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Date: May 30, 2014 (4 years ago)

Sabi kase ni ms ria last time happy story naman, so...

Loosely based in my experience


The loud music was deafening, people milling around the crowded bar near metrowalk...
sweat from dancing glistens in the skin of the young, wild uninhibted girls in the middle of the dance floor.


I have 2 left feet, cant dance, and my eyes were teary due to smoke, gas, and alcohol.
My friends and i were having a dare, make a woman throw their drinks on you, i ofcourse believing that people are kind,
took it up and was confident that i wont be tasting someones drinks..
or as my friend pointed out..
free drinks "thrown my way" literally...
I scouted for a girl in the bar..the sound was overwhelming, but im used to it, ..


I made my way and spotted a hottie, in my estimate, an 8, but i could be wrong,
it was dark and lights blurred my vision,
Her friends just left her, and made their way to the dance floor,
she just waved them off, started sipping..


I think that was my heart...not the music...
everytime i walked up to a girl im intersted, it does that,
im halfway running in the opposite direction,
i can stare down people with a gun feeling nothing...never a woman im intersted in..
voices in my head, say run..i started sweating... and my legs started cramping..i breathed heavily..
so i closed my eyes,
and bumped into another hottie, as i open my eyes i felt her palms in my crotch..
and squeezed it, i looked at her and she winked..
i smiled back, and she nodded her head to go to the dance floor, and left...
I shouldve followed, but i didnt, ive got a target, and a bet,
i slapped myself, sighed and my jitters was gone,
thanks to that hottie, everyone needs a little assurance every now and then, and she gave it to me.
Good girl..


Definitely the music now, i was light to my feet,
like ali, stings like a butterfly moves like a bee...err the other way around..
was near..our eyes met and locked,
Game on..
I smiled first, and walked near her, ordered something, my friend the bartender knows it,
And sided beside her, she looked at me, dismissed me,
like she did every other guy, 2 in my count as i walk towards her,
I know it, she knows it, its a game and i have to win her,
And i did.
Just some couple of lines, magic and staring,
Game won...


Now the bet, how can this sweet lovely girl hate me so much that she has to pour her drinks on me?
Its harder than you think, especially now that we somehow connected,
Shes a girl, im a boy, were perfect for each other...kind of connection.
Times running out, i still have to follow crotch grabber,
so i did something, touched her shoulder, whispered something,
smelled her sweat, perfumed aroma, and kissed her ear,
Our face parted, i can see her smile as the neon illuminate hers,
and dumped her drink on my face, she said somethin, smiled and walked away,

People who noticed were dumbstruck, not because of the splash but we were like a sweet couple and that happened.
Guys smiled, some joked around, girls giggled,
I shrugged and walked towards the washroom where my friends were waiting"
Hows the drink?" One smartass asked,
"Surpiringly good, its free eh" i answeredI paid my friend and we sat down,


We were laughing around and people were flocking us, we met most of them and my friends left me and danced with some of them
I continued sipping my drink, martini, shaken not stirred, a sympathy drink from my friend the bartender


My body was rocking with the rhytm, and then i saw the crotch grabber again,
this time she was walking towards me
A playful smile on her lips, 2 beer in hand, she patted my knee, and sat beside me,
And took the near empty martini from my hand, grabbed my chest pocket for cigar and took one,I light it in her lips, as a gentleman should.
She puffed, smiled and hand me a beer, leaned over me and whispered,
"You dont remember me do you?"
"No" and i smiled apologeticaly
Still whispering she grabbed my crotched again, squeezed it and said"Woof"
Her perfume gave it away, i remembered her,
"The girl with a labrador and husky..
"Oo, and may nerve ka para sabihan ako tungkol sa aso!, fyi, vet ako.
She was smiling but her voice has a smug,
"Well, yung tito ko may aso, so yes, i have the nerve..
We both laughed, we chatted mostly about animals while were sipping beer, then it turned horny,
Animals mating, in the street, anywhere basically,
I dont know who started it, was it me?, or her?....
It was me...
Her breathing became heavy, her pupils were dilated, and her hands were squeezing my crotch area more frequently,
I just stared at her, and her lips while my hand was on her back sensually moving it up and down..
She wants to be kissed, so i asked..
"You want to kiss me...
Split second..


Our lips met, her tounge darted inside me..
Played with it, and she teased my tounge out and sucked it...
She then unzipped my fly and squeezed my dick,I grabbed the side of her breast..


Our moans were drowned by the sound of the music, or bodies rocking with the rythm..
Then she stooped..
Breathing hard she smiled, grabbed my dick, and licked it under the table..
I moaned.."Ahhh..."
The she zipped it, stood up, blinked and went to the washroom..


"Ano yun??"I blurted, i was dumbfounded...
then followed...


"Hey! Drink guy! Remember moko?"A girl grabbed my hand in the middle of the floor,
i recognized her, the girl who splashed drinks on me,
She was sweaty, perfume mixing with sweat, my dick was hard again, we grinded for a while,
then when her friends showed up,

"Ah kaw ung kanina, hows the free drink?"

