Heart's Desire

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Date: May 19, 2018 (9 months ago)

A woman one hundred and ten percent
There is no man who could relent
From pursuing her to the ends of the earth
Through trials of passion, moments of mirth
Happy is the man who holds her near
Who says to her, "Your are my dear"
Who lies within her warm embrace
To kiss her lips and pretty face

To touch her skin and cum within
And shed tears for what has been
There is a moment sacred and rare
That one may share with his lady fair
After that there is no escape
The heart does want and will not wait
So my sweet, be not surprised
My need for you will not subside

In my passion there is one place
That you know is your lovely face
Your smile and laugh, your voice so grand
Is it any wonder you make me stand
And bow before your figure neat
Then my knees to kiss your feet
Forgive me when my love can't wait
There is no question, you are my fate

There is a magic when I'm inside
A special feeling that I can not hide
My darling sometimes I can not wait
I may cum to soon, sometimes to late
Forgive me if my heart does rule
My penis plays me for a fool
That's why I suck your little peach
To make sure you are served with relief
After several times you've orgasmed
I must say with no sarcasm

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