My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 2 of almost a broken frame

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Date: February 7, 2014 (4 years ago)


Jade and Li dropped me off my house after school. "Hello sweetheart" Mum said as we hugged "theres a very beautiful surprise waiting for you in your room" "mum what is it?" I asked thinking it was another apparel or a new gadget "sweetheart it won't be a surprise if I tell you, now get upstairs and freshen up quick for dinner, I making one of your favorites" Mum said and winked at me. I hurriedly went up the stairs to my room. I slowly open the door with my heart racing and feeling so fucking strange with an incredible adrenaline rush, and happy chemicals partying in my brain, the same feeling I have whenever...

"Hey sweetie" I murmured as I close my bedroom door, feeling so enthralled seeing my lovely Ace sitting on my bed, just like the first time we spent the night together, still in our school uniform, shoes off, black thigh high stockings and slightly raised skirt only thing is she may look cute and sultry but still poker faced and just stared at me not saying a word. "Uhm so when did you arrive, mum and dad will be leaving either before or after dinner, sooo do you want to sleep here tonight? with me?" I said stuttering a little, feeling the coldness of her stare "I-I uh we missed you, uhm I missed you, so much."

Ace stood up and slowly walked towards me, removing her jacket and dropping it on the rug, her stare a wee bit feral, then she began unbuttoning her shirt. She pushed me gently against the door and kissed me, sucking my lips ang gawd how I missed those soft supple red lips of hers, wet and warm, sweet and exquisite like her favorite truffles and bon bons. I held her gently as I let myself be vulnerable for her. Ace removed my jacket and threw them away and fondled my bosoms and then starts unbuttoning my shirt as she licks and sucks my neck and earlobes. "Uhmm uh bonbons? sweetie? uhh I want to do this really, but this is not the right time m-mum m-might..." I murmured getting so aroused and at the same time very bloody worried getting caught by my parents. She locked her mouth with mine, as she pulled me, pressing our bodies hard. We went turning until we fell on my bed with her on top.

Ace went harder with her kissing and sucking as she continue to undress me. I felt so fucking burning up being 'raped' by Ace, my head kept tossing and turning as moaning and groaning as I went. She lifted our skirts and I arched gasping as she grinds her soft cunt very hard with mine. She rocked her sexy hips grinding our pussies very hard and in minutes both our knickers became soaking wet of our hot sweet love juices. Ace pulled my bra exposing my swelling pink bosoms and hungrily licked and sucked them. "ohhh Acey I missed you so much baby, uhmmm sweetie, uhhh!" I murmured as I caressed her head, the blazing passionate erotic heat is truly heavenly.

We both both got startled as mum suddenly opened the door, Ace stopped and sat up holding my sides. "Girls?! what on earth?!" mum exclaimed as she saw us. I sat up covering myself "mum uh w-were just teasing each other, uhm tickling?" I said sheepishly "well look at you two" she said as we are so unkempt,untidy with our shirts open my bosoms exposed "go freshen up and change, supper's almost ready" mum said Ace blushed and brushed her hair behind her ears then she got off me covering herself as mum went out of the room. "Uhm sweetie? want us to shower together?" I said running my hand through her hair. She went inside the bathroom and closed the door. "Sweetie?" I said knocking on the bathroom door but she didn't answer and I heard the hot shower turned on. I went to take a bath in the other room. I was so taken with Ace's 'rape' I can't help touching and feeling myself as I take a shower.

I went out of the shower and into my room and saw my closet is open, I saw her clothes neatly folded on my bed, I took her wet knickers and smelled them, filling my lungs of the sweet scent of her love nectar and then I put them on, "(my full name) would you hurry up? everyones at the table waiting for you" mum yelled "yes mum, I'll be right down in a woosh!" I shouted back I hurriedly put on dinner clothes. I went down and walked to the dining room and saw Ac talking with mum and dad pouring the wine and lighting the dinner candles. I saw Ace wearing one of my favorite dinner dress and she look so hot in scarlet. "There you are sweetheart, come on and tuck in it's not always your dad and I have dinner with one of your very special lovely girl-friends" mum said and she winked at me "that's right mum, she's my girlfriend and I am hers" I whispered "what is that darling" mum asked "nothing mum" I said "I mean supper smelled divine, you've outdone yourself yet again mrs (mum's fullname)" mum gave me a frowned smile and lightly pinched my side. Dinner is indeed exquisite as we're having mum's famous filet mignon beef wellington with her heavenly mash and lovely veggies and we have dad's favorite bordeaux red wine to go with it.

