My ODDyssey 4 almost a broken frame part 4 conclusion

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Date: January 5, 2015 (3 years ago)

I know you want me to, bitch! Li murmured as she stared devilishly sexy onto Acey's equally lovely eyes.

Oh you think so. whore? Ace replied also staring devilishly sexy and then giggled softly. Ace pulled Li by her shirt and they locked lips again. "Oh fuck!" I exclaimed as I cover gumi's eyes, Li leaned more towards ace as they got more lost in overwhelming passions again and the back of her shirt got pulled up exposing her lovely alabaster bums.

"What the bloody Fu- Oh bugger!" I exclaimed, I pushed gumi's face on a pillow and he struggled as I pull Li's shirt to cover her pretty bums. Li and Ace let go of their shirts getting their lovely smooth pussies exposed again "ravish me ricecakes" Acey murmured in an aching tone spreading her legs, her pussy swollen wet and throbbing pink "make love to me, tale me" "oh bonbons" Li murmurde back and she pushed Ace gently on to my bed, holding her down she ravished her like a love goddess, her lovely bums rocked and bobbed slow but very hard, grinding their soft wet pussies. Ace went moaning and groaning so loud, her body went spasmic, arching, writhing, twisting in ecstasy.

"oohh sweetie" Li moaned "I missed you I want you so bad, I-I love youu" "I l-love you ssoo much" Ace replied whimpering. Li pulled up Acey's shirt and suckled and fondled her sexy bosoms, I was so moved both emotionally and erotically tears roll down my cheeks. I let go of Li's shirt as Ace pull it up and also fondled her boobies. I piled up some pillows again to shield them from gumi.

"Join us sugar" Ace murmured lovingly, caressing my cheek and neck. I held her hand and kissed it "I want you to enjoy each other, you missed each other so bad, let me watch as you two make love" I said "please?" Ace murmured with an aching look and her hand lovingly fondled my bosom making me moan. "Baby n-noo uhhnn" I murmured getting burned up even more. Ace held my nape and pulled me to her and Li pulled me by my shirt exposing my bosoms just below my nipples, her lovely eyes beckoning me to join her in suckling Acey's boobies.

I smiled and we suckled Acey's luscious bosoms together, gently and then going very hard, licking, nibbling and pulling the stiff pink nipples with our lips and teeth, Acey squeezed my boob even harder and then lets go of it and caressed our heads running her fingers through our hair with her head turning, eyes shut, murmuring "ohh my babies, ohh gaawwwd!" I stopped for a moment to check on gumi and then I turned to look at my nephews and saw they're still sleeping soundly, I went down on Ace again and continue loving her with my mouth.

Our mouths never left Acey's skin, as we lovingly explored every inch of her supple flesh, licking sucking kissing, her arms, shoulders, pits, neck, face, ears as we want to give our sweet bonbons the utmost pleasure, Li and I took turns in locking lips and tongue bathing with her. Unbeknownst to me, Acey's hand crawled under the pillows and went inside my knickers. she fondled my soft wet pussy making me gasp. "Baby??!" I exclaimed looking at Ace with a frowned smile. Ace smiled and giggled softly "you like?" as she rubbed her fingers hard on my stiff throbbing clit and between my pussy lips.

"Naughty girl" I murmured giggling fondling her boob and rolled my eyes over to gumi, she mouthed I love you and I mouthed I love you back. My hips began to rock and sway as my pussy become more wet, I then closed my eyes for a moment, moaning as I savor the seething pleasure of my lovely bonbons' supple hand loving my pussy. I suckled her bosom again and then paused and gazedat her lovely face, she then looked tauntingly bitelipped and pushed her supple fingers so fucking deep and hard in my tight lovehole making me gasp and squeeze her bosom making her moan.

Acey made a cutesy face, lips pouted, "bad, bad baby girl!" I murmured also with a cutesy frowned face. Acey's supple fingers went wriggling as they fuck me deep and hard, gumi watched with delight as my lovely hips rocking and bobbing, not knowing that a lovely hand is inside my knickers loving my pussy.

