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Date: December 25, 2015 (2 years ago)

When I got home, I went straight to my room and charged my phone. When I opened it, I got loads of messages from him wanting to make up. I don't know what to say after what just happened today. It feels weird. Here I am so confused as I wanted to get back with my all apologetic boyfriend yet I can't stop thinking about how I didn't refuse to that stranger who bed me today. This is just so fucked up.I felt really guilty yet there's a strange feeling in me which wants to see that stranger again. With this thought in mind, I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up to the loud sound of my brother's voice shrugging me off of my sleep.

"Dude, wake up. Someone's at the door for you."

"Who is it?"

"He said he was Mike though he doesn't look familiar to me. Isn't he one of your friends?"

"What?" I gasped in horror

"Just go up to the door now, will you?"

So I got up and went to see who this guy is. I for sure don't know any Mike aside from my uncle. And as I got there, my eyes had never been bigger. Fuck. It's him again.

And before I was able to say anything, he stopped me and spoke "if you want me to answer your questions, you have to come with me now. Just change your clothes and bring another. Don't bother taking a bath. Just do as I tell you."

"What? I can't leave! What am I supposed to say to my parents?"

"Don't worry baby. I got you all covered."

And so I just did what he just said. As I fixed my things and ready to set out, my mom bid me goodbye and told me "Good luck and enjoy your trip" And I got to the passenger seat of his car. He even waved at my mom as he got in the driver's seat and set off.

"well, that's just great." I said sarcastically.

"Now where are we going? And why am I not allowed to take a bath before we go? "

"'cause we're gonna have one later" Chills run down my spine as he said it yet it feels weird though. It didn't seem creepy yet it was a bit enticing.

"and now you're quiet. Haha. I thought you had a lot of questions yet here you are and you cant say a single word."

"so Mike, is it. It's your real name?" as I broke my silence

"do I seem to have any alias? haha"

"yeah. With what youre doing, you should have one."

"well, I don't. and its amazing isn't it? Cause I don't get into any trouble even without any alias. Unlike your boyfriend"

"why do you have to bring him into the conversation? And what do you know about him, huh?"

"well, let's just say I have my means of knowing things. And I think I have known a lot from him too. And with what I've learned, we have a lot in common, especially in this field." Then he looked at me and grinned. I avoided his gaze

"what field? What are you talking about?"

"Well you know, girls. I know his past and his past is my present. and I also know he preyed on a girl who was in a relationship. I commend him. It must have been ecstatic. And I wonder how he would feel if his girlfriend would be preyed upon too. "

"do you know him? Has he done anything to you? And is this what is this all about? Are you trying to get to me so you could get back at him?" I was getting furious.

He chuckled "no baby. I don't know the guy. I just knew him from my research."

"you disgust me" I told him without looking at him.

"really now? If you really do, you're not supposed to be in here with me."

"I don't have a choice. If I didn't, you're still gonna be out there to get me. I just want this to end."

"well, it will. But I can't assure you when it will" and he grinned at me again.

We went to the same hotel again. We went to his room as he dragged me behind him. He was so fast and hasty. It seems he can't wait for the action. Ugh. When we got to his room, he went straight to the rest room. He opened the shower and handed me the towel.

"Go on and have a good bath. Make sure you'll get me well aroused with just a whiff of your skin" then he winked at me. I blushed. Fuck. Good thing he didn't notice because he turned around and went to the side of the bed to get a paper bag.

"I'll just have to go get something. You change into this when you're done. Then just stay in the bed. That's an order." Then without any warning he pulled me closer to him and kissed me hard as his hands travelled to my bottom and touched them gently and suddenly pushed them forward into his middle. I could feel his erection starting to build. I don't know why but his gesture kinda turned me on and as I was about to put my arms around him and kiss him back, he backed away.

"you really are a naughty girl. Your boyfriend taught you right. Well do me a favor will you? Knock yourself out in that shower. I want you all horny later." And then he went out. So I undressed myself and went into the shower. The feel of the water on my skin is so relaxing. And as the tub was full, I lied down and closed my eyes.

I saw him. I could hear his voice. I could hear him wanting me so bad. I saw us. How we did it here before. How he held me differently. How he made love to me. It got me so lost and aroused and I didn't even know it that I started touching myself.

I slid my hand down there and touched my clit. I shivered and moan in pleasure. It was so delicious. I touched myself there as I pictured him kissing me deeply and passionately. How his soft lips and firm tongue played against mine. How he pushed himself against me so our bodies touch and how his erection deliciously rubbed against the surface of my sex. I touched my clit trying to imitate how his finger trailed on it, how his penis rubbed against it and how his tongue sweetly traveled around it. I could feel the wetness of my own secretions despite the water on the tub.