I sat down next to Ace and she didn't spoke to me as we have dinner. She did talked with mum and dad occasionally chuckling lightly. She then caressed my feet and calves with her foot, and instantly the cold icy feelings I'm having changed to tropical heat. We played footsie with each other as we went on with dinner the filet mignon beef wellington became more appetizing, coupled with the robust good red wine. Ace then put her hand on my thigh and slowly pulled my skirt up. "Sweetie s-stop" I whispered squeezing her hand and eyeing mum and dad. Ace went on looking casually as mum and dad talked with her. She exposed my thighs and she caressed them, her touch was so fucking exquisite I had shivers and goosebumps all over my body and the thrill made it really fucking bloody sexy and it became even more intense as her supple hand went further on my inner thighs bringing them together and I moaned softly stooping over my dinner plate.

I groaned softly bitelipped as she fondled my crotch, getting my knickers more moist by the second. "Bonbons p-please s-stop..." I whispered but she went on while casually eating her dinner. I moved my chair close to her, our arms pressing "sweetie I'm I-I'm wearing y-your knickers and you're making me so hot and wet" I whispered. I grunted a wee bit loud bitelipped as she dipped inside my knickers, her supple fingers probed my lovehole deep and hard. I kept on grunting curling, squeezing my thighs together. "Is there anything wrong sweetheart?" mum said as she and dad looked at us from across the table. "Uh i-it's nothing m-mum, truly, uhmm it's just so bloody exquisite ehr I mean dinner, i-it's so heavenly uhhmmm!" I said grunting and panting as Ace's very exquisite fingers went even deeper and harder. "Why thank you dear" mum said looking so pleased as she sipped her wine and dad raised his glass to her. "Uhh bonbons p-please stop we're making a scene" I whispered as I try to pull out her hand. Ace pulled her fingers with a squish and she sexilly licked and sucked them.

As we went on with dinner with mum and dad talking and laughing, Ace's hand again crawled and dipped inside my still soaking wet knickers. "Bonbons, ohhh gaaawwd!" I murmured as her supple fingers again probed my lovehole very hard and deep, my hips bobbing and swaying. I leaned to her making it look like I'm whispering, and brushed her hair exposing her sexy ear and very supple slender neck. "I l-love y-you so m-much, my sweet bonbons, b-baby" I whispered as I plant soft kisses on her cheek and ears. Slowly my hand crawled to her thighs and went under her skirt and caressed her sexy thighs, my hand went further and I gasped because she wasn't wearing any knickers, I fondled her moist soft and smooth pussy then slowly my fingers probed her tight wet lovehole. Acey moaned and slightly turned her head to me as I licked and probed her tender ear with my tongue, and she began to breathe heavily and her fingers fucking my lovehole went even harder and deeper. "Darling?!" mum exclaimed and I shuddered as I was sucking and kissing Ace's supple slender neck. "Girls please, no whispering or gossiping on the dinner the table" mum said calmly "unless the school you're going to teaches such as part of dinner etiquette" and dad chuckled and rolled his eyes. "What are you two lovelies gossiping about anyway? perhaps you let mummy into it?" mum said and winked at me as she forked food into her mouth, and dad chuckled. "It's nothing mum, truly, just girl stuff" I said panting and we still have our hands on each other's wet pussies.

"Oh, girly stuff, does it include boys?" mum said giggling a bit annoyed I pulled my fingers from Ace's pussy squishing as they went. "Mum were not talking about bloody blokes!" I said "alright darling, and please the language on the dinner table?!" mum said dabbing her lips with a napkin. "Uhm sorry mum" I said bowing my head. "Oh dear I forgot about desert!" mum exclaimed "we're having french vanilla souffle' your tita aggie finally taught me how to make them and they are so delicate!" she said very excitedly as she stood up "want me to help you darling?" dad offered and mum tapped his cheek gently "oh please dear, that would be nice" and they hurriedly went into the kitchen.

So overwhelmed with seething hot passions I positioned myself, putting my right leg on top of her knee, I lovingly stare at at Ace who still looked very sultry despite a wee bit poker faced, and cupped her lovely cheeks and locked lips with her, sucking each other's tongues. My hand slide down and went under her skirt and again went fondling and finger fucking her tight wet lovehole with my other hand caressing her nape. Our hips bobbed and swayed as our fingers went faster and harder. "Ohh b-baby n-noo" I muttered as Ace unties the lace to my dress while her lovely mouth went sucking and kissing my earlobes and all over my neck. She opened my blouse and pulled up my bra exposing yet again my swelling pink bossoms. I grunted as I felt her supple hand as it came in contact with my bosom. "Ohhh sweet baby that feels so good uhhh!" I murmured as Ace fondled and kneaded my bosoms whilst loving my shoulders and neck with her sexy mouth. My nipples became stiff as her exquisite fingers caressed and lovingly twists them.

