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Date: January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

I'm not sure if its just me, pero the start of 2023 has a lethargic feel. I know I did well last 2022 pero I can't get my spirits up.

I have been that way for several days now when I got a DM from you showing the picture of the street were I work.

"Pwede kaya kitang landiin today?" Yan ang caption sa ilalim ng picture.

I immediately messaged you kung nasan ka.

"I'm on leave but I passed by the office to prepare lunch. Birthday ko kasi today", you replied.


I remember the first time we chat. I learned that you were married. We talk about donuts, coffee and everything Starbucks.

Niyayabangan kita about sa mga trip ko. How I like approaching total strangers to get their number, get a kiss, a grope. All within the span of 2-3 hrs.

You asked me if I ever go all the way. I told you na I don't. I'm only after the thrill and the knowledge that I can do those things. So if we ever meet, you will be safe dahil di ka makakantot.

"Weh" sabi mo.

I was pretty sure na you didn't believe me, so I told you 5, 10, 15.

"What is that?", you asked me.

I told you that if ever we decided to meet for the first time, like on a coffee date for example, there will be specific milestones that I will go for.

5 - Within the first 5 minutes of meeting you, I will kiss you. Kung sasampalin mo ko dahil hinalikan kita, better not have coffee with me, dahil I'll greet you with a kiss na may kasamang tongue.

10 - Within the first 10 minutes, I'll be very touchy and my hands will be all over. Isang madiin na piga sa boobies to mark 10.

15 - Within the first 15 minutes, I'll be rubbing my finger up and down your pussy slit. Di ko ipapasok sa loob. I'll just slide it along the length ng hiwa, for me to feel the softness of the cheeks of your pussy.

5, 10, 15. Thats the gameplan. That's a coffee date with me.

I know that you found my statement hilarious.

"Langya! Di na ko makikipag coffee date sayo, alam ko na balak mo." You said, with all those laughing emojis.

Pero I'm dead serious. 5, 10, 15, and the first step is to state the intent.


Looking at the picture you sent, I can't help but smile.

Ang lapit mo pero di mo alam kung san ung building namin.

Then I got another DM that you're in Starbucks Reserve that's in a mall 10 minutes walk away. You'll be there till 12.

I have an online meeting in 15 minutes. I tried to remember what time the meeting will end - 11:30. Still enough time to catch up over coffee.

The coffee shop where you're in is very open and I want more privacy so I asked you to meet me in another Starbucks that's just across the street from the mall you're in.

Ayaw mo talagang tumawid dahil mainit, so you asked me to pick you up and we'll just hang out in the car.

I didn't tell you, pero when I checked my calendar, hangang 12 pala ung meeting. So, I immediately voluntered to present my agenda first and when I'm done, I left the meeting.

I was really worried coz my boss was with me in that meeting together with all the department heads under him. Madali naman magdahilan ng poor network connection. Bahala na si batman.

I told you that I'm almost there, and that I'm the one in the black Fortuner. Grabe, kita agad kita sa tabi ni manong guard. You're so pretty. And ang iksi ng suot mong skirt.

I'm thinking about a good parking space and its a good thing that SM A is just 2 minutes away.

Pag pasok mo sa passenger seat, I was drawn to your legs. Ang puti. Ang kinis. As you took your seat, I reach out and run my hands on your legs friend.

Time - 0 minute.


I'm not sure if you noticed, but my hands were shaking during that drive.

It's a good thing that we were at ease and the convo is not difficult.

I guess my hands were also at ease since nagawa nyang gumapang from the top of your legs to your inner thigh.

During that short drive. Plan ko talagang umakyat sa tuktok ng parking, pero level 3 was pretty deserted. I looked for a spot na may wall and parked.

I looked around to check that there are no people around. Then, I hooked my hand to your nape and pulled you in for a kiss.

Time - 5 minutes.


Ang bango mo and you look expensive. These were the thoughts that were running through my head as I suck on your tongue.

Ang galing mong humalik. Its only as I look back that I realized that you're better than my best kiss.

Best kiss ever.

I love the way you lean in to me. How, you grab on my head like you can't get enough.

We separated from the kiss and as I move back, I was excited by the view of your heaving boobies.

I reached inside and felt the softness of your melons for the first time. Tangina.

Time - 10 minutes.


My head feels hot. I'm nervous but very excited.

Light lang ang tint ng kotse ko and there are cars parking and people walking near us. I have a feeling that people can see us but I have to taste them boobies.

I pushed out your left boob from inside you shirt and I sucked.

"Ouch. Masakit.", ilang beses mong nasabi, dahil sa gigil ng pagsipsip ko.

It crossed my mind that I might leave a mark that your husband can see.

I can't think straight. I sucked harder as I felt the pressure of your hands at the back of my head.


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January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Ang sarap friend. πŸ˜†

I don't need a lot, just a few who truly cares.

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olijames04's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Love the story :)

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fakehappyfox's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Let's be friends. :)

Reply  ·  Like (1)  ·  Report
wkshtka's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

May alam akong masarap na coffee :) baka gusto mo itry ❀️

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Mara2311's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Twist: ASAWA pala ng boss mo yung ka-lunch date mo! 🀣

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January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Plot twist: Asawa mismo ng bida. Nagrorole-playing lang pala :-)

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January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Cool. Hot talaga ang MOMOL sa car. :)

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sugarglazed's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Next po Sir. ☺️

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January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

Played out like the way they enjoy role playing in sexual manner

Minsan na namatay pero muli nabuhay

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bunny_'s Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (18 days ago)

True or false? I'm jealous.

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yulica's Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (17 days ago)

aroy2, may gusto din ng 5-10-15-20-25-30 and even more. para lamangan yong 5-10-15



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bunny_'s Profile Picture
January 14, 2023 (17 days ago)


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Mindgasm's Profile Picture
January 15, 2023 (17 days ago)

I'm more after your style of story delivery. Okay yung may time check.

Also, I like the discretion you displayed in relaying the story. I am sure your dear friend is a great woman overall.

Treat her kindly, I am sure you will.

We are here. We are waiting. - Optimus Prime

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TrixieM.'s Profile Picture
January 16, 2023 (15 days ago)

Nice one friend. 😝 Happy Birthday sa friend mo. πŸ₯³

There's always a wild side to an innocent face.

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