My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 1 english girls again

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Date: February 5, 2014 (4 years ago)

Well I'm going to tell you anyway what happened after coming home from Japan. We had lots of cuddling and
hugging with Kate and Jade when we gave them the presents we bought for them in Japan (of course Li Ac and
I also bought special presents and souvenirs for our parents as well) We partied with Megumi and Saeko on
live video stream and also with Yoko and Saeko's girlgroup on the other screen. We did got very pissed
(drunk) though. We watched the compiled video clips we've taken of the places we went and the activities
we did in Japan. Though we don't have record on video of the violent soiree we had with the annoying
pinoy pricks and arseholes, we did ended up in youtube (truly) eventually later on and though the clips
were in japanese they had a few number of hits (no more than 2500 the last time we checked) and thank
goodness none of our parents saw that, as of yet.

We watched the sexy clips of the hot parties we had in Megumi's flat we've made especially the hot spring
lesbian orgy with the hot young japanese women we met in the springs, and also the video Megumi had of us
while she was sketching us. We huddled in the big sofa with Kate and Ac between me and Li and Jade curled
up beside Li. Jade was silent as we were watching the hot clips looking both shocked and amused, "gawd you
we're such whores!" Jade exclaimed as we watch the wild and erotic dancing we did in our parties "if by
that achi you mean we're so fucking bloody hot and sexy then thank you!" Li said and she blew her a kiss
and winked at her. Later Ac Li and I did a very sexy dance with get into the groove, burning up, shake the
disease and wild thing as she and Kate watched.Kate went whooping cheering and clapping while Jade mostly
had her hands on her pretty face looking both amused and shocked, and then she passed out as she was
really pissed (drunk).

We fell on the sofa sweating hard and laughing. We watched the rest of the video, huddling and holding
each other with Kate and Ac between Me and Li. Later Kate turned to Ac and they lovingly stared at each
other, then they kissed, sucking each other's red sexy lips which gradually became very hot, wet and
torrid. Li and I then sucked and licked their ears, cheeks, neck, nape and shoulders while fondling them
all over, pulling the earlobes gently with our teeth, Li on Kate and I on Ac. Ac moaned as I make her more
hot and wet fondling her lovely bosoms and dipping inside her knickers and making it soaking wet with her
warm sweet lovejuice as I fondled and fingered her. Ac caressed my head then sliding down my bums and
thighs and so did Kate with Li behind her.

As once in a lifetime neared its end, Li and I stared lovingly at each other and we nodded, then we each
kissed Kate and Ac tenderly on their cheeks. Li then slowly stood up and went over to me. Crazy for you
began to play Li smiled as she held out her arms to me, inviting me to dance, I smiled back and held her
hands and she pulled me up from the sofa. We danced, slowly turning, holding each other very fucking
tight, feeling each other's warm soft bodies and beating hearts. We watched Ac and Kate as they get more
hot and wild with each other, Megumi and Saeko also became aroused and torridly kissed and fondled each
other. "I guess it's just the two of us for now sweet dumplings" Li murmured "It feels like our first
time again ricecakes" I murmured back as we lovingly stare at each other and as we were about to kiss,
Kate ripped Ac's shirt exposing her lovely bosoms and then tore off her knickers as Heaven is a place on
earth began to play and Li and I flinched and winced and we went giggling. Kate's lovely mouth suckled and
licked Ac's swelling pink bosoms while fondling them, getting her pinkish nipples very stiff, her lovely
mouth slowly move down Ac's gorgeous nubile body and licked sucked and nibbled every inch of Ac's smooth
juicy flesh between her thighs, then fucking Ac's tight lovehole deep and hard with her sexy long tongue
and supple fingers.

Ace went arching twisting and writhing grimacing in erotic agony while caressing Kate as she pleasured her
pussy, loving it passionately with her lovely mouth, fucking it hard and very deep with her fingers and
tongue.and it drowned in her own warm juice and Kate's saliva, Kate then lets Ac pull off her shirt while
she takes off her knickers and both were completely naked, Megumi and Saeko undressed each other
goingcompletely naked as well. Li went behind me as we went on dancing slow, watching the women we love,
as they make hot passionate love with each other. Hot burning passions between Li and I become more
intense and Li began caressing and kissing me as we dance slow and sexy, sucking and pulling my earlobes
gently with her teeth, her lovely sensual mouth going back and forth my shoulders and neck. I caressed
her sides, slowly going down her sexy bums and thighs then I put my arms up around her head. I moaned
bitelipped getting so enthralled with Li's lovely sensual mouth and supple hands loving my body and even
more when I felt her knickers getting moist on my bums. Her supple hands went inside my shirt and caressed
and kneads my bosoms, twisting, pulling my nipples making them so stiff and then her right hand slides
down and dipped inside my knickers and made them soaking wet as she fondled and fingered my supple smooth

