My ODDyssey Turning Japanese, big in Japan part 3: The Lionesses

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Date: January 15, 2014 (4 years ago)

We will have another partee in Megumi's flat but we didn't invite any of Saeko's girl group as many of them would be going home to their families after the very hectic schedule and also we want the saturday 'special' for Yoko, however we did a lot of shopping and karaoke with them after the last promotional presscon.

As saturday nears, we went out jogging and played double tennis as Li hated the gym and we needed to burn a lot of polys and sweat as much as we bloody can after all the eating and drinking, it is such a wonder for many how she is able to keep a such lovely figure like (ahem) ours, with her being a wee bit of a glutton. It was rather chilly that day though the sun is up and we played wearing shorts and sweatshirts. The place is public but it is so well kept and there are a lot of courts for many games.

After working up a bucket of sweat, we refreshed on a bench beside a basketball court. I recognized the blokes who were playing to be filipinos by the language though many of them speak in a dialect I don't understand, but they do all have that annoying accent as they talk with the other japanese players.

The pinoy blokes went on playing after the japanese have left. One of them tapped the others and pointed at us and I heard the prick say "bay, bay, bay huy ma nga parekoy, ayun o apat na bebot tisay at chinita ang gaganda ang sisiksi!" and they al went wowing and high fiving. I shook my head in contempt as I drink my voss. Li felt so hot and sweaty she took off her sweats and poured her water all over her getting her sando cling to her body showing her black sports bra. "Tangna ang ganda nung nakatayo yung nagpaligo nang tubig n'ya" one of the pricks said "haponesa ba yun?" "hindi parang chekwa ata" gawd how I fucking hate that fucking word. "Parekoy parang nagpapahiwatig ata, wala eh ang gagawapo natin eh!" their fucking teammate bragged and they all went laughing.

The fuckers played and kept on shouting hi at us and we kept on wincing and flinching with contempt. One of the pinoy pricks ran over to us waving, smiling and grinning and his other friend followed. "Hai gerls!" He said panting "hai ay uh ay am bobot, en dis is idgar, nays meteng you" He said holding out his corded hand to us. Li poked him with her racket "hold on there monkey wanker, that's far enough!" Li said sharply and surly with an eyebrow raised. "Aruyku!" the prick exclaimed "pare taray nung chekwa" his ugly companion said tapping his shoulder "naku wala yan pakipot lang yan, bibigay din yan si bobot ata ini egay!" he said laughing.

"We jast want to met yo you very very byutipul gerls!" bobot went on "and why would we want to meet you pricks and arseholes? if we want to see monkeys we'd go to the zoo" Li replied still holding out her racket "tangna bay ang taray talaga ni chekwa, ganda ganda sana" the one called idgar said. "We never told you stinky arses to come over here, and what is that fucking ghastly accent?" Li continued very surly. "These fucking pricks and arseholes are filipinos" I said and bobot's eyes widened "ay how you know we pilipinos? are you pinay?" he said, I raised an eyebrow with my face showing much contempt "No, I am NOT pinay" I said very surly. "You not pinay, mibi uh tisay?" and I shook my head in contempt. "Parekoy tara na wala tayo pagasa sa ma nga bebot na ire!" idgar said "tangna ano ka ba, sinisira mo diskarti ko!" bobot said angrily brushing idgar's hand from his shoulder. Ac took his and shakes it "hello, it's not a bloody pleasure meeting you stinky arseholes now go and leave us" Ac said.

"Ay hilow wats yur neym byutipul gerl, ahah aym em bobot" "I do not wish to give that info, I said hello and you may let go of my hand now please and please get as far away from us you really stink" Ac said getting irritated. Bobot didn't let go of Ac's hand instead caressed it with his other hand "tsampiyon parekoy ang lambot nang kamay! hooo!" bobot said as idgar grinned "hey I said let go of my hand you filthy wanker!" Ac said getting really annoyed.

