Barkada Outing (Part 1)

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Date: June 30, 2016 (2 years ago)

Hi, I'm Fred and let me just share what has happened during one of the best summer outing in my life. One hot summer weekend, our barkadas decided to book a room in a resort hotel somewhere in Clark to celebrate our 5th anniversary as a group of friends. We were about 15 in the group, 8 males and 7 females. All of us have already graduated from college and now working. Two of the males here are my closest friends - Paulo and Leo. Whenever we are talking about green stuff, no holds barred, very unrestricted. To the point that we are discussing how to rape some of our girl friends whenever we are alone. How horny I get whenever we talk about that!

Well, I guess it's time to put that fantasy into fruition. I got this idea from reading a dark forum somewhere in the internet when the guy who posted this story told us how he got a hand in a date-rape drug which is undetectable if you slip it into a drink and very potent up to 4 hours and used it to have sex with his hot sister-in-law while she is asleep. So I asked Paulo about this drug, since Paulo is a certified Pharmacist and told me that it's true. I asked him if he can get a hold of this drug and mentioned that maybe we can use it in the future. He gave me a very wide grin.

Fast forward to the outing, we had a very wonderful evening, party here, party there. Then some of our friends in the group left and only the three of us - me, Paulo and Leo, are the only remaining guys in the group and there are 4 girls who will stay for the night. Since we are all close to each other, the girls see our company with no malice - just pure innocence and trust. One of the girls and the most pretty of them all, Guada, requested that we already serve them beer and start the fun. I, Paulo and Leo looked each other in the eye, we already know what's going to happen. And so Paulo gave me a small carton box of what looks like a medicine container.

Of course, I immediately hid it out of sight and went to the kitchen of the villa to serve them beer in a pitcher. I separated the pitchers of the boys from the girls. Paulo told me to put 4 tablets per liter of beer for the full effects of the drug. Afterwards, I served the beer to our unsuspecting victims. I have to admit I'm quite nervous since I am fully aware that we are committing a crime. But what the heck, it's been a long time since I want to munch on Guada's succulent boobs and very round butt. The other girls in our group, Jhaz, Erica and Sarah, are also very pretty and hot as well. Darn, I want to munch all of them!

To describe them, Guada kinda looks like a cuter and morena version of Marian Rivera. She has a very firm, straight, pointy boobs, a slender build for a body but the main attraction is her nice, round butt which bulges every time she wears a jeans. God I would love to suck the hell out of that butt! Next is Jhaz, she is a little voluptuous but not that fat. Her butt is much rounder and larger than that of Guada, but that is because her thighs are big as well. She also has a much bigger, rounder boobs (around 36B I guess?) and she's a chinita which makes her very attractive as well. Erica is a morena but a very beautiful morena. I can't describe who she looks like since her face is quite unique. Unique in a way that even though she is morena, her angelic face is very irresistible. She has a very slender frame, but her boobs are a bit bigger than that of Jhaz and her butt is a little rounder than Guada's. If there is one thing I would like to munch on Erica, that would be her boobies. And lastly, Sarah is the fairest skinned of them all. She is also a chinita as well, around 5'2 in height but she has a small boobs and an average butt since she is slim. She looks like Gretchen Ho, but a smaller version. Nevertheless, she is also very attractive.

Guada, Jhaz and Sarah have boyfriends while Erica is NBSB - no boyfriend since birth. I can only assume that among the girls, only Erica is the virgin, so I told the guys when we are planning our deed not to penetrate deeply into Eri...

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July 4, 2016 (2 years ago)

So, totoo ba yung date-rape drug na yan sir? Talaga bang hindi mahahalata nung girl na ginalaw sila pag pinainom sila ng ganon?

Asi es la vida...

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