I turned around as I wanted to see her beautiful face and stare at her lovely chinese eyes as we continue
dancing slow and sexy with Crazy for you playing, with our arms around each other, pressing our lovely
nubile bodies as hard as we can, looking at each other tenderly as we have that moment all to ourselves
and with no one else, theres only Li and I in a cocoon of heavenly erotic passion the same wildly burning
passionate feelings I get when I'm alone with either Saeko or Ac. Our hearts went racing, beating hard
together in a rhythmic pattern as we pressed our lovely bosoms. "I love you so very much (Li's full
name)" I murmured tenderly "I love you too so very much (my full name), right now I want you, only you and
I want you so bad" Li murmured aching with desire. "Oh ricecakes..." I whispered overwhelmed by emotions
and a very incredible adrenaline rush, we torridly kissed as we wandered away from Ac Kate and Jade and
somehow we found ourselves in Kate's bedroom (true story). We continued kissing torridly as we slowly sank
on Kate's big modern luxurious white bed, very similar to Megumi's.

"Make love to me ricecakes" I murmured teary eyed and aching with desire for Li. Li became teary eyed as
well "I want to make love to you all night sugar" she whispered also aching with desire for me. Li and I
kissed again as we undress each other, tears flowing from our eyes, hearts beating so hard it felt it's
going to burst. We sat on the bed looking at each other's lovely naked bodies. We then lovingly knead and
caressed each other's lovely bosoms which are swelling and flushing pink. We made each other's nipples so
stiff with our fingers. "Gawd you're so beautiful" We both muttered and we went chuckling and giggling as
we leaned on each other's foreheads. Then she went serious and looked at me lovingly "y-you are the first
girl I ever loved dumplings, I'm so bloody drawn to you since we first met at the shop" She murmured teary
eyed as she caressed me behind the ears "I-I thought it's just another crush, but as we go along I
realized I'm so fucking bloody madly deeply in love with a customer and a fellow student" "W-what about Ac
Saeko Kate and Megumi?" I murmured caressing her lovely supple cheeks" "I love them too, b-but you will
always be my first, the first I ever made love with" I blushed as tears fell again from my eyes. "Uhm
before we became so close ricecakes, uhm I have a big crush on you, seeing you at school with the other
girls but I'm so different then until Kate changed me, I wanted to meet you so bad but you seem so bloody
fucking aloof!" I said chuckling "After Kate I also became fucking drawn to you" I went on "like I'm
always pleasuring myself to you whenever I feel like it even in school" and we went giggling "true story?"
Li asked and I replied "mhmm" nodding and smiling shyly.

"Actually since after we've met at the store and seeing each other at school, I've been pleasuring myself
to you as well, wondering why you're so different from the other girls I fancy" Li said looking a little
embarassed. "I never felt so womanly with our first kiss, it felt so heavenly, I felt so weak and helpless
to your touch and kiss, I felt like a silly girl kissing her boy crush, remember how I got so excited when
we first made love? I sent the employees home early?" "Yes" I said as we giggled "How can I ever forget
something so sweet, so very sexy and beautiful?" I said and Li smiled "When I saw you naked the first time
I have never felt such seething passion and excitement for anyone, I never felt so very womanly and yet
desiring another woman so bad,I was so overwhelmed with a burning desire of giving myself to you" Li
murmured teary eyed "we made love again and again until the next shift and Jade arrived, gawd how I wanted
that to go on and on" I then kissed her lovely lips, sucking it "do you still feel that way?" I murmured
"Y-yes oh gawd yes, always baby" Li muttered with her eyes closed "do you still desire me still as the day
we first met?" I said and kissed her again "Y-yes, always dumplings" Li replied. "Am I still beautiful and
sexy to you?" I muttered and kissed her again "right now I feel as if I'm seeing you naked and so
beautiful for the first time" Li murmured.

"Tonight I'm all yours, ricecakes" I murmured lovingly as I kiss sucking her supple red lips "I'm all
yours body and soul, take me" I said. We torridly kissed as we held and caressed each other. Li slowly lay
me down on the bed as her lovely mouth went kissing licking sucking my neck. Li held my hands down, as her
lovely mouth continue to explore my face, neck and shoulders, rubbing her very warm and sexy body hard
against mine. "Li ohh gawd Li I love you so much ricecakes ohhh" I kept uttering between moans and groans,
we felt as if there was only her and me and no one else. Our rubbing pussies became more hot and wet and
made squishing sounds. Our clits became so fucking stiff and throbbing rubbing hard with each other. She
lets go of my hands and stared lovingly at me while rubbing herself hard on me, I spread me thighs as I
wanted to feel more of her, I imagine her stiff throbbing clit turning into something like a penis fucking
me hard and deep, fucking me hard and deep and cumming inside me.