As bobot was about to kiss Ac's supple hand Li shoves her racket between it and bobot's ugly face. "The pretty little lady said let go" Li said very sharply then pushed his face and hits bobot's wrist very hard with her racket and he let's go of Ac's hand and Ac held it to her chest and Saeko and I held her. "Aahh tangna!" bobot yelled grimacing in pain. "Hey way you do dat to may prend" idgar said as he held bobot and they slowly went back to their team and their teammates jeered and taunted them. "Anu? ano napala nyo in yur peys! kala nyo siguro papasa kayo, haponesa panga lang bagsak na kayo!" they said.

"You ok honey?" I said caressing Ac "Yeah hand me the sanitizer please eew!"Ac said wincing. "You shouldn't hav shaken that prick's hand" Li said as she blows her racket" "bloody 'ell of all pricks we have to encounter in tokyo" I said sighing "ar orr piripinos rayk zem and ze derivary man?" Saeko said "I'm sure not everyone sweetie, after all we met jing (or was it ping) right? every group has their share of pricks and arseholes" I said.

The pricks continued their game and then after some time their ball hit the bench were on, startling us and knocking off our voss bottles and other stuff. They all came running to us all yelling and the despicable bobot and his other half idgar with them "ay sori sori, miss byutipul!" we all looked at each other sensing it was intentional. They offered to help us and we let them do the picking up, after all they created the mess. "Sori again ha miss byutipuls ha" they said after picking up our stuff "well we don't have to say thank you, after all it's your fault" Li said very surly. "taray talaga ni chekwang byuti" I heard some of the murmured chuckling. I felt as if all the blood in my body went boiling, I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

"Uh ay uh can we know yor neyms miss byutipuls, mibi we can gib each ader awar pon nambers?" a swarthy tall prick said "yah ip yu want we kan trit yu tu meryinda" another said and a skinny fellow beside him tapped him and said "snack gago!" "oo nga snack yun anong malay nang ma nga yan sa meryenda bobo!" The others went jeering and slapping his nape.

"Ano uh baka uh we layk to know yor neyms miss byutipul gerls!" and each one held out his filthy hand as they say their names. "Eew?" Ac uttered wincing "tol di ba si anne kortis yan" a prick said pointing at Ac a "we really have got to bloody know who the bloody damn fuck this anne curtis is" Ac said as we all went flinching and wincing. "Oo nga pala no" "hinde kamukhang kamukha lang, eh merkanang merkana magsalita!" "oo chaka medyo matangkad at malaman ang joging nito" the bloody arseholes said.

"A'right arseholes that's it, hindi kami americans" I said seconds away from going bloody ballistic "salamat but we don't want to give out our names and phone numbers, we don't want you treating us to a snack we can get our own natitindihan n'yo ba?" I said surly "aysus sabi ko na nga ba pinay to eh subrang tisay nga lang hay remember me I'm bobot! puyde ba makipagkilala sayo sa inyo?" bobot said holding out his stinking hand. I took a deep breath and said sharply "please-don't-bloody-call-me-that!" "call you what di ba pinay ka?" bobot went on and I clenched my fist ready to beat the bloody stinking pinoy shit if he calls me that again. "So wer do you lib, we hab cars very many and cool" the taller bloke went on.

"These arseholes don't know when to fucking quit" Li said gripping on her racket. "Pre ingat ka dyan kay miss chekwa beauty karatehin ka nyan" idgar said chuckling "ah ganun ba rumansa lang katapat nyan" and they all went laughing like monkeys and hyenas. "Ano gerls wat let's get your neyms and mibi we can go on dates" the tall prick went on. "Ayaw namin a'right? and like my dear friend the pretty chekwa had said earlier, if we like to see monkeys we'd go to a bloody zoo, jesus no wonder the philippines is such a basketcase it must have a lot o pricks and arseholes like you shitfaces!" I said my voice close to yelling.

