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Date: October 29, 2015 (2 years ago)

I love to share some of my experiences about first encounter because of the thrilling excitement it brought. Not knowing any background of a hot chick maintains the desire lustful. Chances are, getting to know deeper and for a long time would either lose my desire or worst they might get bored. It is another lost opportunity and add up to my list of frustrations.

We have different methods and mine, eye contact is a better communicator in catching a girl's attention. Making an eye contact with them is the first move the followed by a polite and short conversation. After which, it is up for us to assess the situation. Look for indicators if a girl is reacting positively and willing to give in to a temptation. An old saying say, "Walang masama basta payag."

This happened last year, 2014. I have an apartment somewhere in Pasig near in LRT2 Santolan. I am working in Makati then and am riding LRT2 and MRT to get there usually. I often leave in my apartment at 7 AM. Most of the time, beetween 6:45 ang 7:30 is considered rush hout. Students from different universities outnumbered LRT2 passengers in those time frame. As expected, LRT2 is jam-packed and it is giving most of the passengers an elbow room to move.

I admit that I do sometimes take the opportunity to groped hot chiks. Most of the time, my targets are students probably in their last year of college. It is a god-given nature maybe that man are naturally crazy in fantasizing girls in their uniform.

There was this moment as we went inside the train; a hot chick really caught my attention. She looks prettier and even hotterin her uniform. Her school is after Cubao station based on her uniform which I rather not to divulge.

I am stunned with her simplicity the way she composed herself inside a jam-packed train. I intended to move closer to her. I guessed she noticed me as I moved forward into her direction. I gave a polite smile when she turned her to look the person standing behind her. She is near to the door and that is one of my reasons why I decided to move closer to her. Alighting in Cubao station is easier if you are near the door. We were both standing when the train departed from Santolan station.

Sometimes the train is shaking which causes our bodies to bumped each other.Unfortunately for her, whenever she moves her butt touches mine. I am enjoying the moment and I know my dick is getting harder. I knew she started to feel it when my dick gets rub to her butt for couple of times.

As the train approaches Katipunan station, a large crowd of passengers buckled up to get inside to the train. Every one is trying to get a comfortable position. The scenario became favorable to me. The hot chick body and mine got even closer. I have been already huggingher if only we were alone. I am enjoying the softness of her butt. Her hair smells good. The natural scent of a woman drives me crazy. I am out of my sanoty and I did not even care to move an inch away from her. I would like to thank all the patrons for giving me the unforgettable moment. Because of tight space, I have never heard any complain from her. Maybe she might just have a bad day that day as I enjoyed the gentleness of her skin.

She stands 5'4 along with her white complexion. Fogive me for what I have sinned but it is my lucky day.

When the passengers are started moving out in Cubao station, I excused myself to the hot chick to find my way out to the train. I did a stupid deed saying "Excuse me" where my lip touching her earlobe.It was all intentional. She gives me a weird look but I gave her a most devilish smile I do have. After I successfully move out from the train, I turned around to look at her and it is destined that our eyes met. I send a signal through slight bowing may head. I am trying to invite her to move out also. It was 7:30 AM then and I will do whatever it takes to convince her to treasure the moment once she agrees. As the 20 second limit is almost done for the closing of the LRT doors, she immediately alighted and headed in my direction.

I am surprised and again I gave her the most devilish smile I have ever done. I have been very vulgar with my intention. She slowly headed to me and smiles back also. Without any single word, we move our way out in Cubao station and we went to one of the hotels nearby.

We officially checked-in at almost 8:00 AM. Upon closing our door's room, we kissed each other. I went very aggressive and I really can't help myself and yes I am sinner. We sucked each other's tongue. We became furious as if there is no tomorrow. After a minute or so, our kissing went wilder and she started to moan. My hands are now all over her body. My right hand is rubbing her butt and my left hand is caressing her right breast. She is leaning back on the wall as we enjoyed the lustful deed. Her hug becomes tighter groping my head. Her left hand started to go down until she reached my dick. She unzips my pants and started playing on it.

I am gifted with a 6 inch dick and it has been fully erected at that time. Yes, I think we were both sinners.

I drag her to the bed while we are still kissing each other. Our hands became a traveler on its own. She went on top as we lied down. I undressed her and just throw her clothes somewhere else. She also does the same thing to me. At last, I am already squeezing her boobs. Skin to skin. Our moans went louder. She's enjoying it the way I caressed her boobs. Then, I moved closer to her to her breasts. I slowly sucked her pinkish nipples and I am feeling that her body shaking. I sometimes bite each of her nipple and she is enjoying each moment. After a while, she uttered "Ako naman". She moves down heading to my crotch through soft kisses and her tounge already licking the top of my cock.

Fuck! It feels like heaven while experiencing her amazing blow-job strokes. I enjoy every moment every time her tongue touches and plays my cock. I hold her head and look at her face.

C'mon, what can I say! She is really beautiful and hot. That's it!

After 5 – 10 minute unexplainable blow-job experience, she removes her undies and positioned her wet pussy in my hard cock. But before my cock went inside her pussy, I tried to let two of my fingers poked her pussy first. She is really wet. I played with her clit and she only answers back with a seductive stare. After I enjoyed playing her pussy, I hold my cock and signaled her to lower her body so we can start fucking each other.

I felt as every inch of my cock gets inside in her pussy. It is really warm inside. Even though she is not a virgin anymore but damn it is still tight. She is in a cowgirl position and the way she pumps is awesome. It is different kind of orgasm as the deed went about 10 minutes. She does a muscle control a little bit which droves me very crazy. She is also moaning as both of my hands are caressing her breasts.

Right after she get tired, we switched position as I went on her top. I banged her pussy very gently and slowly. We locked-in our lips while we are doing it. As my rhythm went even faster she started to moan very loud. She started to say some dirty lines such as "Putang-ina ang sarap mo. Ang galling mong kumantot. Tang-ina talaga." Of course, I answered back with "Ang libog mo talaga. Kanina pa kitang gustong kantutin. Buti na lang pumayag ka. Tang-ina mo rin ang sarap mo." We exchanged "Ah…. Ohh… Ang sarap….".

We did a lot of positions. We ate each other. Dirty words were lauded as we have enjoyed every deed. We did three rounds and I came inside her all of those rounds. We fully consumed the 3 hour stay in the hotel u...

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October 29, 2015 (2 years ago)

No offense meant nawawala ako sa concentration magbasa sa pagkasulat mo... Sana tinagalog mo na lang...

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October 29, 2015 (2 years ago)

Thanks. I'll take that as constructive criticism. Iba rin talaga ang hatak pag tagalog. :-D

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October 30, 2015 (2 years ago)

.. yes kasi malakas talga hatak ng tagalog... but it wouldn't hurt to read english stories from time to time... atleast me identity ang writings mo...

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October 31, 2015 (2 years ago)

A wonderful and sexciting experience

Good job!

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October 31, 2015 (2 years ago)

Incredible,a simple look with a smile and the rest is history.Yep!The best ones are the ones you get unexpectedly in unexpected moments.

ISO certified DOM and ATC(Ako'y Talagang Cute!)

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October 31, 2015 (2 years ago)

i agree with the comments of this guys, dapat tinagalog mo na nga lang, but what the hell, at least we understand it clearly, and i agree also with Mr,M hehehe... ^_^

awesome, make your day, your day, a day to remember, make history!

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