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Date: January 30, 2018 (7 months ago)

In a matter of days the wind blows cold. I dunno why maybe its because of signs of time, that the polar Ice caps are starting to melt so the breeze is now getting colder. Spring is comming, a new sign of life and a beggining of a new journey will start. Developments in the last quarter is about to end, some will continue some will end. In the panoramic view nothing really changed, only the names of the people, the faces and the voices but nothing changed. In some cosmic phoenomena, the circle still stays closed and nothing ever intercepts at any point of its orbit. We may see another heavenly body and see potential clash but the route is not the same.

Now, the frigidness in the wind is chilling down to the bones. nothing did change but the temparature. The burning sensations and desires wallow and die beneath the coldness of the earth. Possibly the the carnation and snowdrops will now wither and the garnet surrounding it will be covered in dirt to give way for the violets and primrose to bloom above the amethyst. I just hope that the road is going be richer before the lily of the valley blooms together with the hawthorne plant beside the emerald road.

When emptiness and shallowness of words can be deciphered by the eyes all the time, we shall see that nothing has even changed. We can hear whispers of sense in the air but then it all loses its meaning altogether the moment we stop to breathe. Bathe in light is the only way to rinse ourselves from the defining sense of the halluciations that we saw beneath sky we see.

Right and wrong is never the difference between us and our adversaries, its our standpoints. The things we believe in is what separate us. And only through intellect can we separate ourselves to animals. And sometimes we have to use force in order for us so send the message that we try to explain but is hard coz of all the bullshit and stone cold beliefs.

Maybe what I am trying to say is that, the things we thought or hoped for to achieve cannot be taken lightly if we truly believe in it. However, the distance of red threads that interconnect one another is too far and the wheel of fate does not agree in our endeavor and hopes for our demise. That is how the wheel of time will show you that circumstances can only happen once and never repeat, so if you find something you want, define to your self the line and use that line to make your decisions. The line between, right and wrong, the line between determination and desparation, the line between persistence and existence.

With all these, as humans, we need not lie about how everything we feel and think to ourselves. It wont matter what people say. Listen to the yell of the leopolds ghost, burning in hell for his hand meamed host and listen to the creepy proclamation, that is blown to the lairs of the forest nation, blown past the white ants hills of clay, and blown past the marsh where the butterflies play. Use what is necessary and make your tools better. I...

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