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Date: September 2, 2023 (1 month ago)

This time I'm gonna share a lot more context since it's about our first encounter and how it ended.

Rachel, so if I'm gonna describe her, she's slim, fairly white skintone, she's got small perky boobs and a little ass. It's kind of weird, she's pretty much just "okay" looks wise, if I'm gonna rate her I'd say she's a 6 but for some reason ang lakas ng sex appeal nya legit lol. I think it has something to do with her height, matangkad sya siguro around 5'7-5'8 sya. I'm 5'11 nga pala. So this happened maybe around 2 years BEFORE me and Chelsea.

I don't really know Rachel personally at first, I just know her kase yung isang tropa ko nakwento na sexy daw yun. So I got curious and checked her fb out, and as I said, she's just "okay', so di ko chinat. Then after a few weeks siguro, I happened to see her walking by, THAT was when it clicked. Malakas yung sex appeal nya talaga, when I saw her walk by just normal daily shorts and a shirt. I can't stop thinking of what positions I'm gonna have her lol.

The next day, I decided to hit her up sa fb. Medyo kilala ako sa lugar namin so it went pretty smoothly. We went from 'kumain ka na ba' to 'kainin kita' within the week hahaha.

Then, she asked me out to watch a movie with her.
I asked "Anong movie ba?", she just said, "Kahit ano, kung anong maganda ngayon". By this point, I knew I'm gonna fck her lol. So, we set it up the next day, I picked her up with my car. She was wearing this red sundress, and ngl, bagay sa kanya.

Civil war nga pala yung palabas nung time na to(her treaaat). Wala halos tao, I think 3 weeks na showing to neto and it's a weekday din, so halos kami lang and only a handful of other couples. Nageenjoy ako manood and i kind of forgot na I wanna made a move on her sa sinehan hahaha. But around halfway siguro, she was the first to make a move(nainip siguro lol), nag lean sya saken, sumandal and got her face as close as possible sa face ko. And said, "Ang lamig", so I obliged and had my arm wrap around her, and kissed her. I had my hand slowly work its way sa boobs nya, and nagulat ako hinawakan nya yung hand ko and placed it directly sa boobs nya hahahahaha. After a minute siguro of making out and playing with her boobs, she pulled away and said "Mamaya na lang, after. Sayang ticket" lol. So, we went back to watching. Kaso nalibugan na ko, so I put my hand on her thigh, slowly pulling up her dress until I can get my finger in her panties without much effort. And fuuuck, sobrang wet na sya, and also she's shaved. I only played with her clit over her panties, but I got too excited hahahaha, I moved her panties a bit and finger fucked her inside the cinema. She can't contain her moans na, I looked at her and she was giving me "fuck me na" look, but I wanna finish the movie talaga eh hahaha. So I kissed her na Lang muna, stuck my tongue down her throat, while i inserted another finger in her. Just a few more seconds and she grabbed my arm tight, medyo masakit kase mahaba kuko nya lol. After a few moments, she was shaking na and napamoan sya ng malala while we're kissing pa. She pulled away and I pulled out my fingers ladden with her juices and tasted it in my mouth, and asked her "Sarap?" she said "Mamaya ka sakin tangna ka, sarap." lol.

Fast forward a bit, movie ended. I wanted to see the end credits scene sana, kaso Rach was eager to get fucked na lol, she was literally dragging me out. Got inside the car, and she gave me a deep kiss, and said, "Tara na". We went to a nearby drive-in motel. The moment we got in she was all over me agad. Gigil na gigil sya on kissing me, shoving her tongue to my mouth, all the while walking slowly towards the bed. Tinulak na nya ko sa kama, and went on top to continue making out with me. I tried touching her boob while making out but she said "No, Higa ka lang, ako muna bahala". So I obliged, she stood up, pulled down my pants and she stared at my erect dick for a few seconds while biting her lip and said "Sht, sarap neto" then just started sucking the soul out of me. Pretty clear at this point na she's experienced lol. Ang sarap ng bj nya, smooth af, she also licks and sucks my balls(I fcking go crazy when a girl does this) , it was sloppy af pa, laway na laway yung buong dick ko na she's making slurpy noises from sucking my dick so hard. It was so good, na kung tinuloy tuloy nya magcucum na ko. Good thing she didn't, lol, she stood up to remove her panties and shakingly went on top of me and started riding the fck out of me with her dress still on. Gigil na gigil syang nagtaas baba sa etits ko, so whenever pababa sya babayuhin ko din sya and damn, yung moans nya whenever I do that sounded like music to my ears. So we started fcking each other harder, she rode me harder while I drilled her deeper and deeper, and she slammed her pussy against me HARD and DEEP INSIDE her while s...

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September 11, 2023 (22 days ago)

Natuwa ako sa Circle of Cheating Sluts. Parang enjoy ang grupo nila. Thanks for sharing.


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September 12, 2023 (22 days ago)

Actually, yeah, outside of their cheating masaya sila kasama.

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