"aysus puydi ba tagalog nalang miss byutipul pinay ka naman pare pare pareho naman tayong pinoy" some short cheeky guy said. Hearing that fucking line again and being called a pinay really got me volcano hot still I try to contain myself. "Haven't I made myself clear, I do not want to be called that" I said, my voice rising "now if you please move your ugly stinking pinoy faces as far from here, you've already ruined much of our day, pwede ba ha?!!!" I yelled "uy uy ano ba kayo na nga tinulungan, para lang gusto namin makipagkaibigan" the taller bloke went on "We didn't asked for your help, we are not interested nor ever want to be friends with stinky dogs, as I remember you stinking pricks caused the fucking mess am I not right? pi-noy?! so get the bloody hell away from us, GO!!!" I yelled again and the blokes fanned out as people started looking.

"Come on girls" I said after breathing in deeply as the adrenaline rush really is fucking kicking in. "Boys do you mind?" Ac said teasingly sarcastic to some of the pricks in our way "Hotties coming through" and they parted like the bloody red sea. As we were walking their ball bounced in front of us and Li held it in her foot and then spins it in her finger, and makes a lucky 3 point shot and I thought that sort of thing happens only in the movies. They went cheering and clapping and one of them throws back the ball at us and Li catches it. "Ayus pre kakagat na ma nga to!" "hey you pley basketball? let's pley ha?" the tall prick went on again. "Sige na laru tayo, akina bula" the shorter bloke said rocking his hips "Give me the ball ricecakes" I said calmly, raising an eyebrow "ayan pre ayus makikipaglaru na ma nga bebot!" I smirked then threw the ball going full force with my arms to the one rocking his hips and hitting him in the gonads and he went down grimacing and yelling holding his crotch.

Some helped the prick and as many of them came close to us Li did a very kung fu round house, though the blokes may not be really going to assault us, knocking one down and the other two holding their ugly faces. Saeko began swinging her duffle making the others back off, Ac and I went back to back and gave some of the pricks some bloody good kicking and punching. "Teka teka ay weyt ano bakit ba?" they all went saying as they shield themselves.

People flocked to us as Li Ac and I slammed many of the pricks on the ground and Saeko got some hits with her duffle swinging, one of them got behind her and held her arms "miss byutipul stop we nat payting you!" he said "get your stinking paws of her you damn dirty ape!" I said quoting planet of the apes and kicked him very hard in his stinking gonads and he let's go of Saeko and held his crotch grimacing as he fell on the ground. As Li pinned the taller one with his face on the ground, breaking his arm as she stepped on his neck, the police came blowing their whistles with some of the park's security and personel.

They broke up the violent soiree and we stood back together smirking and dusting our hands. We told the police that the arseholes were assaulting us with Ac doing the translating. Some of them knew nihonggo and told the police we're their girlfriends and we're just fooling around. Saeko really went ballistic, the very first time we saw her and kept shouting, yelling in japanese and hitting the blokes hard with her duffle and we held her back and the police made them all kneel with their hands behind their sweaty necks.

"Za fucking ugly arseholes say we zer gerufurends I tell porice zey want to touch us and we zon't know zem!" Saeko said panting and her pretty face was really red with rage. "Tell them they we're assaulting and molesting us" Ac said grinning and Li and I looked at each other. "Cheesecakes call Megumi and tell her what happened" Li said smiling "I don't think dear mummy won't be very happy about this." "Park people say zey are piripinos working in factory zey orways pray basketball here" Saeko said as she held her phone on her ear "Oh is that so?" I said loudly smirking "tell Megumi if she can pull strings again, for us? I wan't these bloody maggots to go home with no faces to brag to people in the philippines" I said and their eyes widened and was about to stand up but the cops stopped them.

Later another policeman came running and said something to the two policemen arresting the pinoys, and they bowed to us and we bowed back to them and then Ac Li and I did english girl curtsies "thank you constables, you're doing very good job!" Li and Ac said to the police. "pag usapan nalang natin to miss byutipul pinay ka naman" bobot shouted "for fucking bloody the last time hindi ako pinay!" I said surly "eh ano ka, para ka naman di kalahi, pare pareho tayong pinoy!" "Hindi ikaw ko kalahi not ever, and Filipino is NOT a race it's a NATIONALITY and I'm English and part Filipino or rather I am, English and, Filipina!" I said and I put on my aviator smirking devilishly and Saeko Li and Ac put on theirs and we walked out of the court arm in arm feeling so fucking exhilirated. I imagine ourselves doing the slow sexy victory walk as in the movies with toy soldiers or love is a battlefield playing in the background.