"I like your hair too..."I smiled, ear to ear...
They all stood there staring at me,

"Parang free drinks...masarap..."
I wantedto dissappear,


They laugh...
venus goddess of love they laughed...
I felt relieved, but i have to go, the vet, is waiting,
I said my goodbyes and the girl grinded to me once more, facing me...
I shuddered...

Then i slipped away on the crotch grabber, the vet, my foxy vet...


"Tagal mo, ipapahanap na kita kay kuya,
or...magpapahanap ako sakanya,
She was beside the mens door,
"Well andito nako, i said smilingI wrapped my hands around her, she spanked my butt,
"Naughty boy, not here"
She led me by the hand, where another bouncer was standing, she flashed something, and the guy stood aside,
opening a door


Then we exited at the back of the club, the nigth air was cool,
She grabbed me by the collar, pinned me in the wall
Strong for a petite chick,
And started kissing me, roughly..
I can taste beer in her mouth, she was moaning as i sucked her tounge,
She unzipped my fly, squeezed my hard dick and her hands, rough and heavy, started moving up and down my dick
I kissed her neck and grabbed her breasts, no bra, she removed it, good girl..
And played with her nipples, now hard, against her silk dress, i squeezed her breasts, she moaned..
"Ahhh...deck...hayop..fuck me like a bitch..ahhh..."
She removed her hand from my dick, licked her fingers and put it back in my hard dick,Its slick, with her spit...
She moaned as i bit her nipples, still under her dress..
Ahhh...shit, wag mo kagatin..ahh.."

She pushed away, slapped me,"
Bad boy...its silk...
Darted her tounge inside my mouth and squeezed my balls"
I Moaned...
She bit my ear, and whispered,
"I said, fuck me like a bitch"
I wrapped my arms around her, and we trade places, slammed her in the wall, spun her around,
She lift her skirt...no panties...her pussy was glistening with her juices,
She licked her fingers..and put one inside it, her eyes looking at me, pleading..."

This is what you get pag nag discuss ka ng animal sex sa isang vet,"
She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure, her finger steady inside her...
Normally id eat her, but were in an alley,
So i removed her finger, sucked it, bit it..
Grabbed my dick and teased her clits with it..
"AHH...shit deck just do it already!
I thrust deep hard...her body slammed against the wall, she uttered a cry..
and moaned as i stopped,
Feeling my dick in her warm pussy, was exotic...juices dripping in her thigh,
I grabbed her breast and fucked her from behind..hard..fast..
Every squeeze i did in her breast she moaned, every thrust i do, her back arches..she was tiptoed, her heels were up,
We rock with the rhtytm of our moans...
"Ahhh..deck...faster...harder..masarap ba boobs ko..."
I grunted, as a response i fucked her harder, her juices i can feel splashing in my jeans,
her back arches more, i have to adjust my every thrust,
her breast firm...soft...i squeezed harder...played with her nipple..

"Ahhhh...mhhhmnn..ahhhmm..deck sige pa...faster...ahhmm..."I took my other hand away from those sweet firm boobs...
Grabbed her waist pulled her hard as i thrust.."Ah..shit yeah ganyan deck...ahhhmm..mmhh..ahh..ahmm.."
I feel it now, her walls contracting, my dick as it leaves sucks it back..like vacuum..I pounded her harder and faster...
our breathing, heavier...
Her moans...louder.."Ahhmmahh..ahhhm..ahh..mmhh..aaahhhhmmmhhmm..."
She shuddered..she held me close, she moved her hips..up and down.."Hmmm...ahhh..deck...shit...shit..ahhmm..Moved her hips slower, gentler...and stopped, my dick still inside, savoring her muscles as it contracts..
Juices flowed, it was slick...it moves my dick out, then she moves her hips so it wont be released..
Then she opened her eyes...looks at me..smiled, she slid out, now facing me, she held my dick, she slowly moved her hand up and down...
Then she licked her palms...zipped my fly, my dick still hard..
"You didnt cum.."
her eyes now, staring at me with loving intensity, like a lover upset, but satisfied..
I just smiled, kissed her, our lips locked, kissing now was passionate, not as animalistic as before.
I put her skirt down, as her tounge darts insde my mouth, breathing heavy, we parted.
She took my hands again, slammed hard against the door towards the club, it opened, the bouncer smiled
And i slipped a bill in his hand, he winked, and spanked my butt..


"I think hes gay..i whispered to her
"Ah..oo ung chihuahua nya dinala nya sakin dati,kasama bf nya, cute nga eh, baket mo natanong?"
tinampal pwet ko eh..
"Wag malaki ulo, di maganda pwet mo"
She smiled, but she wrapped her arms around my waist possesively, grabbed my crotched again, them released it,

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Sabay may laway tilansik sa mukha...

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