Then I placed my other hand on my breasts. I trailed my fingers on them and imagined him again. I tried to imitate how his fingers held them and squeezed them. I tried to play with my nipples as he had. I could feel all of the sensations going down there and I cant help but moan in ecstasy. I didn't realize that I got myself so aroused. When I cant help it any longer, I slipped in a finger inside of me and moaned in pleasure. I imagined how he penetrated me with his big and hard cock.

Then, I tried to slip in another. And then slid them out, then slid them in, doing it repeatedly. My body was rocking back and forth as my body got into the rhythm. I was so lost that I never heard him enter the bath.

"damn you look so hot when you do that you know? yet I was hoping I would see you now lying in bed with the clothes I want you to put on. Though, finding you in this state is not disappointing at all. you really surprise me. and there's nothing I want more now than to finish what you started" and there he was, already naked and his penis pointing right at me. Damn. Seeing him like this made me more aroused than I was. And it felt strange.

He joined me in the tub. He let me sit up and he placed me onto his lap. I wrapped my arms around him as he wrapped one arm around me and he started to kiss my neck. He trailed kisses up from the side of my neck to the side of my chin then to my lips. And as he started to take on my lips, I felt his other hand holding his penis and rubs it against my clit.

It was so enticing and unconsciously I pulled him closer to me, and kissed him hard. Then I stopped and gazed at him. Without letting go of my gaze, pulled out his hand and replaced it with mine. I held him down there and pleasured him. As I slid my hands in up and down his penis, I tried to kiss him as he kissed me. I started from the side of his neck then to his jaw and to his lips. And as I was about to take on his lips, I placed him right in front of my opening and thrust him in as I kissed him. I pushed him deeper and we both let out a moan. I could feel his grin on my lips.

Then I just let him go in and out of me. pushing him deeper as he goes in. as I pleasure myself on him, I didn't realize that he already drained the water on the tub. And as the water was completely drained, he slid out of me and laid me on the tub. Then, he positioned himself on top of me.

"now it's my turn" then he immediately ripped into me. his impact got me slipping back and forth on the tub yet it was so ecstatic. He thrusts even harder everytime he goes in and it left me moaning everytime. After several thrusts, I find myself building up an orgasm and I know he already feels it.

"oh yes baby. C'mon, cum for me." and he thrusted even harder. And harder. And as I felt my contractions burst into pleasure, I felt his contractions too, inside me. he came too. our simultaneous contractions added to the deliciousness of the orgasm. Then he pulled out. "Come, we're gonna do something more interesting". He left me there and went straight back to the romm as I clean myself again.

He handed me the paper bag and left me alone in the rest room. Guess he gave me some alone time to dress up. Maybe it's all part of the suspense. I got the clothing and it's a satin short night gown. A very daring one. It was see through. It seems this clothing is really made for easy access. Anyways, I just brushed off the thought and put it on. When I got out of the bath, there he was staring at me, his eyes full of lust. And I smiled then suddenly I felt a hand from my back and that is all I remember.

When i woke up I my mind is hazy and fuck i am tied up in the bed. So i asked him"What's this? Why am I tied up? What have you done to me?" I know he could sense fear in my voice.

"Nothing. I told you were about to do something interesting. This is my kind of interesting."

"What the hell? You're sick." I snapped at him.

"How could this be interesting?"

"Well, for starters, I could do whatever I want with you and you can't do anything about it. You're helpless. I love it when my women are helpless." Then he grinned again. Geez. His women. It seems this guy really had a lot of this before. It sickens me. Yet a part of me looks forward to what will happen next. Guess i'm as sick as him deep inside.

He went over the bed and sat beside me. He reached for something at the drawer in the bedside table. It was a small black bag. I was not able to see what's inside for he didn't open it before me. He went to the farthest corner again and busied himself there. I couldn't see what he was doing for my eyes can't see clearly now with that kind of distance. After awhile, he went up to me again.

"Now that you're conscious, let's begin." He stared at me for awhile. From top to bottom. Then he grinned again.

"The lace looks good on you. You look hot. I like it." And there he was, getting me all startled again with his sexy talk. He knows it doesn't fail to get me turned on. I tried to resist the thought as I swallowed at his statement. Then he started to work his magic. He reached for a big handkerchief at the bedside table and used it to blindfold me. now, all I see is darkness.

