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Date: Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (6 days ago)


After 30minutes, around 09:30 in the evening

Di ako nakapag-salita sa sinabi at ginawa nya, i was really stunned on how he lick my neck parang sarap ipaulit. He knows na nagulat ako, so instead na sya magsubo ng snack sa akin using his lips. Inunanhan ko na, i get one small short stick, bite it and facing him to take it. This time i make sure my lips will lock on his once he get it. Pagkabukas palang bibig ni Kuya i move forward agad and soon he get the stick of oishi i kiss him and try to sneak inside my tongue. I manage to put it inside for few seconds, i saw him close his eyes. I thought magtutuloy tuloy na but bimitaw agad to saying,

"baliw to.."

I take a shot, and he pass this time. Bumalik uli kame sa pwestuhan namen, this time medyo nakasandal na likod ko sa chest nya. His left leg nakapatong sa upuan and yung right is sa ground while hawak ko right nya sa waist ko pa rin, parang nakayakap.We try to check the movie "Polaris" story of a hired killer. There is a scene kung saan my pumping scene sa window. The guy grab the tits of the female assasin and butt while fucking hard. I notice his eyes rolls again in my chest but i ignore again but suddenly i feel something moving in my back, erecting - his dick. The scene is steamingly sexy plus a dick knocking in your back and then his eyes keep staring on my chest. Napapapikit ako as i feel his manhood kept moving, so i ask him,

"Kuya you want to touch?" referring to my chest.

He didnt answer.

"Kanina mo pa tinititigan eh.." i said, "want to check if its real?" dagdag ko pa.

Di umimik si Kuya for a while. Then suddenly he move forward, slowly and pour a small portion of vodka in the shotglass. I know it his first time to try (sa akin, aside from her wife obviously), baka kumukuha lang ng lakas ng loob for what i ask and grab the opportunity. Di ako kumibo at pinakiramdaman sya after drinking. Namula ito and di ko napigilan matawa sa reaction nya. Then his hand started to move a bit away sa kamay ko, so i stopped him for a while and try to make a deal.

"You want to touch it?" i asked, he simply nod as yes.

"I let you caress this.." sabay tingin ko sa dibdib ko then added, "if you let me touch this again.." as my left hand slide to his legs.

His reaction is priceless as he breathe deeply, "hmmm.. sabay?"

Without answering, i guide his right hand, mula laylayan ng suot ko paangat sa cleavage ko. Then guide it around my left portion going to right, down to underboobs. He did the same thing, medyo mahirap nga lang because im using my left hand going to my back where his manhood located. As my hand forcing its way sa loob ng short, i easily grab his balls and look to him asking,

"la kang brief?" He answered shortly, "nasa labahan lahat..

" Lalong nag-init pakiramdam ko, since we started drinking he's not even wearing anything at all.

If i only knew, i might able to grab it even longer.

I leave his right hand inside and napahawak ako braso ni Kuya Ey. He suddenly stop my right hand and quickly pulled out mula garter and dcik nito saka ibinalik ang kamay. He feel na bitin ako from last time i tried to grab his thing, and now he let me freely caress his dcik. May katabaan ang shaft nya, di mahaba but the head is big and round. Di ko pa nakikita, but i can feel how exciting to play this, with my hand, inside my mouth, wrap around my tongue and pumping inside my pussy.

I wanted to kiss him but he suddenly pulled out his hand in my chest and pick up the snack, bite it and give to me the half. This time more closer, as his lip touches mine, he gave me gentle kiss with a little lick of his tongue around my wet lips. I pulled also my hand out of his dcik and grab his nape and exchange deep kiss for a minute.

"tama na muna yan..." he said, looked at the clocked and look back to me, "magpa-init muna tayo.." he said.

I smile and answer back, "lakas mo mabitin.. baka pagsisishan mo.." as i dare him seductively.

Umayos kame ng upo, but this time i put again may hand inside his short, massaging or can i say "binabate.." while he is caressing my butt habang inuupuan ko ito sa ilalim. We both try to control the heat and lust, knowing its just only two of us in the flat. Kinuha ni Kuya Ey muli yung vodka bottle and check, saying down to last 2 shots. Something came up a naughty idea, a question or dare that could trigger how are we going to end the night with just two of us.

"Kuya Ey, if i gave you a chance this night.." sabi ko and he reply, "anu yun?"

"1 shot each" sabay bigay ng isa sa kanya at isa sa akin - "Where do you want to pour it in my body and lick it afterward?" then i stand in front of him.

Past 10:30 in the Evening

Medyo nabigla si Kuya Ey sa sinabi ko, i can see it in his face. The thrill, excitement and doubt if really he is going to take the once of a lifetime chance. I added up another question to spice up, asking if it would be his first time to try and he softly reply yes. We paused for a while, maybe he still thinking twice. Being impatient again, i give him a hint. Without speaking a word, i slowly pulling up the edge of my top with my left hand and my right started pulling down my pants, showing my nice butt as well, though its just a side show.

"If i do this, can we make sure na walang makakalabas this night?" he suddenly ask.

I go near him, wrap aroud my arms sa leeg nito pulling him closer to me and reply seductively, "mula ngayon and.. maybe.. following days.. i guess? sa ating dalawa lang lahat na pwedeng mangyari.." and give him a hot and wet kiss.

He then ask me kung pwede sa pagitan ng boobs but i answer him naughtily kahit sa nipples pwede din and he just laugh and cursing me again. So i sit down, try to pull off my top in the middle and covering my nipples but somehow showing my underboobs. Habang hawak ko ang maliit na baso sa itaas, nakaabang na rin si Kuya Ey near my cleavage.

"Ready?" i ask, nilabas na nya ang kanyang dila and i start pouring put the vodka in my chest.

He started to lick slowly, going up and suck more on every skin it flows. Till naubos na yung sa glass he started lick...

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (6 days ago)

Been following this story, thank you for the update!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (6 days ago)

matagal tagal pala kame mabibitin 10x. ingat! enjoy your vacation!

english is a language, not a measure of intelligence or character.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (6 days ago)

A very HOT story Ma_Ki
And kind's bitin!, Hehe
Pero' okz lng...
Kmi Ng bhla,
Mag imagine!!!

Why so serious!!! Hahaha-haha!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (6 days ago)

Malapit na sa exciting part

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (5 days ago)

Medyo nabitin ako sa bakbakan pero a compliment sayo
Nice ass author, can I grab it and yank it. :P

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yulica's Profile Picture
Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (5 days ago)

almost but still bitin. hehe

ah basta. wala lang.

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mountain786's Profile Picture
Wednesday, 3 August 2022 (5 days ago)

Ingat sa pag uwi mo, and Enjoy your vacation..!

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Thursday, 4 August 2022 (4 days ago)

pag nag share ng sexcapades ang mga babae wag nating isipin na easy girl na agad sila, matuto tayong rumespeto oo pang kalibugan nga ang site nato. pero sana andun pa din yung pag respeto natin kasi reflection ito ng ating pagkatao.

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Thursday, 4 August 2022 (4 days ago)

ang ganda ng pagkakasulat mo, keep it up sis!

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