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Date: April 2, 2014 (4 years ago)

Im a wolf, an alpha wol, runs with the pack but alone in pursuit of my moon,
I hope i sing her a song every full moon, for there at that time she is complete, full..
Oo madami akong nilalandi, Oo madami akong nabighani
At mas lalong Oo madaming bumighani sa akin, pero wala na sila
Parang hangin na dadampi sa aking nbalat, magbibigay ng masayang pakiramdam
Ng masarap na alaala,

But now, i realized, there countles of stars in the sky,
mga hindi ko maabot,Indi ko na makakapiling..
pero nanjan lagi ang buwan, nakamasid..nag liliwanag sa aking gabing madilim..
Im searching for my moon, the one that i cant live without, for without her i will surely die

The stories i will submit are mine, from the tresholdnof my heart and mind
Added a little flair, so as to entertain, for no good story is pure truth, or pure fantasy
Kayat sa mga gustong malaman anf mga bumighani sa akin, ang aking mga bitwin
Subaybayan nyo lng po..malalaman nyo kung bkit sila mga bitwin sa king gabk
Ngunit pag anahanap ko na ang aking buwan...

Those stars will only serve to brighten my moon, making her more..
More than what she is, atleast to me..

Ang magagandang alaala ay dapat kinakalat, di dapat tinatago,
Thats why im a strory teller,Nd i will tell the story of my stars...

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