We became so lost in erotic oblivion, our lovely hips rocked gyrate and swayed, our fingers making squishing sucking sounds with our swollen and so fucking hot wet pussies, our warm love nectars continually flowing down on our dining chairs. We both open our thighs even wider and I put my left leg on top of her right knee as we come closer and closer to cumming hard. "I love you so much sweet baby" I murmured and Ac didn't utter anything beyond moans groans and grunts as she loved my body. We heard faint footsteps and clanking of silver wear and china coming from the kitchen, slowly becoming louder. Acey then shoved her fingers so deep and hard that I grunted and groaned loudly as I cummed hard. I had uncontrollable spasms as her fingers continue to make me cum. I went harder and deeper finger fucking her so she would cum hard too.

"Here we go my lovelies" Mum said as she and dad entered the dining, we quickly pulled our fingers from each others wet and swollen pussies and fixed ourselves. "What happened dear?" mum asked as she puts down the tray of teapot cups and silverware "uh my lace got snagged mum" and Ace just casually pulled her skirt over her thighs. Mum then noticed my hand dripping wet of Ace's warm sweet nectar and I told her it's just the white butter I got on my hands. "And that is why darling you shouldn't gossip on the dinner table, unless you let mummy in on it" and she winked at Ace as she replaced her dinner plate with the souffle. Ace smiled and mouthed thank you and waited until I get served, covered with the napkin she secretly sucked and licked my nectar on her hand and I caressed her behind the ear as I also pitied her because I wasn't able to make her cum.

"There we go my lovely princesses tuck in and enjoy" mum said after she gave me my dessert. I let Ace's nectar drip from my hand into my souffle and then I scooped the top of the souffle with my fingers, and sucked them. "Hmm so how is it darling?" mum said her eyes gleaming with excitement, "mmmm it's so exquisite mummy" I said licking and sucking the souffle mixed with Acey's sweet warm nectar from my fingers. "Well thank you dear, but I don't think that's how you eat a souffle, isn't there a silverware beside your dessert?" mum said with her eyebrow raised. "Sorry mum it's just so good and decadent" I said as I lick my fingers. "I'm doing it very posh though" I said making cutesy face and mum frowned with disapproval.

"Oh dear they're here" mum exclaimed as the doorbell rang "Daddy let's bring this out to the porch" she said pertaining to the other souffles' and tea "are you all set her my darlings?" "yes mum thank you" I said eating my souffle' "alright then, I'll just leave you here, and not too much of the sauternes (a dessert wine) ok darling?" "yes muuumm" I said in a lazy tone "and Ac dear I forgot your parents are at the porch as well, you may want to see them, don't worry they're more than happy to let you spend the night and a saturday here" mum said and she winked at Ac. Ace dabbed her lips with her napkin and hurriedly went out the porch with dad to greet her parents. "You too dear your aunt and uncle are with them" I hurriedly wiped my mouth with the napkin and mum grunted with her hands to her waist as she wanted me to do it with grace. After doing it again, more posh and ladylike I went out to greet my filipino aunt and uncle. After embracing and kissing my relatives hands (or letting them touch my forehead or whatever) Ac and I went back to our souffles.

"Mum and dad will be leaving later and would go to another relative's house after their prayer meeting and will be back tomorrow evening so we have the house to ourselves." I murmured to Ac but she kept silent as she eats her souffle. I leaned over her and caressed her behind the ear, "I love you bonbons, so so so much" I whispered and plants soft kisses on her rosey cheek. She didn't react beyond soft moans as my lips went loving her supple slender neck. I then gently turned her head and looked at her lovingly, "whatever it is, I'm very sorry, and I love you so much b-baby" I said getting teary eyed but she remained emotionless but in a cute sultry kind of way her lovely mouth slightly opened. I sucked her soft red lips and then I locked my mouth with hers, and we both went groaning and moaning as we kissed torridly, her exquisite mouth tastes of the sweet french vanilla souffle. I lifted her skirt up to her hips and caressed her thighs and crotch. She then scooped what's left of her souffle, opened her thighs even wider and lets me watch as she stuffs her tight lovehole with the decadent confectionary. She then sexilly licks her fingers.

"Ooohhh b-baby" I murmured sucking her luscious lips. I went down between her things I put some souffle over her smooth lean tummy and inner thighs and held her sexy hips, lovingly staring at her as I lick and suck the sweet stuff from her luscious body. I probed her navel with my tongue, I then licked her inner thighs clean of the sweet fragrant souffle. I lovingly knead and squeezed her smooth round bums as my mouth and tongue went loving her luscious pussy stuffed with the decadent souffle. I got more aroused as Ace's head sexilly went tossing and turning as she groaned and grunted bitelipped. I sucked her clit and pussy lips very hard as I want to pleasure one of the young women I loved the best that I can. Her clit became very stiff and throbbing and her pussy became more swollen and flushing pink, as my tongue went in deep in her sweet lovehole, scooping and licking the souffle mixed with her sweet warm love juice. I parted her swollen reddish pink pussy lips, and my fingers went fucking her tight lovehole hard and deep as I suck hard on her stiff throbbing clit. I buried my face on her luscious cunt as I felt she is close to cumming.

