Carnal Surrender (A Reverse POV)

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Date: October 11, 2017 (1 year ago)

Carnal Surrender

All that arguing left me feeling restless-
Anger, frustration, mixed with hightened emotion.
In my gut, heat slowly ignites...
Longing for a touch, to quench a lust filled heart

I asked myself, everytime that this happens...
What a way to push my carnal desire to the edge
How come pain and degradation serves not its intention?
Instead of crying, I feel that its more exciting?
The tingling won't subside, cold shower is not enough!
I need a hole to fuck, a woman to release the steam inside.

I knew it was wrong but still, I helped myself.
Suddenly there, I found me, on top of that woman,
A woman whose a friend, with my sleeping lover...
A woman whose body, now, I am devouring

Her silky skin tastes of musk and sweat -
A flavour so entoxicating, I kept on licking and biting
From her knees to her lucious thighs
From her navel to her mound full of cum,
And in between, there's a wet womanhood,
With clits so red, I sucked and licked it good
Was her glory hole glistening, calling to kiss its opening.

I closed my eyes, guided mine in
An inch, Fuck! she so tight
Another one in, and my mouth's ajar
I can't wait no more, and so I slammed...
hard, she took my whole eight inches inside!

I can't believe, how good I felt.
Up and down, in and out, faster and harder...
Butterflies wiggle at each given caress
Each stroke of my thickness rendered the both of us blind
The slapping sound of slippery skin,
Against the force of every ride...
Makes me wanna scream with pure delight.

My moans of pleasure, could wake the dead
By the sight of stars and the ringing in my ears
I would go for broke, and the hell if we got caught!
That intensity, that shook my body and soul,
Is worth the surrender, its not my fault.

As I slowly walked, out of the door...
With my hand cupping my balls and my happy cock,
I saw her fingers snaking softl...

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