This really is a bit interesting. "Now, don't think of anything else. Just relax. All I want you to do is feel.It heightens all your senses thus increasing your sensitivity" And then he went on.

I felt something ticklish at my neck. It feels like a fine painting brush and he made light strokes at my neck then to my chest. He moves it down then encircled each of my breast. I could feel the light touch of the brush through the lace. he continued on making circles with the diameter getting smaller and smaller as he tried to get to my nipples. I could tell that my nipples are now fully erect and are madly protruding through the lace. the sensations were arousing.

"You're very responsive eh? Those nipples, aaah. They're so inviting. I just want to suck on them." His dirty talk is really affecting me. Dammit. He knows how to stir my sensuality. Yet he continued on with the brush.

He slid it down my abdomen and to my navel. When he reached my navel, I could feel him undoing the locks on the clothing. Fuck. he's gonna expose me already. I felt the cold air of the room brush against my inner thighs and into my sex.

I shuddered and my legs can't help but respond and move yet it was difficult due to the restraints on my feet. I heard him chuckle. He really is enjoying the sight. Then, he brought the brush down and stroked my pubes. And then he went on until he reached the cheeks of my gents. I started pulling on the restraints and my legs started to move and shake because of the rush of sensations down there. As I was expecting he'd go right in, his hands were now at some place I didn't expect.

He was pulling down the top of the gownand exposed my breasts. I was so aroused that my breasts stood firm and upright and my nipples harden. Then I felt something cold it made me shiver. He was pouring something around my left breast and he immediately sucks it including my very hard and aroused nipples. I could feel his breath on my skin so it was so warm.

Fuck. As he did this, his right hand was fondling my right breast. Squeezing it lightly and then tugs at my nipple. He did this repeatedly. And as he pour that liquid again which i assume is wine he reached for my nipple, he started sucking on them. His tongue and lips went wild. His tongue brushed firm strokes on my nipple as the wine flowsthrough them. I quiver and shake under him.

The sensations rushed down to my sex and as I feel it building up, I arched my back and I pulled on the restraints more. He did the same to my right breast and the same sensations went down under. I shook violently. I just want to get off the restraints and touch him and pull him closer to me but I was helpless. And then I felt that I wanted him already. I couldn't take the surge of sensations anymore.

I moaned loudly. "Please. I want to hold you. I want you now. Please." I plead and cried in between my moans.

"Do you now?" he chuckled. "Soon, baby. Soon." he whispered. Then he went down as he gently kissed the path from the bottom of my right breast to the middle of my lower chest then down to my abdomen. I can't help but shudder with every kiss. Then when he reached my inner thighs, he planted feather like kisses on them until he reached the cheeks of my gents.

I could feel his warm breath going against my wet entrance. The feel of his breath alone gives me sweet sensations down there. However, it seemed like he got up and stopped what his doing. Gosh. I was so expectant already. What is he going to do now? Then I felt his hands on my ankles. He was untying my feet.

"I'll loosen you up a bit. Just so I could taste you better." Damn, all this talk is getting me even wetter. After he had freed my feet from their restraints, he went on with what he was doing. He folded my legs and set them apart. I feel overly exposed and I could feel my clit wildly pulsating.

He held up my thighs a bit and without warning, he gobbled me up. His firm tongue played with my clit and I cant help but moan in satisfaction. The sensations are getting me so insane. I could already feel my orgasm start to build up inside me. oh how I longed for that explosion.

"Please. I want you now." I pleaded

"I beg your pardon? What was it you want?" he chuckled.

"You. I want you. now" I begged him

"you want me where?" then I could feel him undressing.

Then I felt his warm breath on my face. "tell me baby. You want me where?"

"inside. I want you in now. Please." I pleaded while controlling my sanity

Then he kissed me. and I felt his grin when he kissed me. right after the kiss, he smashed in. it caught me off guard. My reflexes went wild. I arched my back and I moaned ecstatically. He went in and out of me slowly. My, how delicious it was – the way he slides in and out of me so smoothly. My body followed his rhythm and my hips moved simultaneously with his. I could hear his moaning too. and to increase his pleasure, I tried to contract my pc muscles when he goes in. his moans were getting louder. It was working.

Afterwards, he gets a bit rough. His pace went faster and faster and his thrusts were getting harder. As he thrusted so hard, I felt him go deeper and it was so sweet. He was hitting the right spots and I cant contain all of the sensations.

Then I suddenly felt it building up. "im getting closer babe. I want you to cum with me." and then he thrusted even harder. He seemed to pick up that I was getting more and more responsive when he thrusts hard and deep. Gosh it was so delicious.

