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Date: November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

In ten minutes, the bus was scheduled to leave. Sitting contently by herself, Mica was pleased that the chair next to her appears to be vacant.

Hay salamat. Minsan lang ako makatiyempo na walang katabi. She thought to herself.

Taking advantage of the long weekend, she had decided to go back home to visit her parents. The trip to Legazpi City will take approximately 8 hours. Having no one beside her makes it easier for her to twist and turn as sleeps through the night.

She stares outside blankly, watching the chaos outside. Some passengers struggled with their luggage and cartons, others scrambled to find the buses they were taking. She could not hear them from inside the air-conditioned bus. Instead, she hears the constant chatter around her. Hearing, but not understanding.

"Excuse me." Bingi yata itong babae na ito! Sayang, maganda pa naman sana.

Mica finally realized someone was talking to her. Glancing to her left, she sees a handsome man standing and looking at her.

"Miss, ito ang seat ko. Yung jacket mo…" Salamat naman at narinig mo rin ako. Kung hindi ka lang maganda, sigawan na kita at kanina pa kita tinatawag!

Without saying a word, Mica picked up her jacket and covered herself. Sayang, akala ko wala akong katabi. Meron pala. Buti na lang at may itsura naman. Mukhang safe naman katabi.

His name is Rick. Like Mica, he is also a college student. He is going to Legazpi City to hook up with his Bicolano friends who promised to accompany him to Donsol to see whalesharks. He sat down, used his jacket as a blanket to cover himself and closed his eyes.

Soon, the bus departed from the terminal. Both Mica and Rick never talked to each other, both deciding to sleep through the night.

Sometime during the middle of the night, Rick was awakened by the sudden swerve the bus had made. Nakatulog na pala ako! Anong lugar na kaya ito? He was going to extend his right hand to check the time on his watch when he suddenly stiffened. The girl sitting next to him was sleeping. Her body leaned against him, and his right arm is on her breast.

It was dark and quiet inside the bus. He could feel her heartbeat. Shit! Baka isipin niya sinasadya ko! The girl did not move. Rick waited. Malusog din pala ang suso nito. Manipis pa yata ang suot na bra. Parang utong niya itong nararamdaman ko!

He chanced a glance and was surprised to see her face so close to him. Ang sarap mong tignan habang natutulog. Para kang anghel. Ang lusog ng suso mo. Nakakalibog ka! Rick thought to himself as he feels his cock growing erect.

Maiipit ang titi ko! He inserted his left hand inside his pants. Ayusin ko muna, huwag ka sanang magising. His cock is now erect and his cock head pushing on his brief. He inserted his finger inside and pulled his cock head out of his brief.

They have now reached the so-called 'Bituka ng Manok', a part of Atimonan where the bus had to go through a series of zigzags as it navigates up and down the mountainside. As the bus swayed at each turn, Rick's arm pressed and rubbed on Mica's breast.

Mica was dreaming. She was somewhere dark and cold, alone and scared. She was seated, and leaning back. Where she was and what she was seating on, she didn't know. It was too dark to see anything.

A gentle breeze, then something warm grazes her breast. She couldn't move. She tried to, but a powerful force seemed to hold her. Nananaginip ako! Nananaginip ako! Kailangan kong gumising! Her consciousness screamed.

Fear enveloped her. Nasaan ako? Ano ang nangyayari sa akin? Isang panaginip ba ito? Ang lamig! She tried to move again to no avail. Patay na ba ako? Bakit hindi ako makagalaw? Ang lamig! Para akong yelo!

She was frozen with fear. Fear turned to dread. Her consciousness screamed for her to wake up. Hindi! Hindi! Hindi pa ako patay! Kailangan kong gumising! Kailangan kong gumising!

Something warm on her breast. Ano iyang mainit na iyan? Her consciousness wills her body to focus on the warm sensation on her breast. Her body reacts. It is as if her frozen body began thawing as the warm sensation starts to spread from her breast to her whole body.

As her body begins to warm, she felt a thousand needles prickling her. Not hurting, just a sensation of prickling that soon faded away. A tiny spark here, a tiny spark there, a new sensation builds up.