As we were having takoyaki snack, laughing and talking about how we kicked so much arses Megumi's car screetched at the front of the shop. The people looked as a gorgeous, celebrity looking japanese woman came out of the lexus taking off her sunglasses as she went inside the shop. Saeko ran to her aunt and she hugged her tight. "Oh girls come here all of you!" She said beckoning us with her arms "Oh gawd, not this filthy thing happening again to my lovely babies" she said hugging us all as people in the restaurant looks on "We're alright meg, truly" Ac said and Megumi cupped her face "are you sure sweetheart?" "yes we're very cool" Li said and Meg cupped her face "truly?" Megumi said still worrying and Li nodded.

"Why does it have to be fucking filthy filipino pricks!" Megumi said loudly and the other filipino customers looked "uh m-meg, they're not filipinos, it is quite offending and insulting to the people" I said sheepishly "but they're pinoys, as they really act and stink like bloody monkeys" and the filipino patrons again flinched. "Oh whatever dahling" Megumi said throwing up her hands "pinoys, indians, fucking middle easterners coming to japan, and don't just work and keep their bloody smelly junk inside their stinking trousers! bloody wanking bastards!" "so what will happen to those pinoy blokes Meg?" Ac asked "ahh dahling I won't tell any of you but it's not going to be any nice let's just say they would be cursing the day they landed their stinking bugger feet on japanese soil."

"Alright then girls, let's get you home I need to get back to the office asap as I have just put a fucking important meeting on hold!" Megumi said "uhm we haven't paid" Li said and Megumi brought out her cards but then she just wrote on a piece of the shop's paper napkin and puts it in one of the shop people's shirt pocket with a 50 us dollar bill, and she pulled us out of the takoyaki shop. "Uh meg you don't need to take us home" Ac and I said "yeah Megumi chan we can take cab" "yeah we're just fine Meg, we can just kick some more arses if ever" Li said chuckling and Ac and I looked at her with disapproval and she shrugged her shoulders lips twitching. "Really Megumi we're ok we can just take a cab" I said "alright dahlings but let me call a cab for you" she said and calls a cab company speaking to someone in japanese on her phone, and all I was able to get was "arigatou gozaimasu!"

"Alright my pretties, wait here in the shop until the cab I called for you arrives ok?" "yes mummy dearest" Li said giggling and Ac nudged her with her elbow "Thanks Megumi, and you need to get back to your meeting go!" I said lightly pushing her "Yes sweetheart, come here all of you" and she hugged and kissed each of us before getting back in her car. We bowed and waived as her lexus drove off.
We had another round of takoyaki and okonomiyaki as it is indicated on Megumi's note as read by Saeko, to call Megumi's secretary to collect any amount we may owe the shop and we got in the cab full of the yummy octopus balls and pancake.

We were again dipping and relaxing ourselves in the bubbling hot pond laughing and singing to upbeat 80s and 90s female vocals. "We rock bitches" Saeko shouted "hear hear" Ac Li and I shouted back raising our bubblies "We are rayk rayonesses! We queens of jungle!" "yeah..." I said smiling "We are pretty, we are hot, we are strong, we're fucking lionesses!" I shouted and we all went roaring, and as expected, later on, the mood, the water, ignited flaming passions and we all made love with each other, like lionesses in passionate lesbian wild cat orgy, growling, grunting.


We got everything set up for the party and Yoko called asking if she could bring anything "Just your scrummy self luv!" we said to her. 7:25 pm Yoko came in her car and we went out just in our shirts and knickers, she came with some food for the party, in lacquered wooden stacks which are obviously sushi and 2 large domino pizza boxes. She gasped when she saw us when we opened the gate, seeing us standing sexilly in our knickers and shirts, leaning with bent arms over each other's shoulders. "Anything wrong dahling?" Li said again mimicking Megumi with an eyebrow raised "Uh uhm yeu geruls look so very sheksy and very fucking daring rayk you were, in rondon, are yeu not afureyd yeu're outside just rayk zat?" Yoko said stuttering a wee bit. "Well that's what makes it more sexy and exciting isn't it?" I said.

