I have a crush on someone here, yes, within FSS. I don't want to embarrass her, so I won't say her name. But I will say that this crush, maybe silly to you readers, is not silly to me at all. She doesn't know my feelings for her. I don't know much about her, but I'm fascinated with what I do know; she's smart, witty, articulate and super-horny, but classy at the same time. It's a mix I haven't encountered often in my life!

I don't know if she'll read this, and even if she does, she may not won't recognize it's her. But here goes. I'm going write directly to her, feel free to follow along as we go on a date:

It's Saturday morning, early (say about 10:30) and I pick you up at your house and briefly meet your family. Then we head for the city. We arrive at the baywalk and walk hand-in-hand. I secretly have a small baggie of stale bread crumbs in my pocket, I produce it and we throw the chunks to the sea gulls and watch them swoop and catch it mid-air. It's a beautiful day, not too hot or cold with a bright blue sky.

We stop and look at whatever the vendors have, feigning interest but really just being kind. We sit on a bench and enjoy halo-halo, just 'people watching' for a while. We make up goofy stories about the interesting-looking ones, and laugh. Next we go to park and listen to a guy playing acoustic guitar, he's really good! We leave a tip in his open guitar case.

Now time for a light lunch in an open-air cafe, we have mussels and pasta and it's surprisingly good! Afterwards we go to a natural history museum and browse around, holding hands and being playful. We notice an old lady keeps staring at us, maybe because I'm a foreigner or maybe because of our age difference, probably both... she scowls her disapproval and looks disgusted, but she keeps looking. We decide to give her a show and we embrace and tongue-kiss passionately right in front of her, haha. She huffs and scurries off, we giggle, but now we are aroused.

We're touching each other and being daring when we have a chance. Nothing lewd, of course, just light public displays of affection; pats, pinches, kisses on the cheek, roaming hands. Next we go to Mall of Asia and browse around, again holding hands. It's late afternoon now, and we stop at my car and I get a blanket from the trunk. We return to the park, spread the blanket, and lay on our backs and watch the clouds. I see a cloud that looks like a dog, but it looks more like a cat to you. I turn my head to the side and gaze at your face, while you're looking up, and I wonder how I became so lucky to be with a girl like you. A slight breeze brings the fragrance of your shampoo towards me and my stomach growls as it wafts past. I want you so much!

Eventually we get up and brush off, and I return the blanket. It's evening now and we head to a cozy little place for dinner. I request a dimly-lit booth in the back, and we sit on the same side and enjoy drinks. There's not many people because it's still kind of early, although dark. After ordering, I lean over and kiss your neck, my hand on your thigh. We talk about our day together as I rub your thigh, my hand under your skirt now. I can feel your body respond to my touch, as the drinks are starting to take effect. Returning the favor, you reach over and feel my hard cock over my pants. OMG, it feels great. My hand goes further up your skirt and a little lower, on your upper inner thigh now. I am so fucking hard! I rub your pussy over your panty, tracing the shape of your lips and feel it becoming damp.

Our food arrives, and the waiter is surprised to see us sitting there kind of sweaty and flushed, leaning on each other. But he, nor anyone else, is aware of what we're had been doing. We have seafood, all types, and it's delicious. And you know what they say about oysters, right?

After dinner we walk along the entertainment district, finally choosing a place that has a live band. We enter and listen to the music and sip drinks. When your favorite song comes on, we dance close. I hold your waist and pull you towards me, your arms around my neck. You feel my cock becoming hard again as we slowly move to the music. Your head is on my chest and I nibble your neck, sending goose bumps down your spine. We reach the point where nothing is more important to us right now than our passion. It overtakes the drinks, the music, whatever... as we feel the incredible urge to fuck.

We leave the club and go to my room about a block away, just off the strip. We enter the room, and even before the door is closed and bolted, we are tearing at each other's clothes. I steer you towards the bed as we kiss, then collapse and remove each other's clothes with desire. We always thought our first time would be slow and romantic, but we're just too damn horny for each other after our day together. Before we catch our breath, I have you naked on the bed and I'm holding your knees to your chest as I devour your delicious pussy like a starving man. You wiggle your hips as I lick and suck your clit and pussy lips. I slide a finger inside, then another and finger fuck you while I eat. I don't let up until you explode in your first orgasm of the evening. Even then, l don't stop... I simply slow down until I have lapped up all your delicious cum.

You recover and go down on my cock, greedily licking and sucking. One of your fingers enters my ass as you suck and I gasp and almost shoot my load. But I hold off and let you have your way with my body. It's been years for me since I've been treated as an object of desire like this... and it feels fucking fantastic! Now I hold your head and fuck your face forcefully, and I can tell by your enthusiasm that you like it. But I reach a point where it isn't enough for me... and I withdraw from your mouth with a 'pop' and you know what's coming next.

You lay back on the bed as I shove a pillow under your ass and begin to rub the head of my large dick up and down in your slit. Then when I can't wait any longer, I line it up and thrust inside and we fuck the living daylights out of each other! Your pussy feels amazing, so hot and tight and you are so filled with passion and desire. Our flesh slaps together and we're both groaning with sinful lust as we slam each other mercilessly. Now I withdraw and you turn over, I take you doggy-style, again slapping your flesh relentlessly. You back up to take each stroke as I move forward and we crash together... bam bam bam! Your pussy milks my cock like you have a little hand in there, squeezing me and nearly sending me over the cliff. You scream "oh fuck! shit!" as you cum on my dick but not letting up on the rhythm. I feel puki mo clamp down on my dick and it feels like it's gonna snap off! Now you had your orgasm, so again I withdraw and collapse onto the bed on my back, and you mount me and ride my smooth long cock. It's so hot to see you sliding up and down on my tool and it's not long before I blast inside your pussy. You continue to ride, slower now,...

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June 18, 2018 (11 months ago)


i'm not trying to be fit to be your fantasy, i just want to fit in my dress

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June 18, 2018 (11 months ago)

Hmmm.. Sarap..

Mahirap maghanap ng taong pangmatagalan sa sitwasyong pangmabilisan.

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June 19, 2018 (11 months ago)

Wala ako naintindihan. 😹😹😹

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June 19, 2018 (11 months ago)

What don't you understand?

"No one ever leaves you as they found you"

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