French Kisses: Cinquième Chapitre

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Date: April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)

SO, folks, this is the final chapter for this series. I hope you guys like it. Comments will be highly appreciated.


When I reached my office, Rain was already there, sipping a cup of Frappuccino.

"I thought of just going back to my place, rather than we talk here in your cafe. People might hear."

I smiled, "Brilliant idea. Why didn't you just text me? Or call?"

"I was about to. But then a woman dressed in skin tight jeans and a blue shirt just walked in. So my plan didn't happen."

"This crazy man in a black polo shirt and leather jeans is so funny he doesn't always say things straightforwardly."

"Je suis votre homme fou." – I'm your man, crazy.

I raised my eyebrows. I understood it alright, but I just shrugged it off and trotted my way to the table, sat on it, and gave him a pinch on the right cheek.

Rubbing his pain-inflicted face, he stood up and picked up the package just behind me, and walked out the door, as if angry at me. I laughed at his speechless retort, and in just a blink, he was back inside the room, "Are you coming or not?.

"How long is this talk happening?"

"Maybe a whole day?"

"Okay. I'll call Dane first."

"What are you gonna say?"

"I am going to Hong Kong, friend's invitation."


"Aren't you calling him?"

"Already did."

"Oh, wow."

"Go ahead then, and uhm, did you pay for those?"

"No, I just everything I want."

"You, you're gonna get my cafe bankrupt."

"What? I heard you gave treats to Megan's classmates for her birthday."

"Your niece's out of the question. Scat."

And he pulled the door shut with a soft clang. After I placed the call, to which Dane was disappointed because his plans tonight won't take place, but nevertheless approved of it. And told me that Rain was somewhere else, too. I knew better than driving directly to Rain's place, so I went back to mine and left my car, grabbed Sachiko and some of her supplies, then took a taxi. I saw no car when I reached Rain's place, but my doubts vanished when he opened the door for me. Sachiko gladly ran inside and when I walked in, didn't see her anywhere, "Where did she go?"



"Yes. In my room, maybe."

"How could she-"

"She was my dog."

"And you gave her to me? You tell me just now?"

He silently nodded as he closed the door behind us. I, beyond speechless, felt my heart sink, and I needed something to hold to, so dropping Sachiko's things to my feet, I hugged Rain - tightly. I wasn't surprised when he hugged me back, with equal tightness. But I felt like I would smother him, so I let go. When I glanced at him, he was beet-red; my hand shot right up and brushed his cheeks. He closed his eyes at the contact and held my hand in place.

Inside me, a fire started kindling. A fire that slowly reduced to ashes a long time ago. A fire I eventually forgot was even there. A subtle feeling of affection sprung. The kind of affection a lover would feel for her beau. That kind of affection a little girl would feel after she sees her favorite teddy again after she's left it on a train. It was just now that I realized why I would laugh at Rain's jokes when Dane would scowl at them; why I always look forward to bantering him; why my heart would skip a beat every time I see him.

That moment, I knew the aura he always had whenever he's with me. I knew it all this time, but I just did a great job ignoring it. I knew that he loves me, and I love him. The hug just confirmed the words we need not say out loud. And I felt myself blushing a thousand shades of red, too.

Hugging him again, gently this time, I breathed his musk deep into my soul while I can feel his breath on my hair. The next thing I knew was that he was carrying me to his bedroom, and my engagement ring, dropping it on purpose, lay forgotten.

He put me down on his bed, ever so softly, like I would break an instant he does a wrong move.

"Hey. I'm not fragile, Rain. I'm tough."

"No you're not."

"I am," I scowled.

"No, you're not. Wait a minute, I'll just put Sheshe, oh, uhm, Sachiko downstairs."

I lay there, the same position he put me down, facing up, my hands on my tummy, feet left over right. When he came back, he went to my right side and faced me. I turned to him and put my left hand over his waist. He scooped his left arm under me and put his right arm over my waist. I moved closer to him, and gave him a kiss on the lips to which he responded almost immediately.

