My ODDyssey Turning Japanese, big in Japan part 2: Cheesecakes, Ricecakes, Bon Bons, and Sugar

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Date: January 11, 2014 (4 years ago)

As we were soaking in the hot soothing and bubbling waters of the pond Megumi came out in her usual sexy short silken kimono robe, looking so exhilirated as she looks at us with arms folded. "Come on in Meg the water is so delicious!" Ac shouted and we all went calling, urging her to join us for a dip. "Later my beautiful dahlings!" Megumi responded in the usual sexy posh voice. "I really must give in to this delicious creative energy I'm having, I really must paint you dahlings, and immortalize this magical moment" Megumi said sounding so enthralled. She went back inside the house and came back with rolls of paper and canvas pencils and pastels, and a digital camera.

She set up the camera on a tri pod and after getting her desired focus and angle she set up her canvas on a board and sat crosslegged on the elevated wood flooring as her arm moved gracefully as she creates a picture. "Uhm Meg uh do we need to do a pose?" Li asked "No sweetheart just be as you are, move as you will I want these to be as natural as they can be" Megumi said. "These?" Ac Li Saeko and I said looking at each other. We went on dipping and enjoying the water, and then went like little girls splashing and playing in the water. It approximately took 7 minutes for Megumi between changing of canvases and paper.

We then relaxed on the smooth stones letting the soothing cascading waters massage us, with me at the middle Ac at my right with her head on my shoulder and Li at my left with her head also on my shoulder, and Saeko at my front between my legs as she rests her supple back on me and her hands caressing each of my thighs and then puts them around my neck and I kissed her forehead, I'm caressing both Ac and Li's heads, my arms going under their chins and I have a foot betwixt Saeko's thighs with my heel pressing her soft cunt.

We pressed each other even more and Ac and Li put their arms over Saeko as we feel more blissful and the love energy increases with each moment, all of us eyes closed relishing the very beautiful moment. "Oh my word!" Megumi murmured "now I really need you gorgeous dahlings to hold that pose, that is just so divine!" "Oh don't worry Meg" Ac murmured "We want to enjoy this moment and make it last as long as we can" Li said" moaning a little. "I love you guys, my precious sweeties..." I murmured eyes still closed getting so fucking passionate "I love you so so so much." "And we also love you so so so much, you are the sweet Sugar in all of us" Ac murmured, "the sweetest Sugar in Bonbons, Ricecakes..." Li murmured "and Cheesucakes" Saeko murmured, and we went giggling and chuckling.

We became so fucking overwhelmed with burning passions we huddled and torridly kissed each other "Oh gawd you beautiful angels, I haven't had this much delicious and powerful ecstasy while making art!" Megumi said as she went on drawing us. Megumi stood up as she finally exhausted all inspiration and creative energy and there were rolls of paper and canvas beside her. We all waded to the edge of the pond and rested our chins on our hands over the elevated wood flooring eager to see the drawings "Can we see zem Megumi chan?" Saeko said "Yes may we?" I said "No dahlings not yet, not now" Megumi said smiling "oh why not?" Ac said and we all went awwing with disappointment. "I'm sorry dahling it's an artiste thing, so as to keep and preserve per se (makes quotes with her fingers) the beauty the artiste has captured by not letting the subjects beheld themselves until the artiste felt it is time, and besides they still need to be painted on" she said beaming and we all went awwing again.

"Now now girls, but what I want to do now" Megumi said as she stood up "is to join you loveliest dahlings in the world" she said and opens and drops her robe and pulled down her sexy knickers and waded in fully naked in the pond. "Hey" Megumi murmured at Li then growled softly and made cutesy faces at her and Li blushed and brushed hair over her ears. She submerged in the bubbling water and resurfaced so beautifully like a goddess. I can't bloody think of any other analogy, but her and Kate being like Goddesses and we are their hand maiden Nymphs. We went playing in the hot bubbling bath splashing water, laughing, giggling like lovely nymphs and their beautiful goddess mistress.

Megumi then lay on the smooth stones where we had been earlier. "Come to me all you my beautiful dahlings" she said with her arms outstretched, and we all waded to her. She lay on the stones again as we huddled over her, beaming as she caressed each of us. "Love me" she murmured lovingly. We all went down on her each torridly kissed her lovely mouth, and we all went groaning and grunting hungrilly, she moaned as we went kissing licking her all over her beautiful face neck nape and ears, and then we went on exploring her gorgeous body with our mouths and hands.

Every inch of her silk tofu flesh was caressed, kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled, as two fondled suckled and licked each of her firm round bosoms two would be fingering, sucking and licking her pussy. "Ohhhh my gawd, dahlings uhhh I-I never, I have never felt like this for a long time" Megumi said between moans and groans, her body arching writhing and twisting, grimacing to erotic agony, we got her fucking hot she went whimpering with tears flowing as her sweet warm love juice poured continually from her lovehole trickling down her thighs and onto the water.

