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Date: September 5, 2023 (25 days ago)

I know karamihan sa atin may sarisariling fantasies pag dating sa sex pero as I expect from everyone almost parehas naman ang gusto nila but I see mine a little too wild

I want to confess this at gawaan ng story someday kaya sna ma enjoy niyo this

01: BDSM

Iyk bdsm then basic nayung mga foreplay na bondage play or spanking and what so ever and ito yung want kong magawa someday, it could be me yung sinasaktan or yung partner ko (i'm straight btw).

Ang hirap makahanap sa pornhub or any site ng makahanap yung gusto ko pero I always wanted to be tied up tapos i-tease ng partner ko

Getting tied up sa bed or just simply getting my hands and feet tied...

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September 5, 2023 (25 days ago)

Hmmm, just curious. Parang nakakakita ako ng patern. Parang almost ng nakilala or nagsasabi na Bi sila is yan ang fantasy/hard kinks nila. If someone you want to do it. Set some rules it's no joke. Sa ganyang kinks rules are necessary so that you both know your limits.

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