Hi FSS Readers,

I have been lurking and reading several stories and confessions for quite some time now. I found this site by accident and decided (now) to submit a confession. Dark , as it may seem for some, but this is just the other side of 'real me'.

I am a typical mid-30's guy. Married for 15 years now. Professional and has a name to keep.

My wife is the same age as mine. Professional and working. Physically, in case you were wondering, she is 5'3'', voluptous Coca-Cola figure, round firm butt as well as a handful of firm lumps. She is soft and has the facial profile of a Spanish-Japanese mestiza. Her ancestry is what gave it away. Most men of my age and older ones still find her sexually banging hot and even younger crowds. ( More to this later )

Everything happened to be a bit late (para maglandi) or for me to discover this other side of me.

A year ago, a close friend ask my wife out for a birthday/despedida party. As far as I can tell, they went out on a bar-hopping spree, all-night party and what have you. Around 2am that night I went to the toilet to piss and my phone rang. A video was sent to me by a third-degree relative who happens to be on that party with my wife. My wife only knows her barely but not fully acquainted.

The video caption read "Kuya is this Ate ****, I do not mean to incite any issues"

On the video: My wife is having a close and intimate convo (as it how it looks) with a good-looking guy maybe the same age as mine, mestizo, well-built and well-dressed. He is on the table along with, maybe his other guy friends who is also talking to my wife's girlfriends. He is whispering something on my wife's ears and my wife looks surprised and smiling. They were both sipping on their ordered drinks once in a while.

The clip lasted for a couple of minutes and ended on the part where the guy was holding my wife's arms and caressing her thigh and my wife was not protesting nor trying to move away. She is obviously enjoying the moment. Alcohol's influence or not, my wife's cleavage was remarkably conspicuous and the guy seem not to hide his glances and how he relishes looking at them. By my wife's looks in her eyes there is no hiding in it that she feels "wanted and still desirable"

I responded to my cousin, "Ah Oo. She actually asked for that night out. Maybe she is planning to leave me na..hahaha.." I teasingly responded. My cousin knows me and how open-minded I am in terms of...

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September 18, 2023 (12 days ago)

If you want to know the limits of your open-mindedness, next time ask your ire to either record a video or have a vidcall with you while she’s with another person.

As a matter of principle, I don't pay for sex 😎

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SantaFe's Profile Picture
September 18, 2023 (12 days ago)

Why not? seems like an interesting perspective.

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September 18, 2023 (12 days ago)

Pwede naman matry virtually if open rin sya. Usap tayo sa pm if u want. I may have something u might be interested in.

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September 19, 2023 (12 days ago)

Repost? Parang nabasa ko na to.

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September 19, 2023 (12 days ago)

sya ba yung nasa profile

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September 19, 2023 (11 days ago)

Feels good tho. Waiting at home. Knowing she is currently moaning and groaning and even probably screaming at the moment in bed with someone else. Been there, done that.

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September 20, 2023 (10 days ago)

Is this a repost? I think I've already read it before somewhere.

It’s bad but it feels good. It’s wrong but it feels so right. Sharing is caring.

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September 21, 2023 (9 days ago)

Nice, i hope you will share us your wife's fun night's. I think there is more to tell. Thanks and good luck

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