"I-I burought somesing for owa paruty" Yoko said still a wee bit stuttering, "we told you just to bring your yummy body bitch!" Ac said caressing her and she flinched and shivered. "Werr it's japanese custom actuary bitches!" Saeko said "so what do you have their sexy?" Li asked "uh I bring sushi and seafood and heavy meat pizzas is that oki?" Yoko replied "Oh yum?!" Li replied so happy about the heavy meat pizzas and she and Ac took the food from Yoko's hand, and they brought it inside the house. "So, you can't come to the party dressed like that" I murmured to Yoko as I caressed her and she went shy mode and brushed a hair behind her ear. I went bitelipped with our noses almost touching and I unzipped her jeans making her gasp "what no w-wait" she protested Saeko pulled and untucked her shirt and I pulled down her jeans "H-hey no w-uh-were outside. Saeko popped some of the buttons on her shirt leaving few at the middle as I get her off her jeans.

We loosened her exposed her slender sexy shoulders. She became embarassed and went stooping with her arms over her crotch and chest. Saeko said something to her in japanese, and she said "uh I feer very embarassed but a rittle shexy and excited" Saeko and I smiled to each other and we closed the gate and we all went inside the house. After leaving our footwear Saeko marvelled at our party set up "oh zis is just rayk za paruty we had in rondon. but now it's more sexy looking she said, as we have more scented candles, and also incense and rose petals all over the sunken living room. We sat down and had bubblies, beer and the food the Yoko brought and the extra spicy skewered marinated beef pork and chicken strips we had prepared earlier, we also smoked the hookah shisha with flavored tobacco infused with weed.

"Hey gorgeous why wear these nerdy glasses?" Li said as she removes them from Yoko and she squinted "how is your vision, have you considered getting contacts?" Ac said "uhm zat is just for reading I see well much from far" Yoko replied "so why not get contacts instead" Li said as she tried them on and she was very cute in them "how do I look bitches?" Li said making a pose "smart and sexy" I said "slutty and nerdy" Ac said and we all giggled and then Saeko Ac and I kissed her. "Boyfurend actuary, or raza my ex boyfurend wanted me to hav zem, he rayks me wearing them even during sex" Yoko said "fetish bugger!" I said, Li then undoes her anime pony tail and sexilly runs her fingers through her hair loosening silky raven black strands "Your turn dahling" Li said to Yoko as she undo her pony tail.

Yoko shakes hair head as we run our fingers through her silken black hair. "How does it feel girl?" Ac asked "I-it's very riberating, I feer very shexy, rayk yeu bitches!" and we all smiled bitelipped. The party went on and we had karaoke Ac, as always, did a very sexy madonna, Saeko with her songs and Li and I going slutty with my favorites like I touch myself, heaven is a place on earth and once in a lifetime which modesty aside I did quite pretty well myself and Yoko tried singing with us. We watched cheering and whooping Ac and Saeko did their very erotic dance and then we all joined them until we all fell on the rug laughing and sweating. Ac Li Saeko and I did another very erotic dance while Yoko watched and we saw her getting uneasy her thighs went squeezing and her arms folded fingers kneading.

"Are we lionesses?" I said "yes" they murmured and we all roared "I think it's time to hunt, our prey is waiting" I murmured sexilly. We all went down on all fours and crawled sexilly towards Yoko, looking ferally and Saeko and Ac doing the best lioness impression as they take lead. "Uh girls, w-what are you doing?" Yoko said trembingly curling and covering herself but we went on sniffing snarling growling at her, we then ripped her shirt making her gasp and shriek. We tore and ripped off her thin undershirt with our teeth snarling as we went, and Ac and Saeko did the same to her knickers, ripping them off with their teeth, and we saw she has shaved her pussy. Li then roughly tore her bra revealing her lovely bosoms with their caramel colored nipples.