Ace bit a finger grunting loudly with tears flowing and she had uncontrollable spasms, I felt very happy and my tears fell as her other hand caressed my head, her lovely hips rocking and bobbing in a rhythmic sync with my sucking and licking. Acey cummed very hard and I hungrilly licked and sucked as much as I can of her sweet warm lovejuice. After kissing her belly and thighs I pulled her skirt down over her thighs. "I love you so much bonbons, my sweet baby girl" I murmured as I plant kisses around and on her tender red lips. Tears fell from my eyes as she touched my cheek. I then stood up and wiped my tears and fixed myself as I heard mum coming. "Sweetheart I'll take care of the dishes, you Ac go out the porch your tito and tita wanted to talk to you and Ac your mum has your change of clothes.

I went out blowing hair from my face, as my kindly but very boring aunt and uncle would just ask me stuff like school, my modelling, and boyfriends and other boring rubbish, oh bugger!" Ac's mum handed her a small duffle of her change of clothes and she went back inside the house. Finally I was able to make an excuse and hurriedly went inside the house as I wanted to be with my sweet baby. I went up my room and door to my bathroom is closed but unlocked and I heard water running. I was about to turn the knob but decided to give her some alone time since I will have her for the whole night. I peeled another toothbrush and freshened and brushed my teeth in the other bathroom.

I hurriedly went from the bathroom to my room as I only have a white towel draped on as there seemed to be more people in the porch. I saw Ac sitting beautifully on my bed as I closed the door, she was brushing her luxurious auburn hair. She looks so cute and sexy in her silk crimson chinese pagoda and dragon jammies and shorts. I passed by her sliding my fingers across her lovely face. I went inside my closet and teasingly dropped my towel with my back at her, she saw I'm still wearing her cute nursery blue knickers. Ace watched as I put on bed clothes as she went on brushing her hair but I still have my back on her as I put them on. I went out of my closet wearing a silk chinese jammies and shorts just like hers except mine is in light pink and has a jasmine pattern.

I sat on the bed with her betwixt my legs. "Hey you?!" I said caressing her behind the ear and her thigh. "You look so very sweet and sexy" I murmured and gently suck and pull her earlobe with my teeth. "Uhmm gawd your scent is driving me so fucking mad baby" I murmured as my mouth slowly went loving every inch of her warm supple neck. Ac stopped brushing her hair, and begin to moan slowly tossing and turning her head and gripping on my jammies and the sheets. "Tonight you are mine, and I am yours Ace, bonbons" I murmured as I continue to savor her luscious flesh and my hand my hand slide inside her jammie shorts caressing her thighs and groin, "ohh sugar..." Ace whispered, we then stared lovingly into each other's eyes and my seduction culminated in a torrid kissing and petting.

"Hello!" I heard a familiar voice say as Ace and I were both engaged in torrid kissing and petting with our eyes closed. We let go of each other and I saw one of my nephews beside my bed. "Hey! what's a handsome li'l bloke like you doing here" I said as I lifted him on my bed and I kissed and hug him "you remember tita Ace right" and Ac smiled at him kissed and hugged him. Mom then entered my room "Uh sweetheart something just came up uhm, is it ok if we left the boys with you for awhile just until 11:30? and then they will be picked up or if it is ok with you they uh can stay for the night and they will be picked up in the morning?" Mum said with her hands together as in a prayer. "Oh bugger!" I muttered "excuse me young lady?" mum said chuckling but frowning and folded her arms. "No uhm it's quite alright mum "if you want I can call nanny meg?" Mum offered "no mum uhm" I said rubbing my eye "I reckon Ace and I can look after the sugar plum munchkins" and Ace smiled and nodded at mum.

"Oh that is so sweet of you darlings" mum said, and then the little indian boy walked in (the same annoying little indian bugger who saw me and Saeko having hot icecream and ziggy in the kitchen) "mum what is this little orc doing here?" I said throwing my hands in the air "don't you be rude sweetheart, you know very well his parents are both catholics, and we can't bring any kids to the meeting" mum said with her hands still folded. "Uh mum I changed my mind please call nanny meg, looking after my nephews is more than enough" I said mum frowned shaking her head as she dialed on her phone. "Darling I'm afraid nanny meg cannot make it now, it's friday and it's ladies' bingo night and she currently calling out the balls, but she can come at 9:30" mum said "Oh major bugger!" I exclaimed "never mind mum, have they had supper yet?" I said as I cuddled my nephew "well I don't know, they must have before coming here but if ever would be a dear and whip up something for them, they may not be into beef wellington, cook something kid friendly but not rubbish as in junk food" I inhaled deeply and exhaled puffing my cheeks.

