You jump out of bed the second it's over

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Date: August 30, 2012 (6 years ago)

Why it might mean you're bad in bed:

We know you need to clean up when the party's, um, over, but really, don't run right to the loo the minute the deed is done. For one thing, it's essentially sending your man the message that you think you two just did something sort of icky. For another, guys actually like that intimate cuddle time, says Gentry, so "getting up immediately and running to the bathroom is a big buzz kill." And don't take offense if he drifts off to sleep -- that's just a sign he's super-satisfied.

Be better in bed:

Take advantage of the quiet time and pay him a compliment. Don't gush and blow smoke up his you-know-what, but rather, get specific. Say, for example, "It was amazing when you rolled me over and got on top." Giving him a gentle rubdown i...

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