We lay Yoko on the rug and held her down as we went licking sucking nibbling every inch of her luscious body. Yoko began speaking in japanese between moans and groans her body went writhing arching and twisting as she gets more fucking hot and wet but we never spoke any word not breaking character as we are very sensual feral beasts. As one of us kissed her torridly two would be sucking and licking her earlobes and neck and one would suck her boobies very hard, while we fondle her all over. Li and I suckled her lovely bosoms very hard then torridly kiss while kneading and squeezing Yoko's bosoms and Saeko and Li fingered her lovehole deep and hard while licking, sucking and nibbling her juicy soft pussy flesh, and Yoko's body went spasmic, as it writhes arch, and twist as she grimaced in extreme erotic passion and pleasure. We would switch mates as we take on any part of Yoko's body.

"Yoko went whimpering as she got a closer and closer to orgasm. We made Yoko cum hard as we all gorged on her pussy, after sucking and licking her warm lovejuice we went on going wild on her beautiful body, still not speaking not even a single word we just went on snarling and growling. We made Yoko cum again and again by taking turns fucking her hard with our soft wet hairless pussies. As one of us fucks her the others hold her down, rubbing their hot wet pussies on her arms and legs. Li was the last to fuck her hard and we all fell and the rug panting "oh my god, I've never been zis hot and very very very fucking wet" Saeko said panting. "I rearry sink I more of lesbian, uh I sink I'm so in rav with orr of yeu, and Yoko went kissing us and we each torridly kissed with her.

We fell asleep naked holding each other in the sunken love garden littered with sweet rose petals. I then woke later up seeing Megumi our faces almost touching and she was caressing me behind my ear "hi sweetheart, did I wake you?" she murmured "uhmm hi Megumi, uhm no, I just woke up" I said yawning and rubbing my eyes" I repled and then she went caressing and kissing Saeko li and Ac, they awakened and put their arms around her and torridly kissed with her and they went to sleep again. She then went back to me. "You are all so beautiful my li'l dahlings" she said caressing me. I smiled as I caressed her lovely cheeks and lips, and we then torridly kissed.

"So hows the party sweetheart" she murmured and bit her lip "lovely as always" I murmured back smiling "you're all so divine seeing you naked together" She said "and who is this lovely creature" Megumi said pertaining to Yoko "that's Yoko" I replied "she was Saeko's and her group's stylist and also their other choreographer" I said "uhmm so that's why she has a lovely figure too, just like you dahlings" she said pinching my cheeks. "So, did my gorgeous girlfriends had fun?" Megumi said as she popped a grape into her mouth" "Oh very much, we became so wild and ferally erotic like lionesses as we made love with Yoko" I said "oohh I wish I could have seen that" she said wincing lightly and then went bitelipped "well the party is not yet over" I murmured, smiling teasingly as I caress her, she made cutesy faces with me. "Mmm I see you have a lot of sinful food here she said she took a bite of the roasted cherry tomato and a strip of beef from the metal skewer, and then took a pizza heating on the fireplace "Oh my gawd, it's been awhile since I had one of these" she murmured and raised the pizza bobbing her eyebrows and takes a bite.

"Oh my gawd that is so lovely" she said with her mouthful, and we went chuckling then some of the melted hot cheese fell on my nipple and I winced and grunted bitelipped "oh I'm so very sorry dahling" she said panicking and puts down her pizza and lovingly licked and suck my sore nipple. "Did mommy made it feel better?" she murmured, looking lovingly at me as she went on sucking and licking. I giggled and nodded and she went for my other nipple and also lovingly licked and sucked it, my nipples got so fucking stiff as Megumi went on sucking and licking them. Then she went up to me "that felt very good" I murmured "I love you so much ***** as much as I love Saeko and Li and Ac. I smiled and we torridly kissed again. She again eats her pizza and lets me bite some and wipes my lips with her finger and then she puts her pizza back in the fireplace. "I will take a quick quick shower and come to party with my sweet dahlings" she said smiling sweetly, brushing hair behind my ears, "alright sweetheart?" and I smiled and nodded.