"Do you like fucking me baby?" I muttered as I caress her sides and then fondle her lovely bosoms. "I-I am
not just fucking you sweetie" Li said pantingly "I'm making love with you!" I smiled as my hands slide
over her sexy round bums, lovingly kneading and squeezing them, pushing them down as I rock my hips. I
pulled her down and we kissed torridly fondling each other's bosoms as our hips went harder and faster.
"Gawd this feels so like our first time dumplings" Li murmured pantingly "I feel so bloody womanly giving
myself to another woman" "I'm all yours tonight my sweet ricecakes, my beautiful Li, body and soul is
yours" I murmured back pantingly. We torridly kissed again, moaning and grunting hungry so much for each
other "I love you so much ***** you are mine and I am yours" she murmured to my ear, and her sensual
slowly went mouth not leaving my skin, and then suckled and licked my swelling pink bosoms while fondling
them, then went sucking and licking as she move down my belly, I shuddered as her sexy tongue probed my
navel. She wrapped her arms around thighs as she kissed licked suck and nibble every inch of the smooth
supple flesh between my thighs. I parted my pussy lips for her and we stared lovingly at each other as
went sucking nibbling and licking between my pussy lips, from anus to pubis. I moaned bitelipped, my hips
bobbing and swaying and my warm sweet love juice flowed even more profusely.

Li fucked my lovehole deep and hard with her fingers, with her lovely mouth sucking licking and nibbling
my swollen cunt. I then slowly pull her up and we kissed again, tasting my sweet nectar in her mouth. I
made her lie down and I mimicked every bit of loving she did to my body and her lovely body went writhing
arching and twisted as she kept calling my name between groaning moaning and grunting. After getting her
so fucking wet we locked our arms and legs around each other as we rocked and gyrate our beautiful hips
together, squeezing rubbing our soft wet pussies very hard as we can. We locked mouths as we come closer
and closer to cumming. We went grunting and groaning grimacing in erotic agony and seething passions, our
bodies getting uncontrollable spasms as we cum hard on each other's pussy. "I-I feel your warm juices
inside me ricecakes" I murmured "uhh me too baby gawd it's so hot" Li murmured back. We went into a 69
position sucking nibbling and licking each other's hot wet swollen cunts and fingering our loveholes until
we cummed hard again.

We lay cuddling on Kate's bed with Li behind me. "I love you so much (my full name)" Li whispered as she
plants soft kisses on me while she held and caressed me. "I love you too (Li's full name) so so so much!"
I murmured back with my eyes closed. "Gawd this is so like when we first made love" Li said "I felt like a
silly girl who just made out with a boy she bloody liked so much" "you've already said that, like a dozen
times ricecakes?" I said chuckling softly I squeeze her hand on my bosoms "I know dumplings, but I'm just
so bloody fucking exhilirated right now" Li said making gigil on my boobs "that is how I feel now as well
ricecakes" I said and I turned to her and we suck lips. "I became so dreamy and bloody spaced out after we
first kissed and then, what I don't fucking understand until now is why I feel more feminine and yet I
love and desire you as a bloke would of a girl" Li murmured "what if I tell you ricecakes" I murmured back
as we suck lips "I kept asking myself the same thing, with you, all of you"

"I remember after when we first make out, I've been acting like typical silly teenage girl with a severe
case of infatuation and then it became more intense after we first made love" Li said as she held me from
behind. "Tell me about it baby" I murmured with my eyes closed as I caress her head. "I became very
unfocused especially in the shop, I'm spaced out most of the time, dreaming about you, about us and though
I'm still tomboyish Jade noticed I became a wee bit more feminine, always looking at a mirror fixing
myself, I wear perfume more often, and taking baths and washing my face more often in a day and she
thought I'm seeing a bloke, and she was very happy about it, of course I never told her anything until she
caught us without clothes and making love on top of the bok choys in the storage" "Oh gawd I can't bloody
forget that!" I said laughing "it was so sexy and frightening at the same time, and how we both frozed
when we saw your lovely cousin looking at us very shocked, eyes widened and mouth opened, and then she
walked away giggling and went out of the storage and even locked it for us" "Yeah!" Li said giggling "we
were both so embarassed yet we went on after she left."