I stroke Acey's arm as I grind my pussy hard on her hand, my knickers more sopping wet than ever. "you're so wet, so tight sugar" Ace whispered, "I want you to cum hard on my hand" that got me even more burned I murmured "yes b-baby, gawd yess ohhh" "I want to feel your hot sweet cum baby" Acey murmured whimpering, face aching with desire.

I looked at gumi in extreme erotic agony, swaying rocking my body even sexier as the taboo of an ugly indian boy watching suddenly became very sexy, the sensation was so new, it was so wrong and yet so overwhelming, I struggled with the urge of letting him see us naked and making hot wet love.

"Undress me ricecakes" Ace whispered and Li helped her take her shirt off and she's totally naked, she reached for the panel with her foot and turned on more lights "Baby?!!" I exclaimed and she giggled in a sexy naughty manner. Ace teased us with her lovely naked body, slowly writhing and squirming, "You like?" she said teasingly Li and I looked at each other and both uttered nodding "mm-mm" bitelipped expressing desire. "Fuck her hard ricecakes, fuck our sweetie very hard" I murmured. Li rocked her lovely body holding on Acey's hips as she grinds their virgin pussies. "You like?" Li murmured, "very sexy" I whispered and mouthed I love you.

"I want to see you sugar" Ace murmured fondling boob outside my shirt, "Baby?" I whispered rolling my eyes over to gumi. Li stopped her grinding and sat and looked at me tenderly she bagan planting soft kisses all over my face and neck as she and Ace pull up my shirt exposing my bosoms. Li fondled a boob while sucking and nibbling my earlobe, twisting and pulling the nipple, Ace reached for my other bosoms and did the same.

"I'm all yours my sweet sweet darlings" I murmured thinking the pillows are shielding us though just a wee bit, and the dare added to the excitement, Ace suckled me as she continue to fuck me hard with her supple fingers, I raised my arms and let Li take off my shirt and her lovely seething mouth lovingly explored me, licking sucking kissing, my face, my shoulders, neck, nape, pits.

"Do you want me to take mine off too?" Li whispered as she lick and nibble my ear. "No baby" I whispered caressing her cheek "let's not make the monkey very happy" and she giggled she then suckled my bosoms, I pulled the sheet over the pillows on Li's side giving more cover. Li then dipped inside my wet knickers and caressed my mound. I looked at Li bitelipped and then we kissed.

"Baby" I whispered to Li "Let's take it off" I said Li smiled and we kiss again as I undress her and she's totally naked. "What about him, our horny little monkey?" Li whispered motioning with her face. "So?" I said teasingly fondling her sexy boobs, and we giggled, feeling confident that the sheet and pillows are shielding us from ugly gumi's lecherous eyes. I then let them take off my very wet knickers so I'm also naked with them, and Ace continue fucking me very hard with her supple fingers and I got more sexier not caring if gumi sees me.

Li then also fingered me, and though also slender and supple her fingers are longer than Acey's. all 4 fingers would go hard and deep in my tight lovehole at the same time, it was painful yet seethingly pleasurable at the same time. "F-fuck her ricecakes" I yelled as Li was sucking my nape "I want to watch you fuck bonbons hard" I said whimpering, Li planted kisses on my face and suck my lips then pulled her fingers from my pussy, she licked and sucked my sweet warm juices from her fingers as we stared lovingly into each other's eyes.

She and Ace locked legs and grind their pussies even harder, their bodies went spasmic, writhing twisting and arching, their sexy cries got me closer to cumming, my clit throbbed and my pussy got so red and swollen.

My body went spasmic, going so loud with my moaning and groaning, "OOOOhh, SHIIITTT!!!, ohh gawd, OH gawd m-my babies! my lovely darlings!" I yelled as I came, so fucking very hard, gushing hot fragrant love juice drowning my sweet Acey's hand.

Acey went on fucking me hard with her fingers, and I gushed again and again, she didn't stop until my flower gave all it's nectar.

"So warm and so sweet baby" Ace said, looking at me tenderly as she smelled her hand, my nectar dripping on her pretty face, she and Li sucked and licked it clean and Li also licked my cum from her face.