"So whose going to pick the boys up and take them home" I asked, "Uhm Vich?" mum said sheepishly (it's that indian guy who has a crush on me who I find so bloody fucking revulting) "Oh no,no no no mum it's ok let the boys sleep here have their parents take them when they can!" "are you sure sweetheart?" mum said stooping and a bit teasing. "Why do you hate vich so much?" mum asked chuckling "uh because non christian immigrants, always, aaalwaaays are very revulting as they smell!" I said "Sweetheart!?" mum exclaimed chuckling but frowning. "Mum can't you do it, make some dinner for them before you leave" I said still holding my nephew close. "I'm sorry sweetheart, but we really have to go, come on dear, you were able to make them dinner like the last time" mum said"t hat's because the last time I have my japanese girl-friend making dinner?" I said "well about the many times before that? ok dear we really need to go" and mum kissed me, Ace and the boys.

Mum and dad left with the others. Ace played with the boys while I make dinner for them. I went american, ish, with the boys dinner, kind of like macaroni and cheese except it has lots of panchetta bits and I used penne pasta, the li'l hobbits loved it and I also allowed them to have soda with their dinner, after supper we had icecream (of course not the sexy kind I have with Ace Li and Saeko teehee) as we watch tv, still Ace didn't spoke a single word to me. Later I put the 2 hobbits and a li'l goblin (the indian boy) to sleep on the bed just across mine. Ace again is on my bed crosslegged, combing her beautiful auburn hair, looking so cute, innocent but very sultry. I pulled the filmy border curtain, lighted some ylang ylang and vanilla scented candles and dimmed the lights. "Hey gorgeous!" I said caressing her ear as I sat on the bed with her between my legs. "Hey you!" I said smiling as she kept on combing her hair, silent and emotionless. I pulled her close, pressing my cunt hard with her bums, I began pulling her earlobe with my teeth and tickled her ear with my tongue, she flinched and smiled lightly, turning her head to my direction. I went on teasing and tickling her, my tongue going behind her ear. I plant soft kisses and licks on her cheek and neck and she moaned softly, gripping on my silk jammie shorts.

My hand slide inside her shorts and caressed her thighs slowly going over to her crotch and she is now wearing knickers. "Your scent drives me so mad baby" I murmured as I went on kissing and caressing her and kept on until her moist knickers became sopping wet. "I love you bonbons..." I murmured and she turned to me and we sucked lips staring at each other's eyes, and then we kissed torridly, still staring and trying not to blink. My hips begin to rock, rubbing my crotch hard against her thigh and I felt my knickers getting moist. Acey moaned loudly as I dipped inside her wet knickers and fondled her soft wet pussy. She lets go of my mouth and we leaned on each other's foreheads panting. She then looked lovingly into my eyes and then she hugged me really fucking tight. "Ohh baby" I murmured as I caress her.

"I love you?" I said lifting her chin and Ace blushed and she brushed her hair behind her ears. "Soooo what do we do now?" I said teasingly and then went bitelipped. She again hugged me and lay me down, I understood she wanted to cuddle for the meantime and we lay on the bed with her on top holding me tight with her arm and leg over me, planting soft kisses all over my face and neck. My phone then buzzed and saw I have a text message from Li. "Hey Ricecakes said she'd be out by 11 but she can steal out much earlier and would go straight here, uh y'oud like that uh r-right bonbons?" I said rather cautiously and from adorable she became quite feral and she snapped my phone and held me even tighter. "Ooohkay" I said as I slowly put down my phone "can I at least text her back" but she just buried her face between my neck and the pillow.

Later as my eyes were getting heavy and it seemed Ace is sleeping with her face pressing on my cheek, my phone buzzed again and it was an incoming call from Li. As I was about to answer it Ace suddenly grabbed my phone and threw it away. "Hey! bloody 'ell!" I exclaimed loudly "Oh bugger!" I murmured and I covered my mouth worrying I might have awakened the three boys. Ace became fucking upset as my phone kept buzzing somewhere on the rug. She turned the other way and I petted her. she buried her face on the pillow as she begins to sob. "Sweetie what is wrong with you huh?" I murmured as I caress her, I plant small kisses and subtle licks and sucking her cheeks nape and neck and every inch of her exposed shoulder "why are you so bloody jealous? it's ricecakes and she loves you still, we both love you bonbons"

"Sweetie, baby, please?" I murmured as I went on loving her supple skin with my mouth. I tried to seduce her the best I could, I fondled her lovely bosoms and then dipping inside her shorties and knickers, fondling her pussy. She squeezed her thighs preventing me from fingering her. I kissed her on the cheek and held her tight until I fell asleep. I woke up later at around 11:30 by the doorbell being rang by some fucking moronic uncivilized bastard. Ace was not in bed and my closet is open and also I don't have my jammie shorts on and my upper jammies were unbuttoned from the bottom up to the middle, the secret cabinet where my stash of beer, bubbly and cigarettes and other 'contraband' is open. I was able to find my celphone and saw I had a lot of messages and calls from Li, and I mean fucking lots, I sent her a text saying I will see her after church on sunday and then I went down to see who the fuck is ringing the bell at late. I almost punched the monitor when I saw it was that revulting indian shit vichram. If I were living in the time when we people still use bed potties I would dump the wee and shit in it on Vich but then of course it wouldn't matter as non english indians like him already reek like a septic tank. I turned down the bell's volume and went to look for Ace, and as expected she is at the terrace.