I turned to her and caressed her cheek and ear "I will never forget that day when we made love on top of
the produce, as it was one of the most erotic and passionate moments I've had with someone I love" I said
and Li mouthed "I Love you" making cutesy faces "you know very well why we continued" I went on "with a
heightened degree of passion, despite the bloody embarassment we had with your pretty cousin" I said as I
look at her teasingly "and what is?" Li said teasingly then she went bitelipped with her hand sliding to
my bums. "You know fucking what it is ricecakes..." I murmured teasingly as I suck her lips and lovingly
knead her bosom. Li blushed and made taunting cutesy faces and turned the other way and I put an arm and
leg over her. "So what is?" I murmured sexilly as I plant soft kisses on her cheeks, neck and shoulders,
Li taunted me, sticking her tongue. "I'm asking you a question (Li's fullname)" I murmured teasingly as I
went on kissing her and pulling her earlobe with my teeth. Kisses became licking and nibbling as I knead
her sexy bosoms a wee bit hard as I felt getting aroused again. Li began moaning I then probed her ear
with my tongue as I knew she's very ticklish "baby s-stop" she murmured giggling and moaning.

"m-hmm you called me baby, baby" I murmured teasingly, I went kissing licking nibbling her skin while
lovingly kneading her boobies twisting pulling the nipples making them stiff. Li moaned even louder "do
you really want me to stop, uhm baby?" I murmured teasingly. I then slide down on her supple soft pussy
and fondled and fingered her Li groaned loudly biting on the pillow. I went on loving her body, getting
ourselves more wet and hot. "I think you just answered my question baby" Li lay on her back and looked at
me with an aching look on her lovely face, she opened her thighs bobbing and swaying her lovely hips
slowly and caressed my hand as I fingered and fondled her soft wet pussy. "My body wants you so bad baby"
Li murmured "I love you baby" I murmured back lovingly as I plant soft kisses on her face she held my head
and pulled me and we kissed very hard wet and deep. "Take me ***** I'm fucking yours body and soul take
me now please" Li murmured lightly whimpering and I have never seen her behaving so feminine.

Li went turning and tossing as I slowly went down licking and sucking her silk tofu flesh with her hands
caressing and pushing me harder on her body. We looked at each other tenderly as I licked and sucked her
lovely bosoms kneading them with fingers fucking her tight wet lovehole deeper and harder. "I l-love y-you
so much baby" she murmured. I pulled my fingers from her lovely and lovingly sucked and licked them as she
watch. I got on top of her my hips between her sexy thighs. "T-take me baby, uhmm fuck me hard" Li
murmured as we suck lips. I rocked my hips, rubbing and pressing our soft wet pussies together even
harder. "Baby your body feels so good uhh gawd it feels so hot" Li murmured, turning and tossing, moaning
and groaning with her hands caressing me and pushing our bodies even harder. "Baby your body feels so good
and so very hot too" I replied pantingly. Our clits became stiff and throbbing our pussies making sexy
squishing sounds. I pulled her up as we're close to cumming and locked legs and arms with her. My hands
slide down her sexy bums kneading and pushing them as I rock and grind my hips harder and faster, We we're
both whimpering with tears flowing with our hot juices, so fucking overwhelmed with extreme passion and
lust for each other. "Cum inside me baby" Li murmured holding me tight, we then locked lips, kissing
torridly, grunting as our hot love juices squirt from our pussies.

"Your cum feels so hot baby uhhh" I murmured "oh gawd baby I feel it inside me!" Li murmured whimpering.
We kissed passionately again as we slowy grind our pussies. We fell on the bed cuddling and sucking lips.
"My body can't get enough of you" Li whispered as we caressed each other "mine too ricecakes" I said
chuckling softly "we've never been this hot before" Li continued "I, we have never cummed so much
together" "I know right? and you called me baby" I said "you called be baby too" Li said and I smiled "I
think I'm deeply, madly in love with you more now dumplings" Li said as she stared lovingly into my eyes.
"What of Ac, Saeko..." I said as I caress her cheeks, "Ilove them too still" then she paused "who needs
blokes when I have you, bonbons and cheesecakes" she replied "What if you find some cute bloke who has the
qualities of those actors you mentioned earlier?" I said chuckling softly "if ever, you would still be my
girlfriend" Li replied with her eyebrow raised "you'd still find me beautiful?" I said and pecked her lips
"ofcourse" she murmured smiling "you'd still find me hot and sexy?" I said then kissed her again
"scorching and scrummy" Li murmured making cutesy faces. I made circles around her nipples with my finger
"you would still desire me?" I said teasingly "I will rape you again, and again and again, tear up your
clothes and bloody fuck you very very very hard" she replied making cutesy faces, squeezing my bums hard
then went bitelipped "oohh, you're bad very fucking bad" I said making cutesy faces too and then also went
bitelipped. "Would you still call me baby?" I said fondling her bosoms and kissed her again. "You like me
calling you baby?" Li murmured as she also fondled my bosoms and I smiled and nodded. "I love you baby"
she murmured I giggled then pulled her and we kissed torridly again. We fell asleep holding each other
tight and then we woke from the chill coming through the window and we closed it and went out of Kate's
bedroom, with arms around each other our bodies wrapped in a blanket.

