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Date: April 2, 2014 (4 years ago)

To those who wants to have a resolution of the story rainy days..this is it.. no erotic scenes..
And to those who dont want to know how it ends..then dont read this blog..
Ma disapoint lang kayoIm a master when it comes to dissapointment..
Uve been warned..

The story...reminds me of the time when i started dating this girl...she was as i described her in the story, her passion more
More fiery than that...
Alam ko na hindi pwede ang ginagawa namin, worst eh kung malaman ng fiance nya, kaya i decided to leave her, spare her
The pain, the heart ache na makukuha nya pag pinag patuloy namin..nalaman ko nalang na pang number 3 pala ako.. she
Was seeing another guy kesa sakin at ang fiance nya, nalaman ng fiance nya 2 months before the wedding, and.. all hell
Broke loose..

Nalaman ko un nung kinwento sakin ng girl ang nangyar..she was distraught..crying, walang wala sa nakilala ko na girl, nakita ko ang side nya na vulnerable..na bata..and it pains me deep inside.. i felt betrayed, naisip ko pa nga na swerte ako
I got out when i have the chance..i lashed at her,

Pero bkit sya pumunta sa akin sa kalagitnaan ng mga nangyayari sa kanya..ung number 2 nya iniwan sya, ang fiance nya..
Well di na nya fiance..siguro naghahanap ng stability sya..siguro..pero bkit sa akin padin sya lumapit.. alam nya na ganun ang magiging reaksyon ko...

Then naalala ko ung sinabi nya..
"I am her thief.."

Minahal nya ako ng parang ako lang sa buhay nya..ayun alang ang aking hiling..kahit na sa saglit lang na panahon..
Kahit alam ko na number 2 ako nun, at lalong tumatak sa akin na pag kasama nya ako, nasa akin lang atensyon na..
Nung sinabi nya na number 3 pala ako..
Binigay nya sa akin ang pinka hihiling ko...ang focus, ang time, kahit saglit, at ang space ko kahit gaano katagal..

At nuon din habang nag uusap kame, nakikita ko na...ang pagmamahal na binigay nya sa akin..

Enough to say she loves her fiance more than she did love me,
Yes it was stupid of her to have another, and y
Yes, it is stupid of me to have her, even though i know that she has a fiance..

And so what can a thief do?
Thief steal..something of value..
I didnt sweep her of her feet, and took her to my hide out..
I didnt steal her, i couldnt, for i know if i did, i will be happy, but she wont..
Mahal nya kase ung fiance nya..
Lucky bastard..

So instead i stole his fiances time, and talked to him,
Showed him how lucky he is,
Lets be honest i am better than him, way better..
But i felt i have to make that girl..that glassy girl

BUti nalang na persuade ko ung guy na balikan si girl..

And now they are in another country..
I cut my ties with her and made my peace..
Sana they are leaving happily...
Its too foolish to hope na ever after un..but i do hope..
For her...

Sinabi nya sa akin an hour before her wedding..
"Steal me my thi...

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