Megumi stood up unbuttoning her shirt as she went to her room. I went over and caressed Li Ac Saeko and Yoko, I each kissed and gently pulled their earlobes with my teeth, Ace woke up first and we torridly kissed then Saeko also wakes up "mmm I want ayshcream too" she said sleepily Ac and I giggled and we pulled Saeko and torridly kissed with her. We then went over to Li and woke her up with kissing sucking and licking and she torridly kissed each of us. "Mmm I love you so much, all of you!" I said squeezing them with my arms.

"Were so fucking wild" Ac murmured "Yeah" Saeko replied "so how's our lovely prey?" Li said "she shtill passed out" Saeko replied "well she looked very happy" Li said as we watch her smiling as she curled up sleepingand we went giggling. We all carried her to the big sofa and got her pillows between her legs under her head and one held by her arms. Megumi then walked out of her room with a towel draped. Smiling as she gracefully and slowly walked towards us, she undraped the towel around her revealing her gorgeous naked body before descending into the living room. "How are you my lovely babies?" she said as she sat with us. "Li dahling please pour me a bubbly as I do some bloody pigging with your lovely food" she said and Li took out the bottle from the ice bucket and poured out a champagne glass for Megumi and then for the rest of us.

"Hmm it seems you worked Yoko quite well my dahlings" Megumi said as she ate her pizza "We did ok Megumi chan" Saeko said as she laid her head on Megumi's lovely shoulder. "***** said you were like lionesses and we all growled softly clawing the air. "It must have been very sexy" Megumi said as she bites on a skewered meat strip and cherry tomato. We all hudddled and took bites from her skewered meat and cherry tomatoes as we sip our bubblies "Uhm Meg about what happened at park..." "yeah about those pricks and arseholes" Ac and I said feeling a bit guilty being too harsh on the bastards. "uhm they didn't really uhm..." Li said "listen let's not talk about those filthy wankers" Megumi said as she cuts Li "I love you too much my lovely babies as much as Kate does, and I will do everything to protect you and will make suffer terribly those who ever wrong you, regardless the degree of their offence are. You dahlings are goddesses compared to them maggots and flies, what I did they deserved it.

"Isn't this supposed to be a party, so party on bitches!" Megumi said raising her glass and all went shouting and cheering. Yoko woke up because of our noise "Hey how are you gorgeous?" Li said she then flinched seeing another beautiful naked young woman who despite being 28 can still be mistaken for being only 24 "Yoko zis is Megumi my oba uh auntie she owns zis house "konnichiwa" Megumi murmured waving her fingers at Yoko. Yoko greeted in japanese bowing "I'm honored dahling, please not too much ettiquete in my house, just think of it as like a neutral zone, I'm not too nerdy to think of a better analogy" Megumi said chuckling. "Come and join us Yoko" Saeko said and Yoko went down on the rug with us and LI Li poured her a bubbly.

"After rondon I became unsure of my sexuarity, I became confused as I so fucking enjoyed our sex in za rondon paruty" Yoko said after a couple of bubblies "I dumped my boyfurend of two years afta I, we with Saeko and (name of girl group) came back to japan, as he was crying rayk a baby, I fert no reguret and yet when we were sugeza I sought he was za man for me, I do everysing he wants, but afta I met ***** " and she kissed me "and yeu bitches!" Yoko said raising her glass to us and we went giggling "I feer rayk I'm a difurent peruson, I rook forward to another resbian sex and I was so excited about zis paruty and..." Then she brushed her hair behind her ear and giggled "I even shaved my pussy" she bowed and went bitelipped and we went laughing and giggling. "No really bitches!" she went on "I never shaved for my boyfurend, and I have never enjoyed sex as much as wiz ozer girls, and after what we or you did to me awhire ago, I knew I'm very resbian but funny sing is, zough I enjoyed sex wiz ozer girls zan I was wiz boy, I stir rayk cuto boys" she said looking sheepish.