We walked back to the living room and Kate and Ac sleeping holding each other, Megumi and Saeko also
sleeping holding each other as the video stream is still on. Li and I giggled and we sat down and warmed
ourselves by the fire, I then noticed Li staring at me smiling "well what is it whore?" I said feeling
awkward, "Nothing, I'm just fucking exhilirated, happy as if I've smoked a lot of weed sticks" she replied
"come here you whore!" I said chuckling and kissed her. Then we looked at Jade as she slept with just a
shirt and knickers. "That's sexy" I said admiring Jade's lovely form "yes she is hmm, I noticed you kept
referring to Jade as my lovely cousin, a lot" Li said "did I" I replied smirking "lots" Li said "does this
mean you have a crush on her?" "well she is very beautiful and sexy" I said and then I turned to her "just
like you ricecakes" and I kissed her "are we jealous?" I said chuckling "hmm a little" Li replied making
cutesy faces "well I'm fucking guilty as well I have a crush on achi too" we went giggling softly and
kissed passionately again. We drank what's left of the bubbly until we both fell asleep again.

Chapter 1: Almost a broken Frame

After that night Li and I became extra sweet with each other, and eventually we made Ac very jealous. I
would stay long in Li's grocery after school especially during fridays, I would get off from Ac's car with
Li instead of having myself drop off my house. I would help her in the checkout when the shop is low on
hands. We would make out at school any chance we get and one day while we were kissing and petting each
other very passionately Ac saw us. "A-ahem" she uttered as she came near us, we let go of each other and
fixed ourselves. "Oh hey bonbons" Li said and stood up and as she was about to kiss Ac she turned her
face away and Li kissed her cheek instead. The bell then rang for Li's next class, "Oh fuck I need to go
ladies" she said and kissed me on the lips Ac turned her face again "eh? what's..." Li exclaimed looking
queerish then just shook her head "uhm later you whores! love you" Li said and she ran off to her class.
I offered Ac some of the assorted dumplings and crispy duck Li gave me since she liked them so much as
well but she refused "I don't want that" she said surly pushing the food aside "ooohkay" I said sheepishly
very surprised at her fucking behaviour. She didn't say anything other than "mhmm" as I talked to her and
seemed not interested and looked a wee bit annoyed whenever I mention Li.

Later the bell rang for our next class I stood up and hurried her up but she just went up lazily and put
the strap of her bag to her shoulders. "Uh hello? bell ringing? next class?" I said looking sheepishly.
Ac just stood poker faced, "Oh bloody hell!" I exclaimed and pulled her hand. "Would you please hurry up
bonnie? we're fucking late?!" I yelled at her as I drag her. Ac then dragged me as we were nearing the
corridors, still poker faced and not uttering a word "uh where are you taking me, classrooms are this
way? hello? bitchy?" I said pantingly as Ac dragged me, poker faced and not uttering a word. Ac dragged me
into a secluded spot behind the auditorium. She pinned me against the wooden wall my bums on a beam and
kissed me torridly while fondling my bosoms. My speech is muffled as I have her tongue inside my mouth, I
gently push her and she pinned my arms and rubbed her body hard against mine. She got me so fucking
aroused and I struggled hard against it as we still have classes to go to. "B-bonbons uhh sweetie, not now
p-please uhh, we n-need to go" I murmured pantingly with my eyes closed struggling against the fires
inside me.

She lifted our skirts up and spreads my thighs and rubbed her crotch very hard against mine. She
unbuttoned my shirt while kissing and sucking my neck and ears. "S-sweetie p-please s-stop it" I murmured
as I felt our knickers getting moist. Ac began unbuttoning her shirt and I yelled "Stop!" as I held her
hands, she stared ferally at me at she slowly let go of me. "What the bloody fuck is wrong with you
bonnie?" I said as I fixed myself, she licked her lips and wiped them with the back of her hand, she then
picked up her bag and slowly walked, fixing herself. "Uh see you later after school?" I shouted at her but
Ace went on walking without uttering a word.

I was so fucking spaced out during my classes contemplating on Ace's strange behavior, I even finished
last during a test. After school Li and I as usual waited on Ac in her car as we always go home together.
But her car didn't drove by and she won't return any of our calls and texts, and we just took a cab home.
The following day Ac didn't show up for lunch and won't return any of texts and calls. We had a machiatto
first after school before heading to her shop and talked about Ace's strange behavior lately. "I think
bonbons is jealous of us ricecakes" I said "and why the bloody fuck she would be" Li said sipping her
coffee and I looked at her squeezing her hand with a rhetorical look on my face. "Oh you think? uh how b-
bloody bad is it?" Li murmured sheepishly and I squeezed her hand even harder "Oh that bad" she said. Li
and I agreed not to be touchy with each other until we iron things out with Ace.


