Nightfall: An unexpected beginning

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Date: January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)

Part I

'Another shot of tequila', I ordered the bartender to serve me my 23rd shot. I'm alone inPenguin Cafe, since my good friend ditched me her boyfriend, I guess I have to enjoy the night myself.

A man suddenly sat beside me as he asked me'Why is this gorgeous lady alone?' I smirked and replied 'It's none of your business' asI took a piece of nacho chips fully into my mouth and looked at him. He smiled and introduced himself, 'I'm Louie'. I just smiled and I offered my right hand for a good handshake 'nice meeting you, Louie'. After shaking his hands, I grabbed my wallet and paid for what I ordered. When I was about to walk away, he grabbed my arms and asked me if I could go grab a coffee with him.

I don't know what's going on, since I drank a lot, I couldn't drive back to my condo. I had to let the alcohol out of my system, well at least even for an hour or so it wouldn't hurt to have a chit-chat with this tantalizing bloke.

He grabbed my hand and said 'Wanna go grab some milk tea?'

'I thought we're getting coffee?' I replied

He answered 'why don't we get both?'

He guided me to his car, and as a gentleman, he opened the front seat door of his car.

'Thank you' with a matching smile on my face, it seems as I was blushing as a seated on his heavily tinted Ford Ranger.

'I'm Lexy', I suddenly blurted out my name, my heart was beating fast I don't know why. Is it because of the alcohol or is it because I'm inside a car with a hot chap taking me to somewhere that I don't know. I felt I was dreaming. I was trembling. I was shaking.

'Are you all right? Why are you so red?' he looked at me and touched my forehead.

'Yes, I'm cool. So where are we going? I asked

'Somewhere cool where we can talk and have coffee . . . and milk tea' he replied

While we were looking for a milk teahouse that's open at 3am, he kept glancing at my chest. Instead of feeling conscious, I was a bit aroused. I bit my lip and looked at him in the eye.

I glanced at this pants and saw a huge bulge in his pants. I touched his bulge as he was stirring the wheel and whispered 'Why don't we have a little fun?'

He went on to an empty dark parking lot and parked the car. He kissed me slowly, I felt his mouth opening and his tongue entering my mouth, as we exchanged saliva. Every second of cloud-9, I savored the moment for he was such a good kisser. He broke our kissing moment and invited me to jump in the back seat of the car.

We continued kissing. His right hand is caressing my ass, while his left hand is grabbing my left boob. As he went down my neck, he undressed me, leaving only my undies. As he is kissing my neck down to my chest, I'm slowly unbuttoning his polo and un-zipping his pants. I let my hands slide down his brief and I grabbed his shaft and started to give his 7" long hard shaft a hand job.

He unclasped my bra revealing my 38B healthy breasts and gave it soft kisses around, alternately left and right. After he finished, he immediately sucked my left boob

'Ahhhhhhh' I moaned as I aggressively had a tight grip on his cock stroking it upside down. He was breathing heavily and so was I.

While sucking my tits, his right hand slid its way down my wet dripping kittycat.

He whispered 'Baby you're soaking wet I want to eat you'

He removed my panty and had me lay on my back. He opened my legs revealing my hair-free pussy. He kissed the opening of my vagina and licked my clitoris. Then he started eating me out. He gave it a kiss-suck-lick rhythm for five minutes continuous, non-stop and had my cunt tongue-fucked. The car was full of lust, cravings and moans. I couldn't take it. I was heating up, and my body's starting to shake, fuck.

'I'm cuming'I told Louie.

He didn't stop, instead he inserted two fingers inside me and finger fucked me as he lick my clit in circular motion. He was going on a fast phase. In less than a minute, my back was arching and Louie finished all my juices. He finished it like a thirsty beast wanting for more.

It was his turn, so we exchanged places. I removed his pants and his brief. Looking at his ultra mega hard cock, I grabbed it and kissed the head. Slowly, I inserted the head into my mouth while looking at him and had my tongue do a circular motion to give him a satisfying blowjob. As I was sucking his head, I motioned my right hand up and down slowly and my left hand grabbed his balls massaging it. I licked his shaft all the way going to his balls. I sucked his balls while stroking his dick slowly.

'Fuck you're so good' he told me

I continued then while looking at him giving alternating fast - moderate - slow stroking on his dick.

'Stop and lay on your back' he ordered me

He positioned his dick, sliding his dick slowly into my love canal. I felt every inch him as he slowly goes in and out of my tight pussy. As he was pumping me, our lips locked and we continued kissing. He went down to my neck with an increasing speed of going in deep into me. Fuck it felt so well.

He sucked my nipples while fucking me deeper and faster. He was thrusting faster and faster and suddenly plunged deep inside me and let out a loud 'Ahhhhhhh fuck'.

Oh shit. He came inside of me. I felt his hot dripping cum, inside my womb. He didn't pull out his dick. He was there inside me.

Part II

I opened my eyes, to my surprise I was not in my own condo unit.

'Holy sh*t where the f*ck am I?' I asked myself. I stood up and saw a sticky note on the lamp

'I left breakfast for you to eat, please do take the morning after pill'

I don't know what to say nor feel at that moment. I headed for the kitchen and saw my breakfast.

'Sunny side-up, bacon & egg with orange juice, hmm not bad'

After finishing the meal, I took the morning after pill. Fixed myself in the bathroom. Then my phone rang.


'Hi Lexy'


'I'm sorry I had to leave early; I had work to attend to. Oh btw, I miscalled my phone using your phone so I can get your number'

'Thank you for the breakfast' I replied and hang up.

I grabbed all my things and checked if there was anything missing and hurriedly exited the apartment where the guy I fucked last night lives.

'Oh thank you almighty heavens! My car's still here' I told myself as I approached my car. I immediately unlocked and opened the door when the guard told me that I had to pay for the overnight parking.

'Ma'am please pay PHP250.00 for the overnight parking.'

'Okay, thanks' as I handed three hundred pesos 'keep the change' I told the security guard. I drove back to my condo unit.

'Why is it still hot even though I already have taken a bath?' I asked myself. I wonder, and then suddenly I'm imagining the handsome and yummy guy I had encountered last night.

'It's my first one night stand' I told myself. I felt bad, dirty and grossed out. I couldn't believe I let myself fuck someone I don't know.

'But it felt so good, I want...

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January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)

awws... when is the next...  (huhhh demanding, soory)

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January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)

I will try doing it within 3 days. My classes has already resumed 😁

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January 19, 2016 (2 years ago)

Nxt na. Keep on writing as well as reading stories here. This will help enhance your writing skill.

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