Bebeko and Coco unknowingly were playing with their stiff penises.Both were imagining of what sexual pleasure they might be engage at.Bebeko grinned silently and nudged Coco's arm.Coco looked at Bebeko and immediately read what his companion was thinking of.

'O naka ngising ka diyan...'wag mong sabihin na may gagawain ka?Baka kung saan ito humantong e pagsisihan mo sa huli...'

'Kosa naman,kita mo nang tigang yung isa at halatang halata na kahit saan e nag paparaos nang pangangailangan.Kailangan matulungan di ba?Ano pa't andidito tayo?Di ba para maging magaang ang kanilang pansamantalang paninirahan dito.'

'Oo na,pero di kasama yun sa ating gawain dito.'

'E iba naman ito...pang makatao na pagtulong...Hee!hee!hee!hee!'

'Ulol...makatao...Iba yang iniisip mo eh!Tara na nga at tapusin na natin ang ating gawain.'

'Sige na nga,pero Coco 'wag mo akong pipigilan pag naika suparaan ko ang aking pangangailanagn,ha?!'Kilala mo ako...'

Coco knew that when this old fart wants something he'll do everything possible just to achieve it.

'Bebe...kailan ba ako naging sagabal sa iyo,ha?!Basta 'wag lang masyadong mahalay at kaawa awa naman yung tao kung magkaroon nang masamang kararanasan nga sa gagawain mo.'

'Hee!hee!hee!...Yan ang gusto kong marinig sa iyo.'Wag kang mag alala pag nandodoon na ay may tira tira ka pang aabutan.Sige mauna na ako sa iyo at maghahanda pa ako nang kakailanganin mamaya.'

Bebeko went ahead of what he was to do,leaving Coco with the thought of what leftovers he'll find when his companion is thru with the lonely woman.

That night a storm blew into the city where they were residing.The weather report in the news said that it was'nt suppose to be this strong yet their forecast was'nt that accurate to rely on.Coco and Bebeko even though hampered by the strong gust of wind and continous downpour of rain made sure that the house is fully ready in such emergencies.Gina out of concern for her husband Francesco called him at his office and told him of the weather report in the news.

'I know,I know...Even we here in the office are stuck here from getting home.The streets are flooded and theres no way I or even the staff can get out and go home.Don't worry keep your cellphone fully charged and ask the 2 to make sure that the house is battened down for anything that may comeup in a few hours...Hello?!hello?!...Goddammit! Shit!Great!A power outage...Shit!No cellphone signal?!Damm! I hope Gina and those 2 are safe tonight...'

'Hello?!Hello?! Eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!'

As the power supply in the city went out so did also to where Gina was.Complete utter darkness engulf her surroundings.Gina isn't a weak woman but when surprised she does feel helpless.What to do?What to do?It's so dark...

'Senyora?...senyora Gina?!'


'Stay where you are i'll come to you with some candles for light.Just stay put where you are...okay?'

'Ok...but hurry please...'

Bebeko grinned in the dark besides Coco.The 2 where close by and are now about to commence their plan tonight.

'Asan yung kailangan na gamit Coco?'

'Heto...O hayan nasa kamay mo na...'


'Coco?!..Bebeko...where are you 2?Where's the candles for light?!'

'Just a moment senyora Gina i'm still looking for the matches to light em up...'

'Ano na Bebeko?!Nangungulit na yung tao para sa kandila...'

'Easy ka lang kakosa...heto na't sinindihan ko na yung pagsusunugan nitong gayuma.Iwasan mong malanghap,magpanyo muna tayo para hindi tayo gaano maapektuhan.O heto na at sisindihan ko na,ha?!'

Bebeko in his hand place the gayuma on a small urn with a fire coal below.As the material burned up a scent waffed thru out the room and blew in to where Gina was located in the house.Gina was still scared of being in the dark and she was hyper ventilating in fear,thus she inhaled the sweet smell of it unconsciously.

'Coco...Bebeko where are you?I've been waiting here...Uuuummm...sniff!sniff!sniff!...What's that smell i'm smelling right now?It's smells good...Oooohhhmmm....Where are you 2...oooohhh...what's happening to me...Coco...Bebeko...uummm?'

The 2 held their breath as long as they could.Waiting for the gayuma to take effect well on Gina.Bebeko listened to the voice of Gina as it slowly changed in tone and heard the deep rasping breaths of a person who was now beyond control of it's senses.Bebeko grinned and with the gleam of his eyes he knew Gina was now ripe for what he was planning to do.


A small blue flame erupted in the dark.Immediately it lighted the wick of 1 candle then another till a candelabra was fully lighted bringing a soft glow within the dark surroundings.Coco looked at their surroundings a light mist has now engulf the interior of the house.Though slightly afffected he knew that this was because of what Bebeko has done.He glanced at Bebeko and was startled to see his companion to be abysinianly colored but his face has the grinning smile of a skeleton's head.

'Eeeeaaghh!Ano ka ba?Ba't naka ganiyan ka?Ang itim mo pero may ulo ka nang kalansay?'

'Shhh!!!!'Wag kang maingay at sumunod ka na lang maya maya sa akin doon sa kuwarto ni senyura...Naiintindihan mo?'

Coco nodded his head in compliance and observed silently as Bebeko now stepped into the darkness holding the lighted candelabra...

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