I Confess : Tinder And Car Fun (Part 1)

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Date: September 8, 2023 (22 days ago)

Hi! It's me again. I'm back to share one of my fantasies that I turned into reality. One off my fantasy bucketlist.

This happened before the pandemic, well I actually made a list of stories/confessions na I could post here and majority of them happened in my 20's, which is the peak of my kalibugan, now I feel like ako si Lola Basyang telling stories to anyone who wants to hear/read at malibugan at the same time. LOL

Anyway back to my story, so I met this guy from Tinder, I was 27 at the time and he was twice my age. We talked for like 3 days and scheduled to meet up and we all know that Tinder meet ups are usually hook ups aka ONS (one night stand).

It was Friday when he picked me up from work, we grabbed some food and decided to just drive. Typical kwentuhan while driving at mukhang napasarap sa kwentuhan because all of a sudden madilim na sa kalsada, so in my head, oh it's game time.

As we were driving, nagtanong sya if there's a hotel na malapit and since nakatira ako sa probinsya, uhm mahirap maghanap ng hotel on the spot. (I forgot to mention na hindi sya taga-rito, he's just here for work and siguro while working nahorny sya). Sabi ko nalang, let's try a few resorts along the way, sadly lahat ng nakita namen na malapit were already booked at dun sa last resort na nag-inquire kame, there was a big open space next to it facing the sea. No buildings, no lights, kahit parked cars wala, and he said "lipat tayo sa kabila, kwentuhan ulit tayo bago kita ihatid" then he smirked. And of course, hindi na tayo bata, alam ko may mangyayari and I am excited. Haha!

So he found a sweet spot dun sa pinakadulo para malayo from the resort next door. As soon as naayos nya yung parking, he removed his seatbelt and reached out to kiss me, it was hot and wet and of course I kissed him back. Inalis ko na din seatbelt ko kasi napalaban na ako sa halikan. Actually yung halikan turned into laplapan instantly, pinasok nya dila nya into my mouth and our tongues began to dance, espadahan ng dila as others would describe it. He would suck my tongue and even lick my face at gumaganti ako by softly biting his lower lip, he's a good kisser, malaway at hayok at nasasarapan ako.

Then the kisses started to go down my neck kasabay ng mga kamay nya na lumalamas sa boobs ko sa labas ng shirt ko. At habang lulong na ako sa sarap nyang humalik, napansin ko nalang na naka-unclasp na yung bra ako and he playing with my boobs sa loob ng shirt ko. He was cuffing my boobs, pressing them hard, as in lamas kung lamas. He would pinch my nipples and occassionally pull them out and I would let out a soft moan kasi ang sarap. Hindi na siguro sya nakatiis, he lifted my shirt up, exposing my boobs and I felt like nilapa nya yung boobs ko. It was aggresive pero fuck ang galing nya at ang sarap. He was sucking one boob while nilalamas nya ng madiin at gigil yung isa. He would press my boobs together and alternately suck each nipple and play with it with his tongue minsan pa he would tease me by biting it and the pain would make moan with pleasure.

While he's busy sa paglamutak sa boobs ko, of course I had to do something. I started to rub his already hard cock sa loob ng pants nya, then in a swift motion, binaba ko zip...

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September 9, 2023 (22 days ago)

Great detailed confession story full of excitement and juicy words. Hope part 2 is coming soon :)

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