I was in our favorite spot and Li just barely left for her class and I stood up putting back the food
containers in my bag, when someone came up behind me and put their arms around me kissing my nape and
fondling my bosoms. I recognized it was Ace, by her kisses and touching. I felt rather glad as it seemed
she wants to reconcile, I didn't say anything nor I didn't give her or showed any bit of resistance, I
went on as I always do whenever any of them loved my body, moaning groaning tossing and turning my head
and just let her kiss and feel me up. Her hand went under my skirt and inside my knickers and made them
soaking wet fondling and finger fucking me, I felt her knickers also getting moist as she rubbed her cunt
hard on my bums. I reckon I open up the issue after we cummed. Ace and I both got startled and shuddered
as we heard Li uttering "A-ahurmm!" as she was coming towards us, bitelipped, struggling to keep herself
from giggling and trying to look casual. "Uh excuse me uhm I forgot my lappy" She muttered as she picked
up her laptop "carry on ladies, taa!" Li said chuckling softly as she ran off. When I turned around Ace
picked up her bag, "Bonbons?" I said but she never uttered a word and I watched her walking away briskly
with my hands to my hips and blowing hair from my face. Days passed and Ace will not answer or reply to
our text and she never showed up again. We even went to her house but she won't see us. Mum even noticed
Ace being so distant at church and asked if there was anything amiss between us.

Icecream Sundae

I went straight to Li's shop after church, their employees told me that she was having her break in the
attic, being chinese every space of the shop was utilized, and the attic was made into a room for Jade and
Li, with a medium sized bed for them to sleep on, a small cooler and tellie. I went up via the ladder and
found jade just in her undies and shirt, smoking and eating as rock music is being played out loud. "Hey
you!" Li said as she toned down her music, I crawled to her and we hugged and kissed. "What are you
having there" I said wincing "uhmm just scoops of vanilla haagens, lots, with few double dutch and coffee
icecream..." Li replied "with cookie and cake crumbles, nuts and a drizzling of chocolate and coffee
liqueur." "This is all going to your arse" I said as I took the bowl from her and tasted it." "mhmm it's
actually smashing" I said as I went on eating the carb monster bowl. "You'd still love even if I get
enormous arse right?" Li murmured as she began kissing and caressing me. "Uhmm perhaps" I said as keep on
eating "Mhmm you are so sexy with those smears on your mouth, let me clean it for you" She said and she
went licking and sucking my face. "Uhm ricecakes, sweetie, baby? didn't we agree we shouldn't be this
until we fix the sitch with Ace?" I said as I get so fucking aroused. "Oh come on I missed you both so
fucking bad, and I want you so fucking bad now" Li murmured as she began undressing me. She got me down to
my underwear and we went on kissing and feeling each other when the floor door suddenly opened and we
covered ourselves as Jade went up. "Hmph!" she said with an eyebrow raised and smirking. "Oh don't mind
me you whores, hi *****!), Jade said waving her fingers at me "I just need to get something and shobe your
break is over about ten minutes ago?" Jade said "could you cover me for a few minutes more, puhleez achi?"
Li said giggling and Jade sighed as she crawled back to the door "you could join us if you like?" and Jade
went taunting with her tongue sticking "Love you achi!" Li yelled at her as she went down. "Uh ricecakes
can we do this after we fix the issue with bonbons?" I muttered as I reach for my clothes. "Oh come on
dumplings we both want this" Li murmured as she again went kissing and feeling me all over. "Uhmm b-baby
stop" I said panting as she lay me on the bed.

"Uhmm you called me baby, you want me so bad as well you whore!" Li said grinning devilishly and she
unhooked my bra. "gawd I really missed these" she murmured as she stared hungrilly at my boobies. "Tell
me you don't want me doing this" Li murmured as she fondled and sucked my bosoms and I went moaning as my
head went tossing and turning. She was about to pull my knickers when suddenly the attic door opened we
hurriedly cover ourselves. We breathed with relief when Jade went up the attic door. "Uhm ladies?! don't
want to break your little honeymoon but I'd like to take my break now ling ling?" she said with an eyebrow
raised. Jade and Li went pushing each other giggling and taunting, "go! you whore!" Jade said panting as
she sat on the bed by my side Li taungtingly put her clothes back on, I put Li's rock shirt on and lighted
a slimmy. Li crawled to me and we hugged and kissed torridly. "Move your bums out of here and get back to
work you lazy lesbo!" Jade said chuckling as she gently pushed Li's bums with her foot. Li stared
teasingly at Jade as she gently pull my lower lip with her teeth. "Later baby!" Li said as she crawled to
the floor door. I mouthed I love you as she blew me a kiss as the door closes.

