na medyo conservative, naging erotic and sensual na yung mga usapan namin. At medyo mas dumalas ang reply namin sa isa't isa. Sabi ko nga, gustong gusto ko syang mapapayag na makipag meet sakin kaya consistent ako. Ang dami kong attemps pero laging epic fail. Siguro dahil alam din naman kase nya yung pakay ko. Until one day, hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng demonyo or anghel ang bumulong kay Ella. She initiated the chat asking if may lakad ba ko the ff. weekend.

"Busy ka ba this Sunday?"

"No, bahay lang ako.whyyyyyyyy?" ....halatang excited ako sa dami ng "y" sa reply ko.

"Tara sine"

It was very unlikely na sya ang mag aaya ng meetup dahil lagi nya kong dine decline, I had to make sure na sya tala...
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Here we go again, pouring my heart again... letting go of this burden... let's continue...


After having several talks with her over the course of a week, I have learned more about her personality, background, dislikes, and pet peeves. I suddenly worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date, which is incredibly unusual for me, but I asked someone to go out on a date for the first time in my nine years of singledom. I'm getting used to going out and doing things by myself. She accepted my offer despite my initial fears that she would decline it, saying, "Yes, I would love to go out with you!". She has a kind and affable demeanor that forced me out of my comfort zone, so at first I thought I was infatuated, but there's something about her that makes me smile a little, and hoping it won't come to an end. My mind is informing me "Stop this nonsense; you're not supposed to fall in love; you're a failure at relationships". However, my heart is telling me that "y...
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Loving You In Silence (Confessing My Love...) Part II - Love At First "Bite"

Submitted by on November 5, 2022 (26 days ago)
Posted in Blog: English · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: ,

it's been awhile... been busy with work, however, I still keep thinking of you... now, to continue with the confession... I call this... LOVE AT FIRST "BITE"

I made an effort to get close to her and learn more about her. I wanted to know her likes and dislikes, pet peeves, favorite things, and if we could get along. My initial reaction to her is that she seems a little snobby when it comes to meeting new people, and she also wants to make everyone know that she is with the person she is with, so I am initially afraid to approach her. I merely wanted to be friends with her. I was mistaken, though, as it seems that getting along with her isn't that difficult. She has a cheery disposition, and I was surprised to see that she actually isn't that horrible of a person. We connected immediately and grew close. Then, suddenly, she left a mark that would alter everything—*chomp—the mark that would ignite this emotional rollercoaster in me. A deep bite in my arm, which I know woul...
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I Just Learned How To Play

Submitted by on November 1, 2022 (1 month ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, English · Categories: Toys and Masturbation · Tags: ,

This can be embarrassing at best, but here I am in her 30's and just learning how to play with myself. I'm also just learning how to play pc games again as well but that's not what I'm writing about.

When I was younger, I always felt guilty whenever I felt horny or even just think about sex in general. I may not be religious but my extended relatives are and it must have influenced me at some point. I do have sex with my gf/bf and I would tell myself that I do it out of love but as time goes by, I don't give a fuck anymore.

It's been weeks since I last saw Vixen and I've been missing her despite not showing it. Whenever I'm trying to stay awake on HR or QA talks at work, I just think of her and how great our sex life is (how wild it is). Thinking about her a lot makes me horny almost all the time. It's easy to dodge the feeling when I'm at work or playing games, but not when I'm alone just like now.

A few weeks ago I bought two small jelly dildos for me...
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