French Kisses: Deuxième Chapitre

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Date: March 31, 2015 (3 years ago)

How Rain made me feel at that moment. I felt like I was crushed, like a little girl who lost her favorite teddy bear on a train ride. My heart cried with his words, and tears fell down. But with all my might, I stopped myself from crying. Dane would think the tears would be from extreme ecstasy anyway.

"Rain, you're fucking dramatic. I'll just tell you the details of what's in store for tonight. Later."

"Okay then. Bye."

Rain ended the call. I still felt blank. I haven't even the heart to enjoy when Dane came inside me.

"Ohhh fuck baby! Fuck! You're… shit… You're indescribable."

I breathed a deep breath. I always wanted to hear these from him, with clothes on. But, he always told me this whenever we're done with sex. When all his stress from work had been drained out from him. And the heavy pain in his minds exploded and disappeared. 'Where had his sweetness gone to?'

This is not the way we used to have sex, we used to take our time. We used to cuddle with each other then. But things changed. He just pounds in me until he comes, no more 'I love you's, even the soft kisses were gone, the gentle hugs, those heartfelt 'thank you's – every sweet thing, gone. 'Is there anything wrong with me?'

I snapped out of my thoughts and made my way to the washroom, taking all my things with me. I was buttoning up my blouse when my phone rang incessantly.

My ship went down in a sea of sound

When I woke up alone, I had everything

A handful of moments, I wished I could change

And a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade

"Hello?" I answered hesitantly when I saw Rain's name on my screen.


"Why have you called?"

"I wonder, uhm, can we meet up?"

"Hmm. Right now? I don't know. I'm supposed to wait for Dane until his board meeting's over."

"Oh come on. Are you just gonna sit there like a tarsier?"

I laughed at the thought. When Dane had meetings, I used to stay with him inside the conference room. Now, I just wait for him in the lobby or in his office, what a lame way to waste a few hours of my life.

"Okay then. Where?"

"At Rebecca's cafe? I heard their coffee there was great. And I'd love to taste the most-renowned vacherin."

I can feel his smile through his words, "Hey, you're outcracked. Okay then, I'll call my assistant to reserve a place for us. Or would you want to meet me in the office?"

"Your office would be fine with me. Anyway, can you, uhm, change into anything casual? I might get afraid of a woman in uniform."

"Well? Hmm. Not a bad request. Okay, kiddo, I'll drop by my unit. Later, bye."

"Bye. Take care."

The wonders of Rain, he makes my heart cry in a minute, then smile at the next. With soaring spirits, I went out to meet Dane. But I was surprised to encounter an empty room. Dane was nowhere in sight. Once again, my heart flunked.

I have never felt this pain. I'm always left alone before. I used to understand that Dane is the president of this company. And that his time can't be wasted one bit. But I now saw, that after all the sex, he leaves without a word. I felt a lump in my throat as I exited from his office. I just told his secretary to notify Dane that I'm going somewhere.

While I was driving to my unit, I tried to remember when I first met Dane. I was then at a bar with my dorm friends. We were all busy grooving to the music when I felt hands to my waist and a body behind me matching my moves. My friends were grinning at me. Though I couldn't see how he looked like, I was already intoxicated by his musk. And the way he handles me was ecstasy.

After the groovy music followed a mellow tune, so he grabbed my shoulders gently and turned me around to face him. The first I've seen of him was his messy dark brown hair, a real turn on for me. Just to pull at those locks when he's busy eating my folds is pure bliss.

Then, when I stared right into his blue eyes, I felt like I was staring deep into an ocean. Just meeting his gaze when I'm straddling him, or when I'm giving him a head, might send me to the edge just like that.

I breathed deep with my eyes closed, my feet swaying slowly to the music, my head on his shoulders, my hands around his neck. And his hands back on my waist.

"I'm Dane Louelle."

"Rebecca Garend."

"Chef on the making?"

"Engineer. Studying Culinary Arts at the same time."

"You're not so popular to being an Engineer anyway. But your cake recipes are infamous."

"Thanks. You?"

"Business and Financial Management."



"Yes. Wow. Hmm. Let me guess, your dad owns a company, and that you're the heir, and your dad wants you to hold the company soon as you finish school."

"Damn right. Clever."

"Can we go out for some...

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ATL. another reason to keep reading this one.

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Thanks, good sir. I'm an avid fan. Too bad I can't see their concert on August though.

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