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Date: August 17, 2014 (4 years ago)

I've been out of town for the past three days – at one of the best resorts in Laguna. My boss and confidante wanted me to be with her for two reasons: don't want to go alone – so she paid for my fare and registration fee and that she also wanted me to take time out from the stress I'm experiencing for the past weeks – at work and health problem as well. I'm not that enthusiastic to go with her but I really did enjoy my stay at the resort. I had the time of my life – eating, sleeping, walking along the man-made lake, and makingfriends from Mindoro and Batangas. I did attend sessions and heard redundant blabbering of the speakers on professionalizing management team and advocacies on countryside development. Having heard and attended so many seminars with the same topic, I found it boring so most of the time I'm out of the session hall. Knowing me, Jem just smile and nod. What a friend indeed!!

And thank God that she brought her laptop with her. I was able to go online for a few times and chat with friends in the net, check the office and subordinates as well. And do something more…….


Dream of you…. that's what I did.

This isn't fair… it isn't right… They say good friends are hard to come by and find… and it's true. I'm a guarded individual… there is just something disarming about you. I should be a good girl and tell you that I'm satisfied with that… I think you'd know I'm lying.

I'm not asking for anything… I know I can't have it.

We'll be friends… share things… secrets, jokes, stories, and … Hmmm….., I had the best time when I'm talking to you, talking about everything… nothing. I really could spend all day doing that…

I don't want to make you uncomfortable, so I hope you don't mind what I'm going to say. If things were different, there wouldn't be an issue. I'd give in to my desire, but….

I'm SINGLE, you're MARRIED…. So we'll be friends… I'm glad. I want that from the very start! Whatever else I want from you, NOTHING MORE! Shit….. napaka-ipokrita ko.

You know what I did today? I lay in bed thinking of you and … I know I shouldn't be…

Mmmm, it's just that, it makes me tingly when we talk online. My mind wanders to places it shouldn't… I'm sorry… it's not right. I lie in bed and think about things we can't do… I get wet.

I want that feeling that you give me, so I let my mind wander to places it shouldn't go. Mmm… I'm touching myself now, pretending that it's you. Hayzzzzz….. I put my middle finger in my mouth… out of habit. I told you, I'm already wet.

I discard my panties. I don't need any toy, just my imagination and I've been waiting to do this since last night.

No dirty words, I'll still get off thinking of you. I did today… I will tomorrow. Remember when I said…. I thought of you ONCE today… and never stopped. My breathing is quick with anticipation of that first touch. I lay on my back and spread my legs. This won't take long I'm too ready. My clit's already swollen… this should be good.

I'm super excited. I'm squirming, aching to start… I arch my spine sliding the first finger into my pulsing heat. So hot… you did this to me, gave me the need.

Would you tell me to stop… I hope not. Pinikit ko ang aking mga mata and sabay sa paglabas pasok ng aking daliri…. I slip in my second finger. Mmmm, God….. ang sarap. I'm squirming now, wondering if your fingers would feel the same. Malalaman ko pa ba? Mararanasan ko ba? Pero itinuloy ko pa rin. Iniisip kong ikaw yun, sariling mong mga daliri ang nagbibigay ng luwalhati. Slowly, I pump them in… out… in… out.

Aaah! I can scream, there's no one here to know. I'm panting now, wondering if you'd want to hear me scream… would you like to hear me moan? Kahit hindi dapat, kahit di tama. Masaya akong malaman na gusto mo akong marinig, na gusto mong malaman kung anong kakaiba ang nangyayari sa katawan ko.

I'm moaning now, I can hear myself, small whimpers escaping my throat. Kahit sa biruan natin…. Lahat ng vowel sounds nasabi ko na…. aaaaaaa, eeeeeee, iiiiiiii, ooooooo, uuuuuu. Samahan pa natin ng ilang consonants…hmmmmm….. hmmmmppptttttt……What's with the humming? Para san nga ba? Just so you know… you're giving me something…..I wanted.

You did this to me, made me want you like this. My clit throbs in time … I ignore it… not yet… not yet. Oh..God. My breasts are being neglected. If you were here, would you touch them… lick them? Don't answer coz I know….you will. Ikaw ang tipo ng taong marunong rumispeto at magbigay…. Mmmmm, I know it will feel so good! My fingers are coated sliding in and out with ease. I shouldn't be thinking of you but I can't help it. Dito lang nabubuo ang pantasya ko.

My hips buck to meet my fingers thrust. Aaaaaah! I'm fucking my own hand, but pretending that it's yours. Would you press deeper? Mmmmm I spread my legs wider and try to reach further. Tell meeee… would you go faster? I quicken my pace into myself rapidly. Oooooooh! I like that… feels so goood! You did this to me… made me want you.

I'm making noises now. My eyes are screwed shut. My legs trembling… it won't be long now. I slow down my fingers fevered thrusts. I'm not ready… not yet… not yet. I wonder if you'd let me cum. Would you? My juices are soaking the sheets, I don't mind. It's not right. I don't care either.

My body is tingling at the thought of your touch. Would you lick me now… use your tongue to clean me up? I'm wetter now, just from the thought of your head between my legs. Ooooooh…yeees! Like that! I can almost feel you… can you taste me? It's not fair.

I can't wait any more, I need to cum now! Would you get me off? How? The thought of you excites me and I ache with need. With one hand, I spread myself open. So slick… you did this to me. My hand is shaking. I can hardly wait to touch. My middle finger lightly strokes my swollen nub. Aaaaaaah! My head falls to the side. Would you lick me now? So close… so wet. I let my finger rub my tingling clit. Mmmmmmm, sooo good! I shouldn't.

I rub harder… faster. Almost there… ooooooooh, mmmmmm! I can't stay still. I slide two fingers inside. I'm pumping. I hope you can see.

Aaaaaah! My hands are covered in my juices… sticky and sweet. Sooooooo close! It's never been this good. Would you be this good, touch me like this? Mmmm… yesss! The bed is squeaking now, I'm humping so hard. I don't care, I need this… I want you. I didn't mean to say it, but I do.

I can hear the sloppy sound of my fingers slamming into my wet core. Can you hear it? Do you like that? I'm so close now… neeeed this!. My fingers are moving so fast… in my aching nub. Aaaaah… shiiiit! I'm thrashing around now, my release is so close. My legs are spread wide for you.

You did this to me… made me need this. Ooooooh… love… mmmmm! This is it! I'm… . cuummiiiiiiing! My back arches off the bed. My body...

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August 18, 2014 (4 years ago)

Nowadays, the term 'Erotic' has lost it's true meaning, but this Author brought back what true erotic is. Good Job. ^_^

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August 18, 2014 (4 years ago)

What else is new, if its from BB it must be, or it's definitely good, no, its great. :-)


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