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Date: October 12, 2013 (5 years ago)

''hi.mind if i join you?''

it wasn't the most soothing voice, but it did send shivers to my spine. the voice came from my blindside, so i had no clue who the dude was. i gave the bargirl my bill and turned to the stranger.

somehow i wasn't surprised to see that it was him. so just replied hi as a courtesy.
''did you know it's not safe going out alone?''. ''am not, there are lots of people in here, so i think am safe, plus, this place is relatively secured'' and i smiled. i don't want to make that bitchy impression at him. duh. that was a first, i don't usually care what others would think, much more a stranger.

'' well the place is secured, it may seem safe, but not the people''
'' i guess you are referring to people like you?''

he flashed a smile, offered his hand and said '' Andres ''
his name made me grin. i mean, in this age and time, why would someone still use the name Andres.
He looks young. don't get me wrong, Andres is a fine name. I just think its quite old.

so i reached out my hand, smiled and said my name. offered a seat to him. chatted a little. you know those shallow why are you here, what do you do, where you from etc etc... the conversation was light, so light i forgot i was on my way out. thank goodness my change came and i had to excuse myself.

''do you really need to leave now?''
''unless you give me a reason worthstaying, i won't''
''a kiss, maybe?''he said with this devilish grin andmocking eyes
''seriously?'' i sarcastically replied
''just joking. come on, its still early,you were brave enough to be here alone right? why not enjoy a little longer,and maybe this time, enjoy it with me''

what do i got to lose right? its just for one night. he got a point,might as wellenjoy the night with the devil namedAndres. so i sat down, and he ordered. Asthe conversationwent on, iproved myself wrong about the devil. he was engaging. we talked aboutsociety, sports, politics,money, work etc. he was quite amusing, in fact he made me laugh!he must be so charming i said to myself. i guess staying was agood decision.

but sadly,ifelt the urge toyawn. he smiled and said '' i guess youreally need to go now. the yawn was a giveaway'' i apologized, telling i wasn't really intending to stay late and just needed a few drinks. he politely stood up and walked me out of the bar.

as i opened my car door, he heldmy hands , smoothly turned me around and said '' sorry ikept you up, let me make it upto you'' and gave mea kiss. i was stunned. never had the chance to kiss back!

''drive safe, its more dangerous driving when your mind's off'' he said and winked.

when ihad composed myself, said thank you and got in. he stood there,watching me turn the engine on.
i was smiling the entire time i got in the car ,was already a few feet awayand decided to pull back.
he was still standing there.I pulled down my window,andsaw him smiling.

'' forgot...

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October 12, 2013 (5 years ago)

An ordinary night, may turn into an exciting and unforgettable one!

Good job!

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