Whirlwind And Friendship

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Date: August 25, 2023 (1 month ago)

I met her decades ago, she was just a massage therapist then. Doing legit massage most of the time, and depending on how you communicate, release from time to time.

We became friends, while not necessarily in the open as I am married, and she is attached as well, we have stayed in touch over the years.

From time to time we reconnect and that's when the urges surge back to the surface.

Recently we met up, she just came from her BF's condo the other day. I picked her up and off to a motel we went.

Kamustahan, exchanged pleasantries, I need to help find some school gear para sa anak nya. We arrived, ordered food and kept on with the kwentuhan.

Fun and caring atmosphere, while heat builds up.

She took a bath, even for a mom, I am amazed how small her shape was, tiny frame in contrast to my 5'11 plus sized dad bod.

I hoisted her over, kissed slowly at first, reminising the feeling of licking and kissing every corner of her body. Lips, tongue, neck, arms, armpit, breasts, sides, navel... I skipped her pussy first as I went down her legs, knees, feet, and worked my way back to her very wet pussy.

as soon as my tongue hit her mound, she arched her back in pleasure. "Iba ka pa rin babe..." she said... "na miss ko to..."

her reassurance encouraged me to press on, licking the other lips of her vagina, slowly circling inwards into a spiral summit.

once I reached the tip of her clit, I signed my name using my tongue, and started to widen the shape of my tongue for a larger coverage

she started convulsing q...

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