Jade smiled at me as she took the cigarette from my fingers and took a long puff. "Just came from church?"
Jade asked as she exhaled and hands me back the slimmy. "M-hmm" I uttered smiling nodding my head, I took
a last puff and puts out the cigarette on the ash tray. "So what are you guys eating here?" she said as
she took the big bowl of half melted icecream. "Ling ling can really whip up some awesome pig slob" she
said as she ate what's left of Li's sundae. "So how long is your break" I asked "I get an hour and 30 this
time, I covered for ling ling for 15 and another extra 15 when you came" she replied and I chuckled. "Why
don't you relax a wee bit more and loose some of your clothes?" I said, Jade looked at me queerishly for
awhile "Oh bloody 'ell why not" she said and puts down the bowl and starts unbuttoning her blouse. "Need
help?" I asked feeling excited. "Oh that's ok sweetie" but then again changed her mind as she was wearing
tight fitting jeans and I unzipped and pulled those off. I looked at Jade as she continue eating with my
head resting on my elbow, she is looking so sexy with her shirt open and wearing lacy white and red
lingerie. She became uneasy getting smears around her sexy lips "W-what?" she said "uhm nothing you're
still very sexy as the last time I saw you scantilly clad. "Spare me please" Jade said chuckling but
blushing and shaking her head. "No really" I murmured as I wiped the smear from her mouth and sucked my
fingers and looked queerishly at me "especially when you were naked like the rest of us during our party?"
I said as I made circles on her knee and she flinced a little "Oh that it was bloody fun though" she said
"just bloody fun? I said grinning "alright it was uh sexy" she replied chuckling "I have never done
anything like that but I was also very drunk and very high" "are you sure? you're just drunk and high? and
you also were among those who suck and licked chocolate from Li's body too" I said teasingly "yeah? like I
just said I was bloody drunk and high that time" I stirred the icecream with my index finger and sexilly
sucked and licked it making cutesy naughty faces at Jade.

Later Jades puts down the bowl "Uhm ****** could uhm" she stammers and stutters and really flushing pink
all over her face and neck "what?!" I said chuckling "c-could you uhm kiss me again like when you did the
last time uh that is outside your house after we delivered your party stuff?" I smiled sweetly and then
sat her lap, I looked tenderly at her eyes as I lovingly cup her face. I began sucking her sexy red lips
and then she went moaning as she suck lips with me. She flinched and her eyes welled up, grunting when I
pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Jade held my arms as I torridly kissed her, rubbing my body against
hers. My hands slowly slides down and then fondled her firm bosoms inside her bra. "Uhmm uh ***** t-this
this is so wrong I-I have a boyfriend" Jade said panting as she gently pushed me, we're both breathing in
pants with saliva stringing from our lips. "So what if you do ? Don't you liked it?" I said teasingly
"N-no it's not that I think it's sweet, I just feel so bloody confused right now" Jade murmured as she
gently gets me off her. As Jade was about to stand I pulled her by her open shirt and torridly kissed her
and she gives in as I made her sit cowgirl style on my thighs. I totally removed her shirt and unhooked
her bra exposing her lovely firm bosoms. "Oh my gawd ***** you're uh y-you're making me so hot!" Jade
murmured as I kisslick and suck her smooth slender neck and earlobes. I pulled up my shirt exposing my
bosoms to her and I pulled her close pressing our crotchs very hard. I took her trembling hands to my
bosoms and made her fondle them and she moaned as I began fondling her lovely bosoms. "Gawd why am I
doing this?" Jade murmured as we fondle and knead each other's sexy bosoms. "Because you want it too" I
said smiling sweetly "You like the way I'm touching you?" I asked "oh my gawd yes" she murmured "***** p-
please kiss me again I never felt this hot again since our party" I smiled and we torridly kissed while
fondling and kneading each other's bosoms. I lay her down the bed and I took off all my clothes while she
watched "you're so beautiful******" Jade murmured "You are very beautiful as well" I said smiling sweetly
as I pull her knickers off she has a nice growth of black pubic hair that barely cover her luscious mound.
I went on top of her and rubbed myself hard as kiss torridly and feel each other, my hips rocking and
swaying between her sexy thighs making our pussies even more wet.

