Love On The Weekend 3

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Date: July 3, 2022 (1 month ago)

When I was younger, (like high school type of 'young' lol) I always thought that being 'fair' to myself when it comes to entering a relationship means that if he's my first, then I should also be his first. In all aspects. Most especially in terms of sex.

I always thought that it's better to be with a man who still haven't slept with anyone yet because, well, I can also assure him that I also haven't slept with anyone yet and that, I thought, is the meaning of being 'fair' with each other in a relationship.

But fast forward to the me who's more mature, I realized na hindi lang naman iyan ang nasa relationships. (sige try ko pa magtagalog talaga hahaha) On a serious note, I mean, that's not the be-all and end-all in relationships. I learned that not every 'first' is 'that' important. Maybe because our school environment conditioned many of us that being at the 'top' or being 'first' in everything is the best possible thing to have or experience.

But life is a different classroom. It teaches us that there's also something more wonderful, powerful, and respectful about being someone's last. In all aspects.

And believe it or not, these were the thoughts running inside my head when Viktor laid my body on his bed while I was looking deep in his eyes and full of anticipation on what's gonna happen next.

I watched him as he roughly opened my legs wide in front of him, pulled me near the corner of the bed and kneeled in front of my wet slit.

Without any warning, he dove on my dripping pussy directly and gave it a long sucking first while looking at me. Ako naman, I can't do anything but roll my eyes and moan out of pleasure. He sucked my pussy hard and I screamed when his tongue started darting towards the depths of my aching pussy.

I was thrashing on his bed while moaning his name and pushing his head down my slit even more while his tongue fucked me hard and nonstop.

"Fuck babe oohhh Viktor, yes! Suck my clit baaabe!! Ahhh yes that's it! Fuck my pussy with your hard tongue Viktor— Aaahhhh!!"

My words were cut off when he fucked me faster using his tongue and I swear I almost came kung hindi lang ako nagpigil because it was so damn good. His fingers were tickling my thighs while tongue fucking me and then he'll give my pussy a long and deep lick before chewing my clit.

And it felt like I was floating or flying. Sobrang sarap niyang mag tongue fuck, especially when chewing on my clit and then pulling it with his lips and letting it go with a sucking sound. I could even feel my clit became numb halfway the whole time he was eating me. It really made me went wilder than ever.

"Hmmm!!! Such a tasty pussyy ugghh!!!"

"Fuuuckk, sige paaa!! Fuck me more babe please. Make me cum with your fucking sexy tongue inside my aching pussy!!"

He moved his head fast while sucking me, giving me that vibrating feeling again.

"This pussy…" he continued tongue fucking me"I bet this is what it needs huh. A rough tongue fuck para mas mamasa 'to bago ratrating maigi." he chewed on my clit "Fuck, sarap mo babe! Sarap nguyain nitong clit mo."

"Viktor ahhh go on tongue fuck my pussy and don't stop babe. Ahhhh ooh fuuuck yesss!!!" I propped my elbows and looked at him in the eyes "Don't stop until I cum screaming your name and aching for your cock ooohh!! Please tongue fuck me haaard!!!"

"As you wish, my babe. I won't stop 'till I make this cry with so much cum and drink all of it. Drown me with your cum, Czarina!"

Then he continued fucking me with his tongue and biting my clit occasionally. I thought I was gonna pass out from too much pleasure lalo na whenever he would slap my pussy which makes it so damn wet and spit on it before spreading his saliva fast around my pussy using his fingers while sucking on my thighs

"Baaabee!! I'm cumming oohhh Almost there babe!! Please suck my clit hard!!!"

I can't help but pull his hair, open my mouth, roll my eyes, moan loud and move my hips to rub my pussy even more right on his face

"Babe, I'm gonna cum so hard alreadyyy!! I can't stop it anymore. Ohhh!!"

"Yes, babe! Just cum anytime, wag mo pigilan. Show me how you cum with my tongue inside you!" He sucked me a few times while I kept on moaning his name "I wanna drink your cum now babe give it to me! Cum! Cum Czarina!!! Give me your pussy cum!!"

And just like that, I felt my body explode and I just want to fuck his face hard and show him how amazing