I saw Ace at the terrace sipping a san miguel (yes Li's shop sells beer from the rp, the premium kind, the same kind sold in japan with the foil top, taste wise, not bad actually) and smoking a slimmy, she had on her the silken black short kimono robe Saeko gave me. I approached her with arms folded as it is so biting cold that evening and I'm just in my upper silk jammies and knickers. "Hey stranger" I murmured as I put my arms around her from behind "aren't you feeling cold" I said pressing cheeks with her. "Do you love me?" murmured, as she finally talked to me in after a couple of weeks. "Baby?" I replied chuckling "the bloody fuck I do, why would you bloody think I don't?" I murmured kissing her supple cheeks and neck.

"Do you really love me?" She asked again and I gave her a long kiss on her cheek and replied "yeah? you're my bon bons" I said and kissed her again "I'm your sugar" and kissed her again, "and you're my sweet silly baby!" I said and kissed her again and then hugged her tight shaking her. She then turned to me and stared hard into my eyes. "I want you to make love to me" she murmured as she opened her robe and dropped it on the floor. "B-bonbons?" I said as I get a sudden incredible adrenaline rush as I watch her unbutton her upper jammies and exposes her lovely bosoms in the cold night air she shivered a wee bit as the cold wind caressed her bare skin and her lovely pink nipples became stiff as I held and caressed her bosoms. She kissed licked and sucked my neck as she unbutton my upper jammies. We feeled and caressed each other, just in our knickers, as she went on kissing my neck, and when I opened my eyes I saw vich walking from the front and spotting the house, the filthy bastard is still hoping I'm still awake. I quickly pulled Ace down and she yelped like a puppy and I locked lips with her, vich looked up the terrace as he must have heard us though we may be quite a distance from the road below. The prick used his torch (uhm flashlight?) and pointed it up the terrace, and I slowly pulled ourselves from the railing.

"Uhm baby, I really think this is very sexy, doing it here but it's so fucking cold tonight, let's do it inside please" I murmured caressing her cheek. Ace smiled sweetly at me in after many days and nodded. We picked up our clothes and I quickly pulled her inside. We sat on the sofa and I motioned to her to wait with my index finger as dialed on my phone, and she frowned as she thought I'm calling li again and then became queerish as she learned that I'm calling the police reporting a prowler spotting a house with his torch in (our village and street) and also for them to come immediately before he is able to break in. She looked at me very puzzled as I closed my phone. "W-what the bloody 'ell was that all about" she murmured looking queerish, "pest control" I said smiling wickedly. Before Ace could say another word I locked my mouth with hers, torridly kissing while fondling her lovely bosoms Ace then fondled my bosoms with both hands. "Gawd your scent bonbons is really fucking driving me mad" I murmured as I kiss and suck her neck and ears "and so is yours sugar" she murmured back, "you're my first, baby, and you made me feel even more beautiful and sexy." "Am I only?" I said smiling as I suck lips with her. She then dipped her hand inside my sopping wet knicker, lovingly staring at me while fondling my supple wet pussy as her other hand fondled my bosoms.

"What about Saeko?" I said smiling teasingly, "you had a crush on her since the first time you two met, and her likewise" "y-yes I am" she replied as she went on fondling me "true, she's very cute" and then she squeezed my bosom and fanny a tad harder then she kissed me, "she so fucking hot and seexxxyyy!" and she went hard again and kissed me "and..." she said and went bitelipped, "I feel so burning up as in madonna's song when I'm with her" and she squeezed hard again and kissed me, my body swayed and my hips rocked to her delicious fondling. "Do you love her?" I said smiling teasingly "are we jealous sugar?" she replied squeezing hard again and then kissed me. "No" I said with an eyebrow raised "I do love her" she said "and it is also because you love her, and I, love you most" and she kissed me sucking my lips and then I groaned as she pushed her fingers inside my lovehole. "Gawd baby y-you're uhhh, t-that f-feels so good uhhh, but p-please baby I don't want to cum yet" I said groaning and moaning with my hips rocking, her fingers went in deeper but slower. "What about Megumi?" I murmured "Ohh fuck she is like an older version of Saeko, and I find her beautiful and sexy as Kate, she Kate's japanese counterpart I love our senseis (Kate and Megumi)." "Did you enjoyed our time in japan" I asked, caressing her "bloody 'ell yeah?! I loved our japan adventure so much, and who the bloody fuck is anne curtis again?" and we both went giggling.