"Well Yoko dahling, you don't have to be totally lesbian, you just need to be yourself, what happened was you're in some sort of an illusion or mirage when you're with your boyfriend, and also being rather tied to the social norm so to speak, he's a handsome boy and you're a lovely girl and well in a way you just lied to yourself and you came to a realization that you are not really happy with your boyfriend. You must thank my lovely babies for broadening your horizons and freeing you from your inhibitions, and a good looking male doesn't always guarantee a very good relationship, or good sex for that matter."

"So does that mean I am not rearry a resbian?" Yoko said looking queerish "We are not lesbians, per se" I said "It just so happened that we are really hot young women who like other hot women and we are madly in love with each other" "I stirr rayk boys too" Saeko said "me too" Ac followed "but we are more comfortable with each other for now" "and that my dear is very important in a relationship" Megumi said "which sadly not always happen if in a relationship with males" "who knows, when the right boy comes then" Ac said "Well I won't be sharing him with you bitch" Li said and we all went laughing "well we are not bloody surprised, since when you liked boys ricecakes" I said laughing Li became a bit shy as she toyed with her drink "well I think John cho is cute" she said as she toyed with her drink and Ac Saeko and I gasped "and also Jet Li, and..." Ac Saeko and I looked at her suprised with our mouths open as she mentions more asian and also caucasian actors "and also maggie q, kelly hu, kristin kreuk, michelle monaghan, kate beckinsale, milla jovovich, mila kunis..." she went on "alright there we go, that's the ricecakes we knew" I said "and love" Ac added and we all went hugging Li.

The party restarted again, with drinking, eating and smoking weed, karaoke, and of course a lot of erotic dancing. Megumi then went to her bedroom and came back with something fleshy inside a sanitized surgical plastic bag, she pulled out squishing, a dildo, a wee bit like the toy she and Kate gave me but not very complicated and elaborate, it's just like strapless dildo with a 3 inch pussy and anal plug stimulator for the wearer but still has tentacle straps but thinner like fleshy bikini strings. The phallus is 7 inches compared to the nine inch beastie of my toy (which I haven't used on myself until recently) it has a "foreskin" which opens to reveal a ghastly head, also covered with postules, it vibrates and gets hot.

We watched as Megumi puts in on and then she torridly kissed and caress Yoko and we all joined in getting ourselves hot and wet again. The seven inch beast slowly enter Yoko's hot wet lovely as she arched grunting groaning and moaning. Megumi's lovely hips rocked back and forth pushing the full length of the phallus hard and deep in Yoko's pussy. She went faster and harder until Yoko went spasmic and came screaming hard in less than 12 minutes. We licked and sucked Yoko's sweet warm nectar as she lay panting. Li then kissed and caressed Megumi and murmured lovingly "can you fuck me with that too?" "are you sure sweetie?" Megumi said as she caresses her behind her ear. "y-yess I want to feel it" Li muttered achingly Li lay as we suck and lick her all over we watch as the throbbing phallus slowly enter Li's tight wet lovehole, and Li grunted bitelipped as her body arched, and we petted her. "Li sweetheart do you want me to continue?" Megumi murmured, very concerned "mhmm" Li uttered bitelipped and lightly grimacing.

The phallus slowly disappear until it's completely inside Li's lovehole. Megumi rocked her sexy hips slowly and gently, as Li went moaning and groaning sometimes bitelipped getting enthalled with the heated vibrating pleasure being given by the beast inside her. The Li's warm sweet juices began to tricle down of her tight lovehole, as Megumi went a wee bit faster and harder, making squishing, sucking sounds with Li's pussy. Megumi then pulled the dildo and Ac Saeko and I sucked and licked Li's sweet nectar from it. We then took turns wearing it and fucking Li with it except for Saeko as she still has her hymen intact then, the 3 inch ghastly looking stimulator felt fucking pleasurable as one fucks with the phallus. Saeko torridly kissed with Li and sucked her lovely bosoms as Ac and I fuck each fuck her wearing the dildo, while Megumi licks and sucks Yoko's swollen red pussy. Li cummed hard and also did Ac as she was fucking her with the wicked dildo. Saeko and I then took turns being on top of each other, kissing and fondling as either Ac Li Yoko or Megumi fuck us with the hot vibrating phallus betwixt our so...

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