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Date: May 17, 2017 (1 year ago)

Here I am asking as you slap me senseless...

How could anyone understand the spark that ignites?
That with every blood from a cut when we fight,
A passionate force tells us that it is alright?
Destructive, violent and not a pretty sight
Yet we love to hate with all our might.

You and I, we are two of a kind
To savour suffering is our best bind
So Baby, hit me, kick me, I won't mind
Give me a reason to scratch your hind,
Bite your tongue and render you blind!

Peace disguised in chaos and mayhem.
Why do we find pleasure in every pain?
Both sated with each given stain
Drawn to each other, even in bane
By noxious malice, by blood, by disdain?

Waiting fo...

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