The fire intensified into an inferno that can't be drowned by our kiss. I needed something more; my body wants him so badly. So I rolled on top of him and started pulling his shirt up which momentarily broke our kiss. We stood up and with swift movements, our clothes lay up in a pile on his bedroom floor.

For the second time, he carried me and laid me on the bed, with him on top. My legs separated on instinct, giving space for him. There was something I didn't see in his eyes that are in Dane's when we're in these kinds of situation –hunger. Yet, I caught something that used to be in Dane's –love. Rain made me feel that I was the orbit of his world that moment, that nothing around us can ever distract him, like he had a goal.

"Becky, I never knew you could be this beautiful."

"Wild cat, stop that or my face would match my ass cheeks."

Now that I brought that up, his smile flushed and he turned me around. Dane's hands were still evident when he touched my bum, the pain still lurking.

"You got slight bruises. How could he."

"He doesn't know I have skin asthma."

"You never told him?"


"You silly."

"Come here," I commanded, and I positioned myself again, wrapped him between my legs, and wrapped my arms around his neck, "Forget it. It would heal."

"Silly. Really silly," and he kissed me on the lips.

Then, I felt his rod, search for my entrance. When I saw it earlier, I thought it was just about the same size as Dane's, but when he started to pump it in, I felt slight pain. His rod is fat, so curious as I am, I reached down and wrapped my palm around him, failing miserably because my fingers won't meet.

He saw the shock in my eyes and stopped pushing, "Do you still want me to continue?"

I pulled him closer to me in response. He got my point, so slower than before, he again started driving his cock in. With closed eyes, I moaned in amazement. I never knew a cock bigger than Dane's would exist.

"Ohhh. Rain. You know this is wrong," I said, nibbling on his ear.

"There's nothing wrong with this, we both love each other," and he stopped pushing when he has put it all in.

"I'm engaged."

"You just called off your engagement, you removed your ring a little bit earlier, if I remember quite well," and he started pulling out.

"Ohh! Damn!"

He bit my lips and told me in a serious tone, "No bad words, lady."

"But your – feels so good."

"I should have done this 7 years ago."

"I love you, Rain."

"I love you, Becky," and with a slow rhythm, he started thrusting his body onto mine.

"You fit perfectly into me. I love the feel."

"Uhnn," and he met my lips with his.

He continued his slow pace, like I would break if he goes too hard. Then, after what felt like hours of moaning, his breathing became rugged, like he's in a marathon, and his tempo became unsteady, going fast then slow, slower, slower still, and I felt him get bigger in me, that triggered my own orgasm, and I felt his hot seed spill into me, spurt by spurt, unending it seemed. He still had his eyes closed, and I wrapped my fingers around his hair, as I rubbed his back with my other hand. Then, I felt it, one final spasm, both of us, released one final blow.

Tired, he rolled us over, and I ended on top of him again. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as I rested my head on his chest. Hugging tightly, we fell asleep.


The moment I woke up, I wrote a note, put it in Rain's bedside table, clothed myself, picked up Sachiko, and left. It's been five years since. Now, I'm seated on one of the benches outside the Notre Dame Cathedral here in Paris, watching my 4 year-old twins, Amanda Marchella and Alfonso Miguel, feed and play with the pigeons that surround the place. They are Rain's kids. I'm sure of that. Dane cannot have children, I had his DNA checked a long tim...

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April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)

nice story. it made me cry and wanted to believe in LOVE again

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April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)

Don't we all? Hehe.
Thank you. I really appreciate the comment.

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April 2, 2015 (3 years ago)

Thanks author for posting the entire series here. More!

Good job!

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April 3, 2015 (3 years ago)

Sir, do you think a book two would be okay? Or is this enough? Haha. You can see I have started it on my blog but I have never finished it. Planning on writing another version.

Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean, mofos.

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April 3, 2015 (3 years ago)

Why not? It will be very much appreciated lalo ng mga members.

Good job!

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April 11, 2015 (3 years ago)

nice story, aabangan ko ang book 2

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