Trace, The Reluctant Masseuse (An FSS Compilation Repost)

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Date: August 28, 2014 (4 years ago)

I am Trace (Tray-cee), 35 and currently working as a masseuse. I used to work as a municipal employee with a small grocery store to manage with the help from my husband in my hometown but due to typhoon Yolanda, I was forced to seek better pastures. I guess we were the lucky few who survived the onslaught of the typhoon since our house was not that badly damaged; that's why my husband was able to rebuilt it at once to provide a decent shelter but the pressing issue not only my family is facing but also the others is how to earn money for subsistence. With borrowed money I took a great risk to leave my reluctant but understanding husband and two teen-aged boys so I could provide for my family.

I sought shelter from my relatives as I seek employment but most of the jobs I was applying for are not available. After a month I was desperate to get any job available as my financial resource is almost used by now until I saw an advertisement looking for a new masseuse in the Metro Manila area. Since it is near where I reside, I decided to check it so I immediately dressed and went to the given address to inquire.

The site is a newly constructed two-story building facing the Manila Bay. As I entered the building I was greeted by a sexy receptionist named Janet, telling me to wait for awhile as the manager will arrive in a few minutes. We were fifteen in all after I entered and I was the twelfth applicant to be interviewed. The manager / owner arrived and greeted us, telling us that we will be interviewed and that we should be prepared.

As the first applicant entered the room I became nervous so I was expecting the worst once it is my turn to be interviewed. However, I noticed that most of the applicants took only less than five minutes in the interview and when they leave the room they seem to be very disturbed. Some left crying, while others left very angry, even some threatened the manager.

"I will call the police you pervert!" threatened the applicant, screaming.

"Please do that so you can press charges and spend your whole day processing your complaint instead of looking for work!" the manager screamed back. "And in case you don't appear for the inquiry, I'll gladly send one of my men to fetch you! Remember I have your info in your application form."

The applicant realized what she did so she tried to retrieve her papers but she was immediately blocked by one of the security men and was forced to leave the building at once. She was almost thrown out the door when she went out.

I was shaking from the incident and thought of leaving at once when I was called to be interviewed.

I entered the room and saw the manager, a bulky, balding, bearded, 50-ish man. I guess he is a foreigner – an Indian or Arab national.

Greeting me with a wide smile, The manager's aura was very different after his confrontation with an applicant a while ago. He told me to sit down on the chair a few feet, facing him straight.

"Hello, Miss…oh, Mrs. Rosas! " he said and smiled.

"Good afternoon sir."

"Emjee. Owner and manager of Skin Massage and Spa Club. You can call me Emjee or you can call me sir. It's your choice. To tell you honestly this is the first time I encountered an applicant who's over 30 years old. Although we projected the age limit to be around 25-35, you're the first whose age reached the limit, and the first to honestly admit that you have a husband!"

I don't know if I'm going to be flattered or ashamed.

"Stand up please…"

I stood up as he went around inspecting my body from head to foot while scratching his beard.
At the time I was in my office uniform I used to wear as a municipal clerk: Long sleeved, black blazers, knee-cut skirt, and white blouse. With my 35-25-36 figure and standing at 5 feet, I am not sure if I pass the physical requirement. But the manager seems to stare longer at my swimmer-type legs. I was able to take care of my legs without scratches --- leaving a pristine, smooth tanned legs that my husband craves very much.

"Okay I've seen enough. Now, do you have any experience in this kind of work?"

"As an occupation, no sir. But I enrolled in a six month - basic massage course so I'm familiar with various massage techniques."

"Ah, that's good that's good. Mrs. Rosas…Trace. Can I call you Trace? I want to honest with you. I know in this line of work the salary you earn doesn't really cover much for your everyday needs."

"Excuse me sir, but how much is the starting pay?"

"Ten thousand a month excluding your SSS monthly contribution. So you have to remit the money yourselves. I did this arrangement because I took a risk in starting this business. I want my employees to earn as much as they can because this line of work is short-term. Aside from your monthly earnings I allow my employees to earn a little extra so that you can use the money for whatever purposes it may be. So if a customer asks some "extra work" from you, I suggest you do it so that he will be satisfied and become a regular. In other words, don't deny the customer's wishes, unless you think it is out of the line because security can do that."

"Excuse me sir, when you say "extra work" you mean…"

"You know EXACTLY what I mean, Trace. The question is…can you do it?"

I am at my wit's end in deciding this one. If I decline the manager's offer, I can't guarantee that I will find another job soon, and my money's running low. If I accept his offer, I will have at least regular income to send to my family and some tips for myself for the "extra service". And this is what I am afraid of.

"Y-yes, yes…s-sir…" even though I have my doubts.

"Good! Before I hire you, let's have a demonstration of your skills, shall we?" the manager said as we entered in a small cubicle with a bed good for one person and a small washroom on the left side.

Though I was a bit nervous, I tried to ignore it.

The manager sat down on the bed as he took off his long sleeved polo shirt and his pants. All he's wearing now is his boxer shorts. Standing at almost 6 feet with a body covered with hair, he lay on the bed.

"I want you to do a massage for me for thirty minutes using your different techniques in massaging. Come on, go."

As I applied my knowledge of the different styles of massaging, he groans with satisfaction. But every time my body gets near his hands, he tries to reach my medium-sized boobs or my well-tanned legs so I try to avoid his advances as harmlessly as possible; that way he won't get offended.

But when I told him to lay on his back, he began to fondle my tits and legs even more.

"Sir, please don't…"

"Ah-Ah! Do not say words that will hurt your customer's feelings. If you do that, chances are is that he will not return to this place again, he might even give tips to other potential customers that might ruin our reputation. So never say that again, agree?"

