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Cumming Problems

Submitted by on Thursday, 18 August 2022, 08:46 PM (8 hours ago)
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Please help me understand myself! I need some inputs about my problem. I don't understand why I am getting a difficult time cumming during a sexual intercourse. No matter how good the sex is I just can't and sometimes i need some help i have to listen to loud moans of other women having sex. Don't get me wrong but it is a lot faster for me to cum whenever i listen to it while doing the deed. Isn't it weird or am I weird being this way? Please help me understand!...
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Getting Away With An Affair

Submitted by on Thursday, 18 August 2022, 01:58 PM (15 hours ago)
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Is not an easy task to do.
There are a lot of mental and emotional preparedness that will be needed to pull this off.

You will also need to have an understanding new partner if you will want to continue relations outside of your already committed one.

Truth be told, there are things that must be done to do your best to cover your tracks.

There is such a thing as pheromones. This gets secreted by our bodies in order to attract potential mates.

During intimate lovemaking or close contact with someone you are attracted to, this leaves trails on your clothes, skin and basically where you have been touched closely.

This "pheromone scent" can be quite hard to mask if one is not aware of certain things.

After helpful research from helpful people in FSS, I have compiled some facts about secret relations and how it can, possibly (i.e., not categorically), let you get away with it.

1. The scent can be picked up by...
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The Neighbors

Submitted by on August 11, 2022 (8 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Reluctance · Tags: ,

Authors Note:

All names, places and events in the story are base on fiction, a product of the author's fantasy. Any similarities names and events in real life is just purely coincidental.

It was 28 degrees and heat alert has been hitting the news in the past few days. It's been almost a week since we moved to our new house outside the city and the place was still a mess. Boxes are every where and I have to bring my kids to their grand parents house so me and my husband can fix, organize and clean the place up. It's kind of difficult to move around the house with kids running every where. I filed a vacation leave so I can just have some headway in getting rid of all the boxes around the house. My hubby for what ever reason can't file a vacation leave. With our current work schedule, it will take a while for us really to put the entire house in order.

The following day I started early since it was almost weekend and my in laws might drop by with the kids...
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Is There A Right Love At The Wrong Time?

Submitted by on August 6, 2022 (13 days ago)
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Timing is important - couple that with understanding of what are possible for you at the moment - then you both can carry out the feelings of care and love between you two. Just the 2 of you. And make it grow.

It will be unconventional; but this not a discussion about norms.

What you think of, feel about and do for each other must be for the other's growth, peace of mind and happiness in what you share, albeit in secret. This will help you both ensure that things between you two make you better people.

This will not be understood by many, but what you both share is not a question whose answers depend on the views of more than your pair.

Getting this out in the open will raise eyebrows, start hushed conversations and may make you the topic of others' discourse.

Hold on to each other. You both decided that this is for you at this time and it feels right, though you must always do your best to keep the joy between you two.

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Of Sex Songs And Mix Tapes Part II

Submitted by on August 3, 2022 (16 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags: ,

Luis placed the phone on the table and headed towards Mai who was sitting on the couch.

"Now that you are here with me
Baby let's do it right.
Lady, you know just what I need,
I want to hold you oh so tight"

"Mmmm, going old school with this one, I see." Mai said with a sexy smile. The one where dimples appear on both sides of her cheeks.

"You know me. I always prefer the classics." Luis answered before settling beside her.

It was a cool night in Manila. Outside, rain was falling and there was a bit of wind. A typical July evening. Inside, Bobby Brown continued his serenade as Luis kissed Mai's soft lips. She had wiped away the beads of sweat that formed on her forehead earlier, a product of their intimacy.

He probed his tongue in her mouth and she sucked it in response. She could still taste traces of her own juic...
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See How Lovely Life Can Be

Submitted by on August 2, 2022 (17 days ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, English · Categories: Mature · Tags:

There's going to be times when you feel like life is kicking you down and there's going to be times when you feel like you can't take it anymore.. And thats okay.. Its okay to feel like that but you have to remember that you are not alone.. You're not alone when the sky turns grey and you're not alone even when the grass is shining bright green.. You're not alone when you're crying in your room when you think its all over and you're not alone when you just want the pain to end..

I don't know you but i know you.. I know you are so strong and i admire your strength and courage.. I know what its like to cry every single night wanting the pain to just go away and i know what its like to be in a place so dark that you can't see the light.. Its not too late and its never too late.. There is always time to talk to someone..

Who told you that life wasn't worth the fight?? Who hurt you so bad to make you feel so low?? I want you to know they were wrong.. You are so amazing...
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Of Sex Songs And Mix Tapes

Submitted by on August 1, 2022 (17 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags: ,

Hi, everyone! I haven't submitted a story here in, I don't know, 3-4 years. For some reason, an idea hit me and I just thought of writing it down. Felt a bit rusty but managed to finish the first part. Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think. :)

PS. Plus points to whoever guesses the movie they were watching. :P

"Kimmy and I, we don't have a song. Do you think that's a bad sign?"

Luis hit the pause button and faced His girlfriend, Mai.

"What the hell, Luis? I'm watching!" Mai threw the pillow at his boyfriend of six years.

"In a minute. We've watched this millions of times anyway. Don't tell me you're crying?"

Mai wiped her tears with her right hand and gave him the finger with her left.

"Why'd you pause anyway and I'm not crying. So dusty here. Probably because of your dolls."

Luis had moved in with her a month earlier, bringing along his precious action figur...
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Going Offline

Submitted by on August 1, 2022 (17 days ago)
Posted in Blog: English · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags:

Good afternoon to everyone. I'd like to apologize for not being responsive. I'd be gone for a while, and it might take a long time for me to come back, depending on my nextcheck-up.

I won't be able to answer each and every message I have received so far. That's the reason why I decided to post here.

I have fallen ill and couldn't come online. I haven't been feeling well since the moment we returned home from a moving up ceremony. I've been nauseous, had throbbing headaches, and my eyes were stinging so badly that I had to constantly close my eyes. Since I thought that it might have something to do with my eyes, I decided to see an ophthalmologist.

Ihad my check-up this morning, and the ophthalmologist told me that my eyes were too dry, hence the headaches, stinging sensation in my eyes, and other symptoms. I was prescribed some medication and was told to avoid using all types of devices with screens.

Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I thought....
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Brandy | Chapter 02 | Creme De Cacao

Submitted by on July 25, 2022 (25 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: BDSM, Erotic Couplings, Lesbian Sex, Romance · Tags:

We are sorry but the writing you were looking for is only accessible to the author's friends and followers.

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A Restless Night

Submitted by on July 24, 2022 (25 days ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, English · Categories: Toys and Masturbation · Tags: ,

I couldn't fall asleep. As much as I tried, I just couldn't fall asleep. Someone pointed out that I shouldn't be stressed out by a simple course and just let my instincts flow, but I just couldn't do it. At 47 years old, I feel as though my memory cells are failing me. It's taking longer for me to process and memorize historical data. It's just a few, but it made me feel panicked and pressured to the point that I felt like I didn't want to study it anymore. At the same time, I had to because if I didn't, it would be as though I threw out money for nothing.

I kept tossing and turning in bed. My mind was still wide awake at 2:30am and my body was feeling hot. I wonder what I might have done. Was it really because of stress that I couldn't sleep or was it something else?

As I tossed and turned, I felt hot. I started having these lustful thoughts.

I imagined myself standing and waiting for the bus to arrive at dawn. I was all alone. There were no other pass...
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