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Special Occasions

Submitted by on July 11, 2019 (7 days ago)
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I can't help but feel so emotional when I saw this picture. This was taken last 2012 when both of you celebrated your Silver (25 years) Wedding Anniversary and renewed your vows in front of God and your loved ones.

Papa, you were so full of life then, healthy, strong and just happy. I still can't believe that you are not with us anymore to celebrate this very special day of love. Pa, it is so easy to say that I've accepted the fact that you are gone but in reality, deep inside my heart, I still cannot accept it. I am still crying when no one is around. I still forget that you are not around anymore so that we can eat lunch and supper together. It hurts so much hurts so much.

Mama, I know that you are a strong woman but I know also that no matter how strong you are, you still have weaknesses. Ma, it is okay to cry, you don't have to hide it from us. We, your children, son-in-law and your apo, are your greatest source of strength and support system. We will...
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Submitted by on July 10, 2019 (8 days ago)
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My heart bleeds love. I think that's why they keep stabbing it....
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You And Loneliness

Submitted by on July 8, 2019 (10 days ago)
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What is it with you and loneliness? You both come to me at the same time....
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Submitted by on July 7, 2019 (11 days ago)
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I asked myself every single day if am I really worth it . Even with all the flaws that I have to hide, the tears that I have to keep deep inside, the pain that is protected by my smiles and the exhaustion of living and lying at the same time....
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Hurts So Good

Submitted by on July 6, 2019 (12 days ago)
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Boys play rough, Men, Do Too - But they do it smoothly.

Avoid these bedroom blunders to ease pain and refine your technique.

There's nothing more arousing than the sight of a woman deep in the throes of pleasure. It's the stuff porn is made of. But, unlike you, a couple of strokes and tugs aren't enough to get her there. Even worse, the kind of pressure you crave can cause an unpleasant and painful sexual experience for her. Ease up on these moves, and you'll find that it pays to be a gentleman in bed.

1. Manhandling Sensitive Zones

A woman's clitoris is a beautiful and delicate flower that needs to be handled with care. Repeat this in your head when you're getting too carried away. Her little love mound will not respond favorably to biting (with teeth) or being tickled too vigorously. Nor will her nipples. Instead, use your lips to give these highly erogenous zones a nibble from...
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Lost Soul

Submitted by on July 5, 2019 (13 days ago)
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Just wanted to share that I've lost my way.

The person I am today is so different from the person I was 2 years ago. I was strong, I was happy, I was motivated, and I had a strong resolution.

I could deal with difficult situations and control my emotions. But now, I truly understand the sad reality that comes with age. The things that once brought meaning to our lives no longer do, and the goal that was once so clear has been lost in a fog.

Today, I am so susceptible to things that I didn't give a fuck about when I was younger. Things like insecurities, loneliness, and anxiety. I fear the future, and that influences how I live in the present. Sometimes I simply cannot study, and I sleep super late doing absolutely nothing. I hate how I am now, and I do hope that one day, I'll be able to get back on my feet again.

People say you must learn how to love yourself before you can love another, but I wish for the exact opposite. I wish someone ca...
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The Bad Girl: Chapter 29 - Apart

Submitted by on July 5, 2019 (13 days ago)
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Ooh, ooh.
How do you cool your lips
After a summer's kiss?
How do you rid the sweat
After the body bliss?
How do you turn your eyes
From the romantic glare?
How do you block the sound of a voice
You'd know anywhere?

Oh, I really should have known
By the time you drove me home,
By the vagueness in your eyes,
Your casual goodbyes,
By the chill in your embrace,
The expression on your face
That told me
Maybe you might have
Some advice to give
On how to be

How do you numb your skin
After the warmest touch?
How do you slow your blood
After the body rush?
How do you free your soul
After you've found a friend?
How do you teach your heart, it's a crime,
To fall in love again?

Oh, you probably won't remember me.
It's probably ancient history.
I'm one of the chosen few
That went...
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Creative Writing

Submitted by on July 5, 2019 (13 days ago)
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I've done it. I finished The Happy Place piece and published it.

Was I satisfied with it? Somewhat.

Was I happy with it? Not completely.

Did I cover the genre properly? I don't know.

Weird feeling of unsatisfying achievement of publishing a piece. I really wanted to make a good story about a group of friends going on a vacation and suddenly getting killed one by one. I had several ideas over it but most are already either in print or film.

I strived for something original. Did I do it? I really have no idea. Probably my own fault since I did not (do not) read enough Erotic Horror novels or watch horror movies. I hate horror movies to be honest.

Then why did I do it? For personal growth. I wanted to test if I could make a piece outside of my comfort zone.

I did it to challenge my personal knowledge of what Erotic Horror is supposed to be. I did a little research, of course. But it did little to help me make an...
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The Bad Girl: Chapter 28 - Anger

Submitted by on July 5, 2019 (14 days ago)
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Sherwin woke up with the sunlight dancing on the white wall. He rubbed the back of his neck and stretched. The room was bright with sunlight. He drew the blinds down to dim its effect.

It was a brand new day. This debacle would come to pass. He must make his move now so that all this would come to an end soon.

He got out of his bed. He looked stressed with his ruffled hair and tired, droopy eyes. He yawned and rubbed his chin, feeling the stubbles of his beard.

It had been a long and lonely night. He had been used to having Reina in his arms.

Last night would be the last one he'd spend without Reina. That was his last thought before he turned on the shower, setting it on cold to shock and awaken his senses and his body.


It was midday in Sherwin Xu's office. Everything was going smoothly despite of what happened last night.

Sherwin looked unnerved in his...
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Blackmail Is Going To Something I Have No Experience About

Submitted by on July 4, 2019 (15 days ago)
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So, yeah. I have a dilemma. Many message how they like Blackmailed series. How they want the story to get darker, steamier.

Truth be told: Those I have written so far, the moves and stuff, were all i could ever experience or imagine. I will rely solely on imagination if the story is to continue. I am lost for words as well. I do not know how else to describe or terms to call to explicitly arouse readers' minds.

Call it writer's block....
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