"Y-yes sir…"

He resumed with his fondling more aggressively now. He reaches for my skirt and started rubbing my pussy under the panty. A few minutes later I felt wet down there. Though I tried hard not to moan in pleasure, I can't escape the fact that I do enjoy his fondling, especially when he pulled my panty to one side and started fingering me while I massage his hairy chest.


I almost pulled out the hair on his chest when he used two fingers now in sliding it in my pussy. After a few minutes he inserted another finger in my pussy. I groaned and felt a sharp pain when the manager did that.

"How many children do you have again?"

"Aghhh! T-two sir...two boys, ages 17 and 14…"

"Oh. So it seems that you borne them through caesarian section?" he asked as he continues to finger fuck me. I was obliged to spread my legs wider apart as my skirt fell to the floor, leaving my panties moved to one side.

"Yes, yes sir…ohhh…unghhh…"

"Ahh. That's why your pussy is still this tight, yes?" Your vaginal muscles are that consrtrict it sucks my fingers inside…you're enjoying this, yes?"


"I can't hear you…"

"Ahhhh…y-yes…yes…!...I like…the way…you finger…my pussy!"

"Ahhh…that's good Trace, I like the way you apply pressure on my muscles with your hands…now I want you to apply pressure on my other 'muscle'". He pulled his shorts down and there appeared an eight or nine inched hairy cock. I gasped in surprise and felt that an orgasm is coming.


My legs buckled from the extreme pleasure as my pussy squirted all over the floor. I was embarrassed because not only it was my first time I actually experience an orgasm but also I made the manager's hand very wet from my juices. The manager gave a wide smile as he took out his fingers and lick the juices covering his fingers.

"Excellent Trace! You're incredible and a natural! You DO like being fucked, do you? Oh, fuck…I already like you very much huh? Come to bed with me…suck my cock!" he ordered and pulled me near his monster cock.

"Gosh. I haven't seen nor touched a cock like this before. Will this fit inside me?" I asked myself silently.

I held his cock with my left hand and started stroking it slowly. I had difficulty holding --- my fingers can't cover all of his thick cock. While I was fondling his cock to hardness, he pulled my hips so that it is adjacent to his face.

"Sir…unghh…my pussy's over your face…"

"That's the idea babe. Come on, let me see your pussy lips, hmmm?"

He stretched my moist twat and started licking and sucking the insides. His tongue is very much adept in licking my sensitive parts my pussy began to build up for another incredible orgasm. My head stretched up when I came again, squirting over the manager's face.

"Ahhh…ahhh…sir…ahhh…I'm sorry I came all over your face…hahh…"

"Hmmm…that's okay Trace, damn your pussy's very sweet, I don't mind if you gush like that…Come on, suck my dick…"

I was very hesitant at first because of the hugeness of his cock. I tried to suck the first time but I was having a hard time fitting his cockhead into my mouth so I just stroke his cock hard and fast but it seems the manager was not satisfied so he grabbed my head with his hands and pushed upward but I gagged and could not suck all of his cock in my mouth so he became contented with my sucking on his cockhead.

"Ahhh…Trace…you're a natural babe…come on…suck me more…"

I quickened the sucking on his cock more when he began fingering my pussy again while sucking on my cunt that made my pussy juices flow again and made me ready for another mind-blowing orgasm. At that point I didn't care if I'm unfaithful to my husband as long as Emjee can help me release my pure lust again.

"Ahhh…fuck…sir…I like that…ohhh…come on…suck my cunt…suck my cunt…"

Emjee did suck my cunt very hard as if it will be pulled out that made me squirt again and moaned harder than ever before. Our 69 took ten minutes or more when Emjee laid me on back and put my legs in his shoulders while I was still shaking from the orgasm. I lifted my head and saw him holding his hairy monster cock again and aiming it in my pussy.

Emjee's cock easily went in since my slit is very well moist at that point. With his slight thrusts, he managed to insert half of his cock which gave a slight pain now so Emjee stopped pushing it for a while and let his cock throbbed halfway there. He went for my left nipple and kissed it, ever gently biting, sucking and licking at the same time which made me sigh deeply. He started to move his hips again while sucking my boobs at the same time which made me feel very indeed. I cannot help but compare him to my husband whom, although I love very much, is a mediocre unlike Emjee, when it comes to pure fucking --- no emotions involved, just pure sex, is a beast.

I allowed him to continue fucking me although the pain is still there because the sensation is bizarre to me now --- that the pain and the pleasure of fucking me cannot be stopped. My hands were grasping the white covering of the bed filled with my juices now. When I looked again I was numbed when I saw his cock sliding in and out, fully penetrated my pussy. His cock was covered wit...

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August 28, 2014 (4 years ago)

That was good, sir phil:)

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August 29, 2014 (4 years ago)

katherine :)

Talk the talk, walk the walk. Talky walky, walky talky. :) / There is order in chaos...I think.

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August 28, 2014 (4 years ago)

Di pa start first day of service, may tip agad.

Hot hot story for a cold eve

Amazona kung tagurian pero malambing naman.

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August 29, 2014 (4 years ago)


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August 31, 2014 (4 years ago)

ayun... as in pure lust talaga, lol... as always, another hot story from you, sir phil... such a good read...

"The erotic is rarely nudity. It is subtle, a feeling, a gesture, mood, a story frozen in the moment that holds you breathless waiting for the next moment. Understand this & you understand erotic."

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August 31, 2014 (4 years ago)

tpm... :)

Talk the talk, walk the walk. Talky walky, walky talky. :) / There is order in chaos...I think.

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August 31, 2014 (4 years ago)

May work na, may tip pa, may mind-blowing orgasm pa, just how lucky can one get! Another hottt read from one of the best.


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