We went on until Megumi came screaming hard and gushing, more of her sweet warm nectar mixed with the pond water. "Oh my lovelies, I have never felt this passionate and so fucking hot, it has been a long time I cummed so hard" Megumi said panting as she caressed us. After cuddling, each of us was submitted to the same very passionate and erotic treatment, lying on the stones and after a torrid kissing, every inch of the body gets lovingly explored by sensual and beautiful mouths and hands until we cum very hard. Saeko came next, and then Ac, and then Li and lastly Me. We all then went cuddling holding and caressing each other with Megumi in the middle, letting the waterfall relax our tired bodies.

We got off the water at almost 2 pm, and had tea and cakes by the edge of another elevated wood flooring facing another part of the zen garden, with the other waterfall and a koi pond. "How I wished Kate was here too, then it would really be smashing" Kate said as she sipped her tea. "Yeah We, wished that as well" I said smiling squeezing her hand" "but girls really, I haven't felt like that in many years, I've had sex with other women and well (mouth twitching) some few really handsome men" we all laughed and giggled. But you all gave me that feeling and then she turned to me, "the same delicious feeling I've had during our cebu holiday, the same divine moment I've had when Kate and I did it the first time and many times that followed. "Gawd I feel like painting what I'm bloody fucking feeling right now!" Kate said chuckling feeling so elated, and we went giggling and laughing.

We then dressed up really nicely and went for a drive all over tokyo in Megumi's car with the top down, again we went shopping and had Ac and Li sample the street munchies, and we had ramen as well in the best ramen house in tokyo, and despite being minors we we're able to go clubbing as Megumi, like Kate, has very strong connections, we had our own vip room and the drinks really flowed, some of Megumi's girl-friends and lady colleagues came and partied with us, there was a lovely filipina there uhm I think her name was or nickname was Ping or was it Jing. She was very intelligent articulate as she is pretty, and can't stop looking queerishly at Ac the moment she and the other lovely women went in the vip. After some minutes she sat with us and said "I've been meaning to ask you this but aren't you that actress back home in the philippines, uhm anne curtis?" also because of Ac's nickname she was so intrigued, of course we don't know who is this ms curtis and I only got to know who she is later on, and then she realized Ac and anne were quite different in many different ways as Ac's lovely hazel brown eyes are a wee bit oriental ish and she is a little taller with dark auburn hair and sexier bosoms and also because Ac has an english accent with a more pleasant sounding voice.

We went home very tired but very happy, and after a soothing hot bath we all slept naked with megumi holding each other on her big comfy bed. The next day we again went out exploring the rest of tokyo while Megumi is at her office. We went around in buses, trams and cabs, did more shopping and eating and then later that evening we had Karaoke with more of Megumi's lady friends, ping or jing again is with us and said "yes it is confirmed you are not anne curtis" she said to Ac "as You have a really lovely singing voice, and a more graceful body and my god you really do a very good if not a perfect Madonna voice!" she said laughing as Ac went all out with her favorite Madonna songs, we also sang and danced together and Saeko being a celebrity was the toast of the evening as she sang and danced, and we all tried catching up to her singing and dancing it was such bloody fantastic night of fun.

In the days that followed we again visited Saeko's family, and Li never felt so stiff with the customs. "Oh gawd this is so like back home with all this bloody etiquette and customs" she complains "and I think I just switched ethnicity with the kind of food we're having everyday but I like my stay here cheesecakes, also because I'm with you whores" We again went to hot spring baths and met lovely liberated young japanese women there whose names if memory serves were, Mitsuki, Naomi, Akari, Hatsumi and Keiko, college and young professionals whom we had steamy sex with while bathing in the hot springs, they speak very very very little english but of course none is stranger to the language of love, they recognized Saeko as being a member of her very popular girl group. It went quite smoothly as we share bubblies and beer with them and with very little seduction we did the longest private lesbian porn film as Li Ac and Saeko each set up a digi cam in different angles and positions that were intended just for us four until we met the japanese lovelies. We weren't able to watch our own movie until we got back to Megumi's home in Tokyo. We edited the records in one file and watched them with Megumi with popcorn and drinks "You are such lovely nymphs with those other young pretty women" Megumi commented "You dahlings are such beautiful poetry in motion"

We went to Saeko's many presscons and recordings and sometimes with Megumi, and during the first time we went, Saeko and her group suddenly presented us to the audience as we sat at the front of the presses and the fans. They were speaking in japanese and we have no fucking bloody idea Saeko and then her group were talking about us and then Saeko lead them in presenting us, and she had to motion at us and kept shouting, "stand up, stand up you whores!" and we all stood up sheepishly and went embarassed as cameras went flashing at us, we waved our fingers and bowed to the screaming and cheering japanese crowd, feeling so bloody awkard (well if any of you people are fans and avid followers of jpop particularly of Saeko's group you might have come across some japanese tabloid or teen magazine with our picture)

