Arra and Ruby - Chapter 5

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Date: June 20, 2018 (2 months ago)

Arra and Ruby
Two Good Girls from Davao

Chapter 5 -

"Baby Rubz? Do you think we're the only girls in school that are still virgins?"

"Haha... probably Baby Arr. But then again, there are lots of girls who aren't so pretty...."

"But maybe they're the ones doing it!"

"Could be, you never know! Look at you,... you're hot but you're such a nerd! Who would guess you eat pussy?"

"That's true, I'm sure they would be shocked! You never know what others are doing in private."

"Rubz, do you think we're lesbians?"

"I'm not! haha... I don't know about you, Miss Pussylicker..."

"Hay naku! I didn't hear you complaining while I was down there, haha."

"Anyway, I don't think we're lesbians, I think we're just horny. I still think about boys all the time and get wet. And I know I want to have a family some day. So no way I'm a lesbian."

"Me too, I like boys and feel attracted to them. And it's true that with you I'm really horny, but I don't feel it for other girls..."

"Well, maybe we're just inlab."

"Yeah, well, of course we're in love, but wouldn't that make us lesbians?"

"Don't label us, bebs. There's no need to figure it out based on what other people feel or do. We're unique! Besides, this is just between us... no one else is involved. If we want to fuck each other, then we fuck... so what?"

Sighing, "Yeah, I know, Rubz. Tama, let's just enjoy what we have for now. We're lucky to have each other, whether we're having sex or whatever we do. Some people aren't this lucky."

The two girls began kissing again and despite the shower they had just taken, they were hot again. The two sizzling bodies came together, and they found themselves in the position of not being able to stop. Once naked, Ruby decided to make love to Arra orally, as she had done to her earlier. That way they would both know the feeling from either end, so to speak.

Rubz went down and buried her face in Arr's tiny virgin cunt and inhaled her freshly-washed fragrance with just a hint of her wonderful pussy smell in it. As she licked, the fragrance got stronger and her pussy became wetter, now beginning to seep the thicker stuff. Ruby looked up to see the moonlight from the window above the bed reflecting on Arra's perfect flat tummy, with her pussy mound right before her eyes. Arra's two small, firm breasts were pointing straight up and swaying with the timing of Ruby's tongue on her pussy as her whole petite body waved with the motion. Above that, was Arra's beautiful face, her eyes closed and lips in a tight smile, her hair spread out over the pillow under her precious head. Now her legs locked around Ruby's head, willfully trapping her face in the smaller girl's cunt. Rubz could tell she was close to cumming, but couldn't quite get there. Ruby continued until she couldn't go on, then she had an impulse to try something different.

She got on up on her knees between Arra's legs and positioned them sort of sideways as she climbed between with one leg over Arra's and one under. Then she pressed her perfectly smooth wet pussy lips against Arra's and began to hump her. The two girls scissored, grinding the meat of their hot cunts together. Ruby thrust as though she was fucking Arr, and the most tender and sensitive area of their bodies mashed togther. Arra could feel Ruby's pronounced pussy lips and clit against her silky pussy crack, and it sent her over the top. Her delayed orgasm was even stronger than it would have been, as she exploded in ecstasy and almost became too loud for the situation they were in.

Ruby was still partially upright as Arra lay back, both girls breasts bouncing and ruby's hair flapping from the motion and the bedroom fan. It was a beautiful site. In the light of the full moon was every guy's dream, two beautiful Pinay teens, horny and taking out their frustration on each other. Ruby came now too as they continued tribbing, then collapsed on top of her friend. The two sweaty girls splashed together, flesh-to-flesh. Arr again locked her legs around Ruby, around her hips this time as they caught their breath. The room smelled like cum and over-stimulated pussy and the bed sheets were soaked. It was a while before Arra spoke.

"Ruby, I want to be fucked. I mean, I want to lose my virginity. But I want YOU to do it."

"How, Arr? How could I take yur virginity?"

"I dunno bebelabs, maybe with a toy? One of those fake dicks like the girl used in the video?"

"One, we don't have a fake dick... and two, I don't want to put plastic in your pussy. It doesn't sound hot and not the least romantic ..."

"Fingers won't do it, will they?"

"No, not unless my fingers were 5.5 inches long and 2 inches thick!"

With that, Arra laughed out loud and Ruby had to clamp her hand over her mouth. They continued to discuss potential solutions to their dilemma. Finally, it came down to this:

"OK, so what if we get a boy to do it? That's the only way it's going to be real."

"But you said you wanted me to do it! That's kinda defeating the purpose, Arr."

"No, I mean you will be there too! We'll be together. The boy will only do what we want him to. We will be in charge...."

"Damn! You little SLUT!", Ruby said jokingly, then, "You might be on to something. You and I are there with a guy and we lose it together!"

"Whaat? You too? You'll lose it too?"

"Sure, why not? That's the only way we can experience it together."

The devious pair began to discuss who they would get to do the deed. Ever the nerd, Arra started to compile a list:

1. Must be older, out of school
2. Must be experienced
3. Must be a loner, less chance of bragging about it
4. Must be pogi and fit
5. Must be sober during
6. Must be someone that doesn't know our parents or siblings
7. Must not be a total loser
8. Must have a nice dick

"Wait, c'mon Arra! How are we going to know beforehand if he has a nice dick?" Ruby laughed.

"You can be the one to check first..." Arra snapped back.

9. Must not be married
10. Must not become romantically involved with either of us, and we not with him.

The two naked girls went over the list twice, via the flashlight in Arra's phone. After the second time of reading it out loud, the two turned to face each other and simultaneously said, "REY!".

Rey was an older boy, in his mid-20s that everybody knew of, but no one knew personally. He showed up in town a few years ago, the rumor was he had been in jail. Rey was the quintessential 'bad boy', although he never done anything bad that anyone was specifically aware of. However, the rumors and legends abounded. He lived alone, he had a room downtown above a bar. He did odd jobs all over town, the kind of jobs that no one else wanted to do. The people whom he worked for all said he was reliable, a hard worker, trustworthy, honest, and respectful, although extremely quiet. He rarely spoke unless spoken to, and then had a deep but hushed voice. He was a kind of legend around town.

Besides, Re...

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