Confession 4: Mens Nature (?) That Turns Me On

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Date: October 6, 2022 (1 month ago)

Hello Again FSS peepz!
It's me again, well this post i will be tackling things that mens do that kinda turns me on. So start na natin!


Mga Daddy at Kuya, may tanong lang ako, bakit grabe kayo bumukaka? *laugh. Mapa-bahay man or sa mga public places. Lol! 'Di ko alam kung sadyang nature niyo iyan or what but somewhat it turns me on, specially seeing my Dad & Kuyas do it sa house.

Mostly mens now wear short shorts, uso pa naman sa mga boys ngayon yang maiksing shorts nakiki compete saming mga girls? lol! But honestly, it makes me feel h*rny, whenever I see them spread their legs PLUS leg shaking i can see feel their d*cks shake too lol!. But yeah! makes me wanna spread mine too or get down on my knees and ya know! *laugh. Ilang beses ko na rin nasisilip color ng briefs nila sa kakabukaka nila lol.

Isa pang gustong-gusto niyo gawin mga boys is shirtless roaming around the house or even the streets haha! MEN *smh. But ofc! When my Dad and Kuyas do it and I ain't gonna complain!

Dad's "dad bod" is still serving his abs are lil' bit still visible, while my brothers' tone abs are just mesmerizing! They do gym so that's why, I wanna lick em so bad!!!!!! Ughh my hormonessss!!!! Staph me please! jk!
Lalo after nila mag basketball! Sweat dripping, reddened chest, and wet chest hair. It makes me drip so bad!

Hot days or Night = d*ck prints.
My brothers always wear boxer briefs lalo pag matutulog na, like pag pag dadaan Sila ng kwarto tapos naka bukas pinto ko I could literally see their bulges, like gosh! Come by for a minute *wink

And hot days too! Boxer briefs are their go to attire! Nakabalandra sila sa sala at nakabukaka *gulp but honestly pag tinitigasan sila i feel like concious din sila kasi often times they will leave and put on their shorts.


In relation sa mga una kong na mention…

This, is I don't know if nature niyo pa din ito. Pero siguro dahil di maarte or conservative ang mga guys? as they...

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October 7, 2022 (1 month ago)

This is freaking TRUEEEE

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October 7, 2022 (1 month ago)

tungkol sa pagbukaka ng mga guys, it shows confidence lalu na pag nasa public.
hindi yung parang titiklop tiklop yung guy sa isang gilid sa pagkakaupo.

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