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Date: Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

19-September 2020
The unexpected Blow

One lazy afternoon, i heard Kuya Ey talking to sa landline with someone. It was so loud that i can hear their conversation, hes phone spoil and do not open. So i got up, and went out there i saw kuya Ey talking still on his phone. So i just silently wave my hand saying - Hi! Naghilamos lang ako saglit, dumaan ng kitchen at nagtimpla ng kape saka sinamahan si Kuya Ey sa salas.

Getting curious on what was happening, i ask kuya Ey -"what is happening, lakas ng boses mo kala ko may kaaway ka.."

He said, his phone hang and didn't open so he is asking our room mate for some support. Medyo worried si kuya, i dont know why or maybe some of his personal files or work related ay nasa loob ng phone na to.

Im not an expert or IT nerd but i suggest to get the charger and try to plug it in, at baka super drain na battery nya. He follow what i say and charged it for a while sa table. So kwentuhan muna kame parang normal lang without involving what happend last time inuman session. Then i notice the light in the charging area where stable so i try to open it up. Suddenly come rushing na parang pipigilan sana ako kaso biglang nagopen ang phone nito with a very unlikely to see -


Napatingin ako kay kuya and just smile.Todo explain si kuya sa akin, ni hindi naman ako nagtatanong. dito ko napagtanto why he is so worried and came rushing in when it opened, nanood pala ng porn ang loko. So i said, no worries besides very normal naman yun and even i as being honest i also watching it "sometimes".

"Okay lang ba sayo dito ako mag-watch" he asked me. "Yeah sure, no worries mabitin ka pa.." I told him as im also got hooked on the scene where the female doing a nice blowjob sa lalaki.

Its not the first time i watched with a guy, pero xempre im with my ex-es unlike now im with Kuya whom im flirting this past months. I dont have any plan to flirt with him sana this weekend dahil meron ako ngayon, so very messy if ngayon ako pagbibigyan ni Kuya na madiligan.

I notice kuya sumisimpleng rubbing his dcik outside his short while watching. Di ko muna pinansin, maybe having a hard-on na sa kanyang pinapanood. The dcik of the guy is quiet long, pero di kasing thick nung kay kuya from last week i touch it. A few more minutes, nagkatinginan kame and laugh on what we are watching.

"Kuya, mas malala ka pa pala sa akin manood eh.." refering to the last time he caught me watching in netflix.

"wag ka na manood, meron ka.." sagot naman nito.

I cursed him, saying kung gusto nya ako humawak ng dick nya and he just reply, "bawal red-tide". I simply throw him pillow para lang makaganti. The scene is so intense as it goes more deeper, til the lady do a deepthroat sa guy. Then kuya ask me all of the sudden if pupwede daw.

I dont know which one is he refereng "pwede", so i just quickly answer, "blowjob kita?"

He quickly answer "Baliw, hindi yun! ang libog mo kahit meron ka" and explain thet he is refering kung pwede raw ibaba yung suot nito short and the same time, mag-masturbate i guess.

I said "Ahhh, akala ko BJ.. pwede naman.. hahaha" and added go on.

Again, i saw his thick shaft dcik with nice round head that is very hard already. He started to rub it in front of me, i don't know kung sinasadya nya ako inisin knowing meron ako. He is rubbing it slowly habang sumisimpleng tingin sa akin. The atmosphere getting hot, watching porn and seeing someone just a few feet away masturbating right in front of your eyes. I try to hold on, ayaw kong magpadala sa pang-aakit nya lalo na kung meron ako. But i feel my sweat started to come out on my skin, and little by little nadadala na ako sa pinapanood ko kahit anung pigil ko pa rito.

"Fcuk.. ang init.." sabi ko while take off my top.

Kuya just smile and i knew he just testing my tolerance. I told myself, "if he wants this i'll play his game.." Then next i took off my bra, im topless already and my pussy getting wet at the same time. Bahala na kung maghalo sila sa napkin ko, magpapalit nalang.

"oh anu yan?" asked ni kuya refering to me topless and grabbbing my tits and play with it.

Sabi ko, sasamahan ko sya, no touching, with eyes lang though nasa isip ko is meron pa namang bibig in case mapalaban. Kuya started to take off his top as well, so he is full naked while continuing slowly playing his manhood. He keeps staring on me, watching me caressing my tits and playing my nipples but i keep reminding him, no touch just watch.

Ilang saglit he move his legs pasampa sa sofa, facing me on the other end. He said nangangalay na daw paa nya which i doubt just an excuse to seduce me more. This time i can see his balls and underneat of his shaft while masturbating. As im watching him play, i notice his dick veins starting to comes out, lalong nagiging thick tingnan and the head getting shinier na rin with a little precum on top.

"Fcuk! bibigay na ata ako.." i told myself as i started rubbing my neck sabay hawi ng hair ko.

He didnt look me in the eyes, he keeps watching but i feel he keeps teasing me till i make a move. Parang hinihila ako ng dcik ni Kuya Ey, telling me to swallow him whole. Im honest with myself, i want it to put in my mouth, the whole shaft just to check whether its satisfying inside before i ride it in.

"Ok ka lang? sure kang okay lang that im doing this in front of you?" he asked with that manyak grin from his face.

I said yes but deep inside im lying, im not okay, i want it in my mouth, i want to taste the round head, i want to licks those balls and wrap around my tongue in that thick shaft of yours are all what im thinking as of that moment.

Kuya started to moan a bit slowly while rubbing the right palm of his hand to the round portion of his dick. Those sound serenading me more. little by little my body moves on its own closer to kuya's lap, my hand started crawling from his knee going to his legs. I feel possesed by his deep moan and his masturbating where my face is a few inches away from his manhood.

Suddenly kuya close his laptop and look to me, he hold his dcik facing me and give me that manyak smile again. He try to tap his dcik in my lips, teasing and knocking to let my mouth open and let him in. Soon i open my mouth, bigla nitong inatras dcik nito,

"Fcuk! kuya.. wag mo na ako bitinin.." i said out of desperation so scuk it already.

"once its inside Ram, wala ng atrasan to.." he said as he knock again his round smooth dickhead in my left face, going to right and to the bottom of my lips.

He knows how to tease me, and i miss those type of foreplay, yung binibitin ako lalo na kung gutom ako sa sex. Soon i open my mouth, he ask me to let my tongue go out and sinunod ko naman. Then he later put the back of his glans sa dila ko and ask me to play with it using the tip only. I was such a slave that time, naging sunod sunuran ako sa mga utos nya, feels like he's about to dominate.

Inayos nya pagkakaupo paharap sa akin, inabot nya ng dalawang kamay ang mukha ko palapit sa kanya. He kiss me hard, with tongue playing inside so gumanti na rin ako. Soo hinawakan ko batok nya palapit sa akin, his hand goes down sa boobs ko and sinimulan lamasin at pigain. He later pulled off his lips papalayo sa akin and umatras...

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

My fave author! Very hot! Sana faster posting idol

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

welcum back! salamat sa update!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

Nakapag update dinn

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

Finally may update na! Maraming salamat!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022 (3 days ago)

Thanks sa update lods. Ok lang kahit mejo napatagal ung story mo.

Kilala ko kaliskis mo hoy!

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Thursday, 22 September 2022 (2 days ago)

Sana mabilis na sunod na update hehe

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Thursday, 22 September 2022 (2 days ago)

Nice update ... marami talagang kababalaghan ngyayari pag OFW , nagkakalabasan ng libog.. keep em cumming

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Thursday, 22 September 2022 (2 days ago)

Oh my—

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Saturday, 24 September 2022, 09:16 AM (7 hours ago)

Love your story

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