Lolita Chronicles: Part 1

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Date: March 6, 2017 (1 year ago)

Her eyes closed.
Her face covered with a dark feathered mask.
Slow, steady breathing.
She was calm and poised.
Standing still while her hands holding on this long cold steel.
She feels the platform under her move raising her up.

Suddenly the silence is broken by loud cheering and the sound of a smooth, seductive music.

The stage is set and Lolita is the main attraction...

Wearing a sexy lingerie on high heels and a long feather shawl resting on her shoulder. She was a site to see..

The lights started to move as if in sync with the background music.

This was her cue and she slowly moved and swayed her hips.

Focused and in the moment. Everyone watching her can easily be captivated when Lolita gets in the zone. The way she moves her body, how her hands move across every inch of her soft smooth skin. This was her way. Seduction at its finest.

She walks around the stage giving a lucky man a wink or a smile. She steps off the platform and goes around the audience. Table per table she moves until she stops infront of a man.
The man, quite old maybe in his 50s. You can tell that he's influential. Probably a high valued client with lots of what looks like bodyguards beside him.

She takes a step closer but was stopped by one of his entourage which the man waived off and letting her come closer.
Lolita took off her shawl and wrapped it around the seemingly excited and aroused man.
She gave him a wink and gave him a seductive lap dance. Lolita knowing where to touch and how to tease, she easily got the man begging for more.

She held the man by his tie and pulled him with her towards the stage.
She pointed at a chair which the man brought with him on the stage.
She placed the chair at the middle of the stage and gestured for the man to sit.
Once seated she sat infront of the man and took off his tie. She got off and went behind the man and used the man's tie to bind his hands behind him.
The crowd cheering her on. Everyone enjoying the show they're watching.
The man's bodyguards also enjoying what seems to be a lucky night for their boss.

Lolita once again circled the man. Tied up, all he can do was watch and wait on what Lolita will do next.
Lolita moved infont of him, turned around and bent over. As she did this she gave the man and the audience a naughty smile and lightly giggled.
As she stood straight up she made sure that the man is fixated at her. She then faced him and moved her boobs across the man's face but making sure that it doesn't touch her skin.
You can see that the man wants her, full of lust and excitement.
Lolita then moved her hands on his pants. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants.
The man moving his head side to side and saying no to what he thinks is coming next. Realizing there are people watching.
But just when he thought Lolita was going for his hard bulge, she walked back and moved towards the edge of the stage. She grabbed what seemed like the edge of a curtain and walked around the whole stage. Within seconds the whole stage was covered in a slightly dark red curtain. Lolita switched on a light behind them and immediately the audience cheered and urged them on. They can see Lolita's silhoutte and the man's aswell.

Lolita continued on giving the man an erotic lap dance. Making the man want him more.
Then Lolita stepped away from the man. Turned away from him and slowly unhooked her bra.
The crowd cheered seeing the silhoutte of what she did. She was holding her bra on one hand while the other covering her bare breasts. She walked behind the sitting man and used her bra to cover his mouth.
The man confused but amused just let Lolita do what she wanted.
Unable to move his hands and now barely able to utter a word the man is even more aroused with what Lolita is doing to him.
Lolita again slowly walked up behind him and moved as if she was going to grab hold of his crotch but instead her hand landed on his lap and moved it back at forth.
To the audience watching their silhoutte they thought Lolita was now jerking him off and they cheered even more. She did that for awhile and seeing how she's got the man at her fingertips she sat on top of his lap facing him and making sure the audience thinks that she's already sitting on his cock.
You can hear the crowd's roars and comments egging her on to do the man more.
Lolita was grinding alright and the man can do nothing. He wants to take his cock out and pound the living hell out of this girl toying with him.
Lolita kept moving and moving and the crowd went louder and louder.
Suddenly the lights went off.
It was pitch black.
The audience caught off guard and booed wanting to see what's going on behind the curtains.

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