Diyos ko! Ano ang nangyayari sa akin? Isang panaginip ito! Gising! Kailangan kong magising!

The new sensation continues to build up. From deep within her, a sudden release of energy ran through her entire body, surging to that warm sensation on her breast, then she opened her eyes.

It was dark and cold. Momentarily confused, she gradually came to her senses. She was inside a bus, and that warm feeling on her breast… Shit! Manyakis din pala itong katabi ko!

She wanted to move away, but as the bus made turns, his arm continued to rub on her breast, then she realized her body was reacting. Ang… Ang… Ang sarap!

Rick should have taken his arm off the girl's breast. Baka magising pag gumalaw ako. He lied to himself. The truth is, he didn't want to. She was sleeping and he was taking advantage. He puts his left hand on his crotch. His cock is rock hard and he wanted to masturbate, which he couln't do.

Mica could not believe how her body was reacting. Move na. Pero ang sarap! Mukha namang tulog itong katabi ko. She allowed herself a few more minutes. Hindi naman niya alam. Sandali lang. Shit! Ang sarap! Parang basa na ang puke ko.

She placed her right hand on top of her pussy. Sana nasa bahay ako. Gusto ko na! The bus was going downwards now, which means they will soon pass 'Bituka ng Manok' and if she remembers correctly, they will soon stop at a restaurant.

On each turn, on each bump, Rick's arm continues to rub on Mica's breast, sending waves of pleasure. Both of them pretended to be asleep, unaware how horny each of them feels. As their lust continues to build up, the bus finally stops at a restaurant.

As soon as the lights turned on, Rick turned to one side, Mica to the other side. When the door opened, Rick stood up to get off the bus. Left alone, Mica took a moment to compose her self before she went out of the bus.

She saw him drinking a bottle of water. Loko ka! Pinalibog mo ako! He turned and looked at her. Feeling embarassed, she turned her head away and quickly went back inside the bus. Grabbing her backpack, she pulled out her blanket and covered herself. Ano ba itong nararamdaman ko? Of all times, dito pa with a stranger!

The passengers were coming back to the bus. She felt him sat down next to her. She pretended to sleep.

Rick tried to avoid contact, but the seats did not allow for that. As soon as he felt her on his side, his cock grew harder than before. Nakakalibog ka talaga! Makatulog na nga. Mahirap na.

The bus started moving and lights were turned off. Rick sat very still and as much as he wanted to sleep, he couldn't. Libog na libog na ako! Nakakalibog ka! Ano kaya, kunwari tulog ako, ipatong ko ang kamay ko sa hita mo?

Mica hadn't moved an inch for a long time now. Grabe! Basang basa na ang puke ko! Tulog na! Kung hindi, baka hindi na ako makatiis!

Tulog na tulog yata. Subukan ko nga. Rick waited until the bus made a turn, he quickly placed his arm on her breast again. Hayop! Ang sarap sigurong salatin ang suso mo! Ang sarap sigurong halikan, dilaan at sipsipin ang utong mo.

Mica felt his arm on her breast. Ohhh. Tarantado itong katabi ko! Nananadya yata! Shit! Nakakalibog talaga. Sana nilalamas mo ang suso ko! Ohhh. Sana dinidilaan mo ang utong ko.

Rick felt her breathing harder. Tinablan yata. Parang dinidiin pa ang suso sa akin. The thought of her sexually aroused and pressing her breast on him was too much for Rick. Hindi ko na matiis. Bahala na! He slowly moves his hand, going under her blanket and places his palm on her leg.

Shit! Hayop talaga. Ang lakas ng loob! Basang basa na ako, lalo pa akong nalilibugan sa ginagawa mo!

Rick waited to see if she would react. Tulog ka o kunwari lang. She was breathing hard, so was he. He made small movements on his arm, rubbing on her breast.

Ohhh. Ang sarap! Libog na libog na ako! Mica leaned on him. Ano ba itong ginagawa ko?

Rick slowly moved his hand. He caressed her inner thigh.

Mica felt her pussy pulsating with excitement. Oh shit! Oh shit! Hindi ko na kaya! Kailangan kong makaraos! She opened her legs for him. Rick's heart skipped a beat. Gusto mo rin pala! He rubs her inner thigh, and dared to rub her pussy. Shit! Bitin! Ang kapal ng jeans mo!

