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Date: September 4, 2023 (24 days ago)

Here's my sharing of FB4, friends with benefit 4.

Met her online, very smart, extremely well-spoken and chubby cute. She likes a bit of mental foreplay before the physical side of things.

We both work in similar industries, while my role was higher then hers, her rank to their company size dwarfs mine.

We met on her terms. A hotel of her choosing, time and conditions. I made sure na lang to bring good food, so got some authentic Marina pizza with buffalo mozzarella and drinks. Turns out she bought me food too, so ang dami naming food.

since pareho kaming buzy, we meet during office hours. Work from home has perks, so we could work, attend meetings and have sex and eat in between.

She had some calls to attend to when I arrived, soon after she put her headset down and I offered her coffee and asked if she wanted to have lunch na. ayaw pa nya so we just sat and talked.

we talked for quite some time, sitting down, lying sa bed ako, sya nakaupo, ako nakaupo and sya nakahiga... just enjoyed the conversations about anything really. Music, arts, travel, food etc, from time to time I drop in questions about her experiences, not so much love life but more on how open she was on sex. Turns out it was not necessarily her thing, not so great experiences in the past but she does like pleasing her partner.

I eventually kissed her, started to undress her slowly and just enjoy still the light conversation we had along the way.

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