This is a Repost because the original post was taken down - I removed some details from the original post due to policy guidelines.

I've been in the FSS community for about 7 years and this is the first time I will write something about my crazy sex life. I'm actually not sure if I will share this because the reader might think that I'm wicked and twisted but I will go for a try.

Before I start let me give you some details about myself, I'm 5'8, 36 yrs old, chinito, a white complexion with a lot of tattoos, well built, and currently working in a start-up company and you can call me Blue. I'm also a musician but after we signed up with a label company for 4 years I decided to leave the music industry and focus on my profession in the fintech industry. I also have an alter account on Twitter but not actively posting but I have some clips. *)

I'm into BDSM, I love to dominate and abuse, especially the submissive ones. I love how they act as my "puta", my cum-dump - my sex slave. I'm not into vanilla sex. The more taboo, and indecent, the more it pleases me and makes me hornier.

I will give you guys an overview of what will come next to my story, this would be just the tip of the iceberg and I will detail it via story.

When I started working I felt like the sex is already boring, yes, I fuck different girls during college but there is no thrill or excitement - So to add excitement and thrill I choose girls with boyfriends and husbands. It turns me on when girls cheat just to fuck me until I met this girl at one of my gigs (actually that time she was with his boyfriend that I personally know). I add her on Facebook and accepted then we started the conversation. I found out that she was a college student until we got into a sex topic, then we meet and fuck, then we become fubu and hindi alam ng boyfriend niya. Then one time she showed the picture of her friends in school and told me na malilibog lahat sila, then I ask her are you okay with a threesome? you can invite one of your friends if game ka, then she said pagiicipan muna niya. One day she called me and told me na game siya and she already talked with one of the girls and agreed. We meet muna sa Market, Market got a few drinks then go to a motel. We started fucking then I ask my chick na kainin nya puke ng friend nya then ginawa tlga niya and I thought lasing lang but everytime na mag 33some kme kinakain nya na tlga puke ng friend nya until ngkakainan na sila. So pag ngpapaputok ako sa puke nung isa kakaininnya ung puke na may tamod ko tapos ililipat nya ung tamod sa bibig ng friend nya then maglalaplapan sila and lulunukin nila ung tamod ko, salitan nilangginagawa un depende kung sino ang puputukan ko sa puke.

After a few encounters with the first girl, I asked my chick to ask for her other friends to join, then one by one kinakantot ko na ung circle of friends niya. My harem at that time was 6 girls including my chick, and we also doing group sex. What's really hot is watching them na nagkakainan ng puke and nagkakantutan gamit ung strapons and dildos. Then one of the girlswho are part of my harem got pregnant by his bf pero kinakantot pa din namin siya and di alam ng bf nya. Nagstop lang kame ng pag gamit sa kanya when her belly turns 6 months. Curious about their school? - Intramuros "Pirates"

Swinging Lifestyle
I first encountered this when I join the hub, couples looking for couples or single guys or girls for a fuck, or they willing to share or swap their partners, and other couples willing to be your cuckold. This is where I become more indecent - ipapakantot nila ung asawa nila sayo habang nanonood sila ang ngjajakol lang. Since I am single they called me a "Thirdy". I only accept invites from decent couples, so hindi lahat go ako and yes, I'm checking their background first and most important - if they are discreet. Most of the couples that I have sex with were professional, there's no money involved here, It's all about pleasure. This lifestyle makes me more dominant, husbands are willing to be my cuck. Cuck husband - sila ung willing makita na binababoy ung asawa nila sa at ginagawang puta sa harap nila - iniihian ko sa mukha andsa bibig, winawasak ko ang pwet, ginagamitan ng ibat ibang toys at pinapasok sa lahat ng butas, tatamuran ko sa bibig tapos palalaplapinko sila sa asawa nila and I even forbid them to have sex with their wife pag wala ako, I always remind them na puta ko ang asawa nila. Pag nakikita ko na sa super hook na ung couple as cuckold - Pinapakain ko sa hudband ang puke ng asawa nila na puno ng tamod, they will even suck my dick, pagtutulungan nilang mag asawa ang pagchupa sa dick ko and both ko sila iniihian sa mukha while naglalaplapan and pag dinidemonyo ako pinakakantot ko ung asawa nila sa iba pero but to be safe with my transwoman friends na kumakantot ng babae. (I will deatiled this in a full story)

There are a lot of well-known personalities who are into this lifestyle, with my encounters - I have actors and actresses mostly in "Kapamilya", musicians, and even a business tycoon.

This Kapamilya actor invited me to a play (meaning kantutan) and told me that there will be 4 couples (including him and the wife) and 3 singles (1 guy [me] and 2 ladies) and the one who's sponsoring the play is a well-known businessman (in Makati) and he will just SMS the location. When I got there, I've seen familiar faces, most likely in the commercials and business industry, The couple who invited us are in their late 50s. When we started playing, the orgy - the host did not join they just watch and after the orgy, the host give us an envelope. When I got home and when I open the envelope- there was 50K cash.

I guess the most interesting invite that I got was from a teen couple, they told me that they were both 18 yrs old and from Pampanga but currently staying in Manila for school. I talk to them first because that was my first encounter with a teen couple. Sinabi nila na they want to try this lifestylesince they are first-timer I guide them, I ask them if there were rules i.e no kissing, condom, no cumming inside, cum on the face, swallowing, anal - but the guy told me that pwede ko gawin lahat sa girlfiend nya mas maganda kung bababuyin ko ang girlfriend nya and ung girlfriend nya is agree naman. Gusto daw nila walang condom putukan ko sa puke ang girl and wasakain ang pwet nya, ung bf will now join manonood lang daw. So nginom muna kame and kwnetuhantapos sabi nung bf "Kuya pwedeng kantutin mo na gf ko gusto ko na makita na winawasak mo siya".Winasak ko naman tlga asshole nya and pinutukan ko sa puke ng madamingbeses. What's more surprising after ko labasan sa puke ng girlfriend nya kinain nya ung puke ng girlfriend nya na sinasaidtamod ko after nya maubosung tamod nakipglaplapansya sa gf nya. Hindi ako chnupa nung guy, I guess first time tlga nila so every time lang ako labasan sa puke ng girlfriend nya kinakain nya puke thenshnashare nya sa gf nya and lulunikin nila. Inihihan ko din sila sa mukha habang naglalaplapan sila nung nag c.r kame.

Mother and Daughter
I met this HOT MILF at a fashion show event, she's a head-turner big ass, big boobs, and a pretty face, one of my friends introduce her to me. We become fubu, our regular session is every Friday and Saturday. It's already one-month nung naging fubu ko siya when she opened up about her fantasy, she just did a verbatim before she star...

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November 5, 2022 (27 days ago)

idol kwento naman yung iba specialy yung sa mag cuckold.. exciting yun

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November 5, 2022 (27 days ago)

I will bro, after I finish the story of the two sisters but baka medyo matagalan because it also takes time to write and busy din ako sa work but yah I will write more about my swinging and mga couple na nacuckold ko if that's what you and others want.


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November 5, 2022 (27 days ago)

Curious Ako sa celebrity cuckold

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November 5, 2022 (27 days ago)


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November 5, 2022 (27 days ago)

sabi na nga ba wild mga nasa kapamilya eh hahaha

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November 6, 2022 (26 days ago)

next po

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November 7, 2022 (25 days ago)

Great job idol. hehe

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