"do you feel it now? Are you gonna…" I cut him mid sentence

"yes. Yes. Aaaaah. Just go on. Go deeper." And after a few more hard thrusts, I felt him cum inside me. and as I felt the way his sex vibrated inside me and his liquid fill me up, I pushed him way deeper into me with my legs and hips and I felt my insides explode in pleasure. Without pulling out, he lied on top of me, gave me a smack on my lips then undo my blindfold.

"did you like that? I know you did." Then he smiled at me sexily. I returned the smile and nodded. Then he kissed me again passionately. Then afterwards, he got up, and as he pulled out of me, I could still feel the sweet sensation as his penis passed through my sex.

he untied my hands from their bondage and then he spoke

"come and get dressed. you have to go home now."

"oh fuck. i forgot about the time! what time is it then?"

"its nearly 6pm. come i'll take you home now." 6 pm? How long have i passed out? I thought to myself.

and so i got up quickly and changed my clothes. i rushed to the rest room but he stopped me

"if youre going to dress up, do it here. i dont want you doing it in the rest room. i've already seen you naked. fucked you even. so no need to hide those from me. plus i still want to see you naked for the last time"

i gulped. and since we were in a hurry, i just did what he told me to

and when i was about to put on my bra, he stopped me for awhile and hugged me from behind. he cupped my breasts and fondled them

"im gonna miss this for awhile. theyre just so soft and firm."

then he turned me and so i could face him. then he just stared at me and my body for quite somtime

then it just happened so fast. one moment he was just looking right at me and now he was already sucking at my boobs

men. i thought to myself. it seems they always have the same liking. but i cant deny that i am being pleasured

but after i tried to push him off.

"please i have to go. they'll wonder where i am now and they'll worry"

"no. not yet. i just cant let you go yet."

then all of a sudden he was out of his pants then he turned me again and let me face the wall. he pulled down my pants too and put my hands behind my back. all of a sudden, i was naked again.

actually i was shocked with what just happened. i was still trying to process things inside my head when i felt him piercing from my behind and the suddenly he was back in. This time it was different he is not gentle and very animalistic. Not like that i dislike his roughness anymay.

it was a bit painful cause my entrance was already a bit dry but he kept going. i was protesting in vain but it was to no avail. there was no stopping this man.

then he thrusted into me harder than before. his hands were cupping my breasts, fondling them roughly. And then a bit later, i felt that his motion of going in and out of me slowly becomes smoother. he finally got me wet again. and then he started kissing me from my shoulders then to my neck. then he sends his hands around me sending sensual touches trying to convince my all protesting mind to give in and pleasure myself once more. then, eventually, with all the sensations coming back again, i cant help but surrender to him again.

and so i looked at him and reached for his lips.

i kissed him passionately. i let my tongue meet his and he returned the favor. and then, when i was so aroused again, i tried to pleasure myself as he went on thrusting in and out. i touched my clit and tried to stimulate myself

it was ecstatic. i could feel my pulsating clit with my fingers. i was so high again.

and then, without pulling out, he led me to the bed and let me lean on it so i could support myself well

then he started going hard on me

he fucked me hard from behind. it was so delicious. i cant help but moan

i guided his hands as i let him squeeze them and play with my nips then i left his hands there, leaned forward and kissed him. as i was kissing him, i positioned myself well on top of him and i let his tip brush up against my entrance. i pleasured myself first with his sex. i rubbed him against me. he was so hard and warm. i love it how it feels good to perceive his hardness against my soft and wet gents.

when my sensations were once heightened, i stopped him and faced him and then i pushed him down the bed

he lied down. then grinned, anticipating and knowing what im about to do next

"you always do what you want. now its my turn"

i said to him then afterwards, i mounted him. then i put his hands over my chest and let him hold my breasts

and then i heard him beg "cmon baby, go for it. please. i want to feel you. tighten up for me."

and so i did. before i pushed him in, i tightened up my muscles and slowly let him inside of me. it was so good. and i could hear him moan in pleasure.

"more baby. more"

he cried in pleasure.

and so i move up and down at him slowly while i tighten up my muscles. i love how it felt for i was able to feel him more. how hard and hot he was.

after awhile, i went wild on him jus...

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December 25, 2015 (2 years ago)

To my fellow FSS readers who is waiting forward for the next chapter I will write again after 2 days. Thank you for reading and more power to FSS! :))

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December 25, 2015 (2 years ago)

The feeling of ecstasy. Haha my imagination went wild again.. hands' down nivs! Great as expected :) Antayin ko 'let next chapter..

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