"Well I haven't googled any dosier about her, and since the filipina we met at the tokyo bar who mistook you for her later realized you're better than curtis in all aspects, even prettier according to her, I don't think I have to." I said as I caress her behind the ear. "Do you think I'm pretty sugar?" Acey murmured lovingly. "I think you're very exquisite bonbons" I then went bitelipped and then kissed her. "I think you're very hot and sexy" and I kissed her again. I made circles on her bosoms as we leaned on each other's foreheads, "a-and I had a crush on you since we met at church" I murmured "truly?" she said blushing "mhmm" I said nodding "I have thought of you ever since, and pleasured myself to you, lots, even at our school" I said rather embarassed. "Truly?!" Acey exclaimed giggling and blushing even more "mhmm I conviced tita (Ace's mum) to get you into modelling so I can be with you more."

(I learned from mum using tito and tita though she was born and raised in the us)

"Oohhh sugar" Acey murmured as she suck lips with me. "So where do yo masturbate? in school I mean" she asked "where do you think?" I said smiling teasingly "oh I really loved our love spot mmm" ac said and then went bitelipped. "I too felt something special for you as our friendship went on, I can't bloody understand why I too felt jealous whenever boys flock to you, I thought it's just a girl thing, when you kissed me the first time it felt so magical, I felt so sexy when you touched me, I realized I too have a desire for you and want you so bad." "I have to make the first move didn't I" I said "you're fucking bad baby" she said teasingly and we went giggling. "Do you still have a crush on me sugar? she murmured lovingly "No" I said smiling mischievously "Oh?" she said sounding a tad crushed. "No because I am, madly, deeply, so fucking bloody in love with you" I said. Tears fell from her eyes and then we kissed torridly, she kneaded my bosoms even harder and again went finger fucking me very hard and deep, I also slide my hand inside her knickers, fondling and finger fucking her hard as I fondle her bosoms. She laid me on the sofa as we went on kissing torridly and fondling each other. "Ohh Bonbons your body is so fantastic still fascinates me so fucking bloody much uhhh" I murmured as she went kissing and sucking my ears and every inch of my neck, "you too sugar,gawd I love you so much" Ace murmured as she went.

"Uhm baby" I murmured "what about ricecakes? she also love you? so so much" Acey got up, very upset and I held her hand as she was about to pull it from my knickers. "Hey baby!" I said "please, I don't want you to stop" I murmured rocking my hips slowly, pressing her hand hard on my pussy. "I want you so bad huh, hmm?" I murmured kissing her cheeks and neck "why are so jealous of Li, like you were before?" Acey was able to pull her hand from my pussy and tried to pull mine from hers. "What the bloody fuck is wrong with you bonbons? and I'm asking you (Acey's full name) why the bloody fuck you are so jealous of Li?!" I yelled, and again Ace gave me the cold silent treatment as she try to pull my hands from her body. She went sobbing and grunting as she struggled with me, annoyed I held her face and stared at her. "I love you damn it! and I love Li as well!" I yelled at her "so who do you love more, me or that chinese wench!" She yelled with tears flowing.

"Don't call her that!" I said with tears flowing as well "I can't bloody choose between you two, because I fucking love you both, you're so bloody part of me as Saeko Kate and Megumi is! why do you think I brought you bitches together because I fucking love you both! all of you!" Ace tried to turn away and I held her "why do you think I love Li more than you? and I'm sorry we became a tad close recently but nothing has changed, she still love you as I do!" Acey threw herself on me, hugging me tight sobbing. "Ohh baby" I murmured hugging her. "Ohmm I fucking love you so much you whore!" Ace murmured "you fucking wench! we should be getting our pussies wet not our eyes!" I said giggling and went giggling even more as we wipe each other's tears. "I love you bonbons, you chocolatewhore" I said "and I love you too, sugarbitch!" Acey replied and went sucking each other's soft red lips. "We can make our pussies sopping wet again can we?" Ace murmured as she dipped her hand inside my knickers again. "Yeah?" I replied with an eyebrow raised. "I-I want to feel all of you baby" Ace murmured and she went kissing licking and sucking me slowly going down, as she pulls off my panties. I grunted and groaned, murmuring her name as she sucked, licked and fondled my bosoms with her other hand fondling and finger fucking my pussy. Ace parted my pussy lips and her lovely pink tongue licked me from my anus to my pubis. She then wrapped her arms around my thighs and hungrily sucked my pussy getting my clit even more stiff and throbbing. My hips went bobbing and rocking my whole body in seething erotic heat "Ohhh Acey uhh gawwd baby!" I kept saying between moaning groaning and grunting, my love juice flowed profusely and Ace licked and sucked as much as she could of it before rising up to me.