"gawd I love you both so so much, ohhh" I said panting, feeling so weak since it's been awhile I cummed so hard out of passionate love, weak but light as a cloud. I caressed them and rubbed cheeks with them as they continue to fuck hard, seconds later they became louder, bodies going spasmic, they locked lips moaning and groaning. We held each other close as they came very very hard.

I went down and sucked and licked the warm sweet lovejuice gushing from their swollen red pussies. I went on sucking and licking until their clits stopped throbbing, they came so hard that my face is literally drowning in their sweet nectar. They fell hard on the bed, with Acey on top of Li, both panting and whimpering, I lay down with them and we held each other very tight, kissing and whispering I love you over and over again.

Li and Ace fell asleep and I pulled the sheet over them and kissed them both "Nightie my sweet darlings" I whispered to them. Realizing I'm still naked, I turned off all the lights with only the big fish bowl giving subtle luminescence. I grabbed what I could, Li's shirt and Acey's knickers and quickly put them on. I saw gumi also sleeping at the edge of the bed, "shit that was so mad, so wild" I thought "did he saw everything?"

I shrugged and put his jammies back on and carried him (struggling) back to my nephew's bed, I quickly tiptoed away as my nephews might suddenly wake up and see me just wearing very scant clothing.

I felt so very happy I can't sleep, I turned up the heater and sat on the bed, I removed the sheet and watch them as they sleep naked, I took Acey's hand which still smell sweet of my cum and held it to my cheeks and kissed it, I took Li's hand and did the same, tears fell as I held both hands to my cheeks.

"Hey" Li said looking at me tenderly "Hey sweetie" I replied, "go back to sleep" I said kissing her hand. "And you?" Li asked as she caressed me behind the ear "I can't sleep" I replied as I ran my fingers along Acey's bare supple back, "hmm?" Li perplexed but smiling. "I can't bloody explain it, I feel so exhilirated, beyond happy"

"Lie with us sugar" Li murmured, I beamed and said "Ok" as I was about to lay down with them Li opened some lights.

"take your clothes off" Li said "hmm? eh?" I said "p-please?" Li murmured lovingly. I smiled and knelt and she watched as I took her shirt off (I was wearing Li's shirt duh) I let her pull the knickers off.

I lay with a leg and arm over them, savoring their very warm supple bodies, Li pulled the sheet over us.

"Hi!" she said as she caresses me, "Hi!" I whispered back. "Happy?" she asked "Very, aren't you?" I replied "mhmm" Li making a cutesy face. "hmm?" I said resting my head on my elbow

"I'm madly, deeply, passionately in love with all of you bitches" I said and again Li mate cutesy face and we chuckled, we stared at each other's eyes as we slowly bring our faces together , the light kissing became hot wet and torrid, as I rub my pussy hard on her thigh.

Ace moaned and stirred, and we went giggling "uhmm later" we said in unison and chuckled. We held each other until Li fell asleep, I put pillows around them and kissed them both.

I felt so exhilirated I dared to walk naked towards my nephews' bed. Carefully I crawled on the bed and pulled the sheet over them.looking down at gumi, I whispered "what a happy little wanker you'd be seeing me like this"feeling so naughty I took his dark little hands to my bosoms,

"you like that huh?" I whispered struggling not to giggle. I slowly got off the bed and went back to my space and put on knickers and shirt and the silken short robe Saeko gave me, I went out the terrace and lighted a slimmy, I breathed in deeply taking as much of the cold damp night breeze and looked up the night sky as I exhaled slowly.

"Hey!" I heard from behind me as I'm having my second slimmy, I turned around and saw Ace and Li wrapped together with the thick bedsheet "Hey sweeties" I said and took a puff and put out the slimmy, they opened the sheet and I saw they're also wearing just knickers and shirts they wrapped along with them and we sat down on the furry terrac...

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January 6, 2015 (3 years ago)

thank you dear author for the continuation. its a lovely read right before sleeping. i love the story, its sexy and passionate. kinky if you think of gumi watching. i'll be waiting for more of your stories ^_^


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January 6, 2015 (3 years ago)

sana ung part 4 na like a virgin meron ulit

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January 7, 2015 (3 years ago)

well get ready, it's going to be really wild, I enjoy telling you guys my experiences


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January 14, 2015 (3 years ago)

looking forward for the next chapters ?:)

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