I slowly went down kissing and licking her to her firm round bosoms. "oh my gawd that feels so good
*****!" Jade murmured between moaning and groaning as I suckled and fondled her boobies, her light brown
nipples became stiff as I suck them very hard with my tongue flickering on them and pulling them gently
with my teeth and lips. I parted her swollen pinkish red pussy lips and she watched as I hungrilly licked
and sucked her soft wet pussy "Ooh fuck why I'm so liking this" she murmured and then went bitelipped as
she went moaning and groaning as she caressed my head. Her clit became more throbbing and stiff in my
mouth and her sexy hips swayed and bobbed as I make her lovejuice flow profusely, fucking her tight
lovehole with my tongue and fingers. Jade then went grabbing the sheets as her lovely body went spasmic
then she bit a finger as she cummed very hard. After licking and sucking her hot sweet nectar I went up
licking her body up to her lips "you're so yummy" I murmured. I then locked my legs around her pressing
our soft wet cunts very hard "Uhm wh-what are you doing?" she said smiling sheepishly "Oh we're not done
yet gorgeous" I said smiling devilishly. I had Jade all heated up and very wet again as I sexilly swayed
and rocked my hips rubbing our soft wet pussies very hard. "Oh my gawd I'm so very lesbian again" Jade
murmured pantingly, I smiled as I took her hands to my swollen pink boobies and made her fondle and knead
them. "Suck them Jade, please" I murmured aching with desire "suck them very hard, my nipples are so
fucking stiff for you" Jade began with soft licks then gradually sucked them very hard. "oh my gawd Jade
that felt so good" I murmured moaning, her hands slowly slides to my bums and pushed and kneaded them as
she went on sucking and licking my bosoms.

"***** I'm cumming again ohhh my gawdd!!" Li pantingly exclaimed and we both get uncontrollable spasms, I
went harder and faster and we locked mouths to keep from screaming. We went groaning and grunting as we
kiss torridly "Oh my gawd it's so hot! uhhh" Jade exclaimed as I cummed hard on her pussy and then I felt
her hot gush on my pussy "Oh my gawd Jade! ohhh!" I murmured pantingly. We sat cuddling with arms and legs
around each other caressing as we suck and gently pull each other's lips with our lips and teeth. "I-I
think I know why Ling ling is so madly in love with you" Jade murmured and I giggled softly as caress and
plant soft kisses on her lovely face as we lovingly stare at each other "not just with me but with Ace
Saeko Kate Megumi and one other special person" I said "who might that be?" Jade asked with a frowned
smile "is it a cute bloke?" "m-mm" I uttered lightly shaking my head as I suck her lips, "You'll know" I
whispered. "Uhm please don't tell ling ling about this" Jade said "why not? she won't be jealous" I said
smiling "please ******?" said in a sexy begging tone and with cutesy puppy dog eyes "I can't imagine the
constant jeering and teasing from that whore" Jade said chuckling "Awight I won't" I replied doing cutesy
baby taunting "but I must say I never felt so sexy doing it and with another girl, especially you, I thought I'm just very drunk and high during the party, and well I haven't cummed more than once doing it with Bry"

"You said Ling ling is in love with all of you b-but I-I think she is in love with you more" Jade murmured
as she caressed me behind the ears. "Why do you think that?" I said as I lovingly stare at her "I can't
fucking explain it, but I have never felt this passionate, so fucking blazing hot inside." I giggled and
said "you're welcome!" bobbing my eyebrows. "You made me into your whore, you whore!" Jade murmured
making cutesy faces "but you did enjoyed our lesbian orgy with those japanese girls didn't you?" I said "well yes I did enjoy being fucked with that wicked toy of yours. "What if I tell you" I said planting soft kisses on and around her lovely lips and making circles on her bosoms "and Li knows this, that I have a crush on you?" "You do?" Jade murmured as she blushed again "duh, I just seduced you didn't I" I said "S-so why d-do you?" Jade asked a wee bit stuttering, "why not?" I said staring teasingly "you're so fucking pretty" I said and kissed her as I pressed my cunt against hers very hard and she groaned. "And so fucking hot" and I kissed and pressed my cunt against hers even harder and again she groaned "but why haven't you made a move before? I mean why only now you made love to me?" She said as she puts her arms around my neck "You think we made love?" I said teasingly "didn't we? wasn't intensely passionate and sexy?" Jade said as we suck lips "I felt really strange as in really strange when you kissed me the first time" she murmured rather embarassed "when I should be feeling really awkard" she said chuckling as she lowers her head. I held her up gently by her chin and looked tenderly into her eyes, "do you like me kissing you?" Jade didn't but just looked at me tenderly. I smiled as I slowly bring our lips together and we kissed long hard wet and deep. "Gawd I never felt anything like that with bry" she whispers pantingly with saliva stringing from our lips.

"Oh my gawdd!" she murmurs as I suck and lick her earlobes and every inch of her slender supple neck while
rubbing my body very hard against hers, pressing our bosoms and soft wet pussies. "Do you like me fucking
you?" I murmured "oh my gawd yes oh yess ******" she whispered in pants. I fingered myself with the back
of my hand pressing her cunt and then I pulled out my fingers and let her suck them. Her hands slide to
my bums and squeezed and kneads them as we rock and sway our hips together. "***** your body really feel
so good it" she whispers "yours too jade, you want me to fuck you hard?" I murmured as I suck and pull her
earlobes gently with my teeth "Yess I want you to" she whispered. We went squeezing and kneading each
other's bosoms as we climaxed...

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We need more stories like this!

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