"You taste so fucking sweet sugar" Ace murmured lovingly "Oh? do I?" I said teasingly with an eyebrow raised. I kissed her torridly tasting my nectar in her warm sweet mouth. "Mhmm" I said smacking and licking my lips "I am sweet" and we went giggling. "T-take me sugar, hurry! please make love to me! I want to feel your body on me" Ace murmured with an aching look and tone. I gently lay her on the sofa and pulled off her knickers. I spread her lovely legs and went on top of her, rubbing our warm bodies, pressing our soft smooth pussies as hard as I can. "Uhh baby that feels so good ohh!" Ace murmured moaning as I fuck her, our hot sweet nectar continually flowing from our soft wet loveholes. "Uhmm baby?" I murmured as I went on rubbing our bodies "I haven't told you that Li had a crush on you after you two first met at our love spot in school?" "Yeah? She did?" Acey replied teasingly with an eyebrow raised. "uhuh and she she gets so fucking hot and wet whenever I tell her of the sexy things we did, and we made love the bitch imagining she's fucking you" Ace went giggling "truly?" "uhuh and she is very excited of making love to you too and told me whoever I love she will love as well, she never became jealous of you bonbons, and I never became jealous whenever she whispers your name when we're close to cumming."

"Well I did find her very pretty and uh sexy after you introduced us, except that she's very tomboyish and kind of uh well her fashion sense and demeanor is quite intimidating" Acey said giggling "so you also did had a crush on her" I said pinching her sides and she flinched. She became embarassed "well uhm a wee bit" "a wee bit?" I said teasingly "alright you whore! a lot! you happy?" Ace exclaimed giggling. We went on kissing feeling and rubbing our bodies, groaning moaning as we come closer and closer to orgasm.

"Wha' are you doing?" we heard a little voice say and in our panic we fell on the rug, we hurriedly cover ourselves with whatever we could, robes and pillows as the sound of little feet came closer and it was the annoying indian 5 year old gumi. "Wha' are you doin' " he asked again rubbing his eyes "uh n-nothing, uh we're just playing" I said pantingly holding pillows over my naked body. "Why are you up you little horny wanker?" I snapped at him. "Can I have some milk ice cream and cookies please?" he said "oh fuck!" I whispered "go to the kitchen and wait ok?" I said and he ran off. I sank down the rug and me and Acey burst out giggling shaking our heads. "Baby would you?" I said caressing her cheek "of course" she said smiling and kissed me she hurriedly put on my knickers and silk robe and hurried to the kitchen. "Bloody 'ell" I exclaimed. I then texted Li to come over if she can as I want them to be reconciled asap and not wait for monday. I put on the knickers Ace was wearing and the robe and went to the kitchen and saw Ace sipping on her milk as the kid is having his num nums.

I turned on my ipod to relieve the tension and sat beside Ace, we again burst giggling. "B-baby no" I whispered eyeing on gumi the indian boy. Ace then made cutesy faces at me bitelipped, and her hand caressed my thighs and pussy. "Baby?!" I said again eyeing the boy, but as crazy for you played she became more amorous, singing softly as she went on caressing me. I groaned as she got me so wet and hot, "b-baby..." I murmured. She then took a biscuit and holding the other end with her mouth she offered me the other end. We each broke off a piece and we kissed as we chewed. "Why are you kissing?" gumi asked "oh shut up and eat your icecream" I said. At the middle of the song I took her hand and whispered "may I?" she smiled and we stood up and danced slow, holding each other tight and then as the song ends we both murmured "I'm crazy for you baby" and we struggled with ourselves from kissing each other.

gumi finished with his snack and as I was leading him back to bed my phone buzzed on the sofa, I had him get up the stairs as I get my phone. T'was Li calling saying she's at our gate I went out quietly in my robe and knickers. I opened the gate just in time her cab drove off, and she awed seeing me in my robes and knickers "Hey gorgeous" Li said then going bitelipped "Hey sexy stranger" I replied, we hugged tight and kissed torridly as we close the gate. We got so overwhelmed we wandered into the garden and fell on the swing bench. Li opened my robe and dipped her hand inside my knickers, fondling my bosoms and pussy while I undress her. "Gawd dumplings I missed you" Li murmured "uhmm me too ricecakes" I then remembered about Acey as I was unzipping her jeans. "Uhmm ricecakes, baby, we have a sitch?" I murmured touching her gorgeous lips. "Uh yes of course sorry you're so fucking hot" she whispered chuckling. We went inside the house and quietly went into the kitchen with me falling behind. Li slowly approached Ace from behind and then planted soft kisses on her cheek going down her neck. "Uhmmm baby is the little monkey asleep?" Ace murmured "wait mhh I know that k..." and she flinched when she turned saw Li smiling at her. "Hey gorgeous" Li said "O-oh hh-hey" Ace replied a tad shy. "Uhmm haagens and cookies!" Li exclaimed and she sat beside Ace and pulled the tub and plate and started eating. I watched from behind the divider, Li murmuring as she caressed Ace while eating at the same time. At first Ace shakes her head in refusal when Li tries to feed her icecream on a cookie, and then later she...

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