"so what the bloody fuck was that all about?" we all asked as we were with Saeko and her girl group "Oh we just terr zem yeu suree are owa namba one furends in rondon, and you are oruso namba one fans and famous teen models" Saeko said and Li uttered "eh? model? moi?" her pretty face showing strongly of contempt and disapproval. "You are owa namba wan engurish fans rayt?" She said as she held us "of course" we replied taunting with our lips "and you suree are (girl group's name) namba wan best engurish geru furends rayt?" "uhummm" we all uttered twitching our lips "but of course I'm za onri speciar namba wan teu yeu bitches" Saeko whispered cupping her mouth with one hand "Of course you are, you pretty whore! theres no other cheesecakes!" and we all hugged and kissed her. "It's for pubricity too" Rei joked and they went laughing and giggling.

We again saw Yoko still looking pretty and sexy in her cute nerdy glasses, tight fitting denims and trainers, and anime style pony tail and bangs a wee bit like Li's except Li is more of a rocker with accessories like rubber wrist bands, wide band leather cuff watches, short and most often black lacquered fingernails and leather booties, stressed jeans but no satanic stuff. She blushed and brushed hairs over her ears when she saw us. "Hey how are you gorgeous?" I said after we all hugged and kissed her "uhmm so-so" she said twitching her lips "and how is so-so?" Li added "werr I shtill shingle afturu I buroku up wiz mine boy furend" Yoko said smiling "what the fucking bloody 'ell you did made it happen!" LI exclaimed and Yoko puts her fists on her hips "werr becoz of yeu bitches I zon't know if I am resbian or bi! and I shtill rayk very cuto boys" she said tauntingly.

"Hmm perhaps we can help you see which is more of you?" I said teasingly as Li and I each took her hands and we caressed our cheeks with them as Ac held on to me with her hands and head on my shoulder, all three of us looking teasingly at her. She gasped and grunted bitelipped as we lovingly suck and licked her fingers. "If you want you can party with us just you for now and the four of us" I said "Ohh I r-rayk zat" Yoko muttered getting heated up, and then she went bitelipped. "But" Yoko continued "I habu check my iterunary, the ritteru bitches' scheduru are sometimes unpurezictabur, uh-I-I wirr text you oki?" "ok" we said in unison then makes cutesy faces with her. We watch as Saeko and her group sing and dance promoting a new single, she blows kisses and waves her fingers at us and we mouthed I love you and blows her kisses.

"Uhm za girus (girls) pressucon wuz go on fur anaza owa" Yoko whispered to us "wuz you rayk to hav tea wiz me in za duressing room?" "That'll be smashingly cool" Li said as the three of us looked at each other "Yeah sure!" Ac and I said. After their number Saeko ran to us panting and we all hugged her "smashing as always cheesecakes!" Li said "mhmm" Ac and I uttered "We have anaza talk wiz fans and press, I zon't know zis may be anaza one owa" "Uh ok" I said "we will be having tea with Yoko while we wait on you ok?" I said and Saeko made taunting faces at us "why?" and then went bitelipped
"uh because we will have tea with Yoko" Ac said "it's time for tea" Li said looking at her wide band leather cuff watch "and we're quite late for it actually, shortbreads had already crumbled" "is it tea or ayshcream?" Saeko said with cutesy taunting, and then she is then called to sit with her group at the panel she kissed her hand and taps each of our lips with it hurriedly saying "rav you rav you rav you" and she ran back to the panel.

Yoko led us inside the girls dressing room and instead of hot tea she gave us cold jasmine tea in bottles "very hot day for hot tea" it is quite toasty. Later as we went to half of the bottle, Ac Li and I looked at each other, and stood up and went to Yoko and we began kissing and feeling her. Yoko showed very littlereluctance and quickly became submissive as we each torridly kiss and fondle her. But as we all get so fucking heated up Ac Li and I looked at each other and then nods, "see if you still like this next time luv" Li whispered to her ear and she and Ac kissed her cheeks and I her lips, then we slowly moved down on her nape and neck. We didn't go on further loving Yoko and went out of the dressing room arm and arm with Li in the middle, we looked at each other again smiling and Ac and I lay our heads on Li's shoulders. We both agreed without talking that we would only do it if we are all together.

Saeko's groups presscon finally ends and she came running to us and we all hugged her very tight and Saeko wondered at our behaviour. "Why so tight bitches? is zer somesing amiss?" She said "No we just love love love you so so so much" I said "so shutup and hug and feel the love whore" Li and Ac said. After a few more promotional presscons, we presented Saeko's other girl mates our gifts I gave each either a blue or red beret with a very big union jack pin, and smaller french italian and german flag pins, and Li and Ac gave eac...

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