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Date: September 4, 2022 (20 days ago)

Hello I'm back! Haha


So this is one of my unexpected
sex things happened to me when I was at a party. Some of the events is based on my real experience, I just added a few spice to it :P

We went to the city to go to a party.

My friend Oliver invited me and two other girls na katrabaho namin for a party. I usually don't go kasi super pagod na sa work, pero of course I don't want to be the killjoy so I ended up going din.

When we got there I noticed may mga mukhang students na umiinom and other shit haha, but there were also some older couple. (Actually, later on nalaman ko na it was a student party but like an open party)

Anyway, chill lang kami kaso I feel the need to use a bathroom, so naghanap ako... kaso yung bathroom sa baba was busy so I went upstairs. I realized that upstairs was pretty empty. I mean may mga tao pero sa baba andoon yung crowd mismo mga sumasayaw ganon. So after ko magbanyo bumaba din naman agad ako, nakita ko yung dalawang kasama ko na babae na sumali na sa mga sumasayaw. The music was loud and medyo madilim din.

Just then a guy came from nowhere grabbed my hand and led me to the crowd of people dancing, ako naman sumaya...

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