Ohhh! Ohhh! Idiin mo! Idiin mo!

Rick tried to insert his hand into her pants. Masikip. Paano kaya?

As if on cue, Mica unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her pants. Wala namang makakakita. Madilim naman at buti medyo malaki itong kumot ko! Ayan!

Rick started rubbing on top of her panty. Shit! Basang basa na! Nakakalibog ka talaga! He inserts his hand inside her panty. Walang bulbol. Shaved pala. He rubs her pussy lips. Basang basa ka na talaga! Libog ka na rin pala. Libog na libog!

Unnnggghhh! Ang sarap! Ohhh!

He started to rub her clitoris.

Ohhh! Unnnggghhh! Shit! Sarap! Pahawak din ng titi mo! She finds his crotch and starts rubbing.

Oh shit! Teka, hubarin ko rin itong pants ko. He quickly unbuttons his jeans and pulls down his pants.

Once again, he touches her pussy. Unnnggghhh! Sige pa! Ohhh! Sige pa! Kiskisin mo ang clit ko! She puts her hands inside his brief to touch him. Oh my God! Ang laki ng titi mo! Ang tigas tigas! She rubs his cock up and down.

Ohhh! Ohhh! Sige! Ituloy mo! Libog na libog ako sa iyo! Parang bato na sa tigas ang titi ko sa libog sa iyo!

Rick continued rubbing her clit. Unnnggghhh! Shit! Shit! Malapit na akong labasan! Ohhh!!! Ohhh!!! Sensing her about to come, Rick rubbed on her clit faster. Unnnggghhh!!! Unnnggghhh!!! I am coming na!! Unnnggghhh!!! Unnnggghhh!!! Unnnggghhh!!!

Rick felt her wetness gushing, which made him hornier. He pulls down her panty and makes her sit on him. She guides his cock inside her pussy.

Ang laki ng titi mo! Ohhh! Ayan, ayan, kantutin mo na ako! Ohhh!!! Kantutin mo ako!!!

Ohhh!!! Ohhh!!! Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Ang sarap mong kantutin!

Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Unnnggghhh!!! Kantot pa! Kantot pa! Ohhh!!! Kantutin mo ako ng titi mo! Kantot! Kantot pa! Mica grinds her butt on Rick, feeling his rock hard cock inside her wet pussy.

As Rick fucks Mica, he grabs her breasts. Ang sarap mo talagang kantutin! Ang lulusog pa ng suso mo! Ayan! Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Ang sarap sarap mong kantutin!

Ohhh!!! Sige! Lamasin mo ang suso ko!!! Ohhh!!! Unnnggghhh! ang sarap mong kumantot! Sige pa! Kantot pa! Kantot! Eto, igigiling ko ang puwet ko! Masarap ba? Unnnggghhh!!! Unnnggghhh!!!

Ahhh!!! Ummmppphhh! Ummmppphhh! Ang sarap mo talagang kantu...

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November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

Wow! I love it.. Malamang may part 2 pa ... Abangan namin yan nor ;)


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User Not Found
November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

Noriel you bring back good memories of bus rides...

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November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

I  think this posted sa Pinoy Literotika....


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November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)

hi erotika19!

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November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

exactly how I wanted this story to be. madalas ako mag imagine ng ganito sa bus. haha

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November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

Ako naman gusto ko mamboso lang sa bus while ur busy doing it.

Good job!

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November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

Hahaha. Ihanap mo ako ng ganung guy ser. Mukhang masaya. HAHA

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November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

Dami dyan.., hunahanap lang ng tyempo.

Good job!

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November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

Di naman ako magpapatyempo. Haha.

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User Not Found
November 28, 2013 (4 years ago)

Lika Bud,joy rides tayo papauwi mula Manila hanggang sa Bicolandia...

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January 27, 2015 (3 years ago)

nice . magkapangalan pa tayo noriel hahaha

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January 27, 2015 (3 years ago)

makatiyempo nga ng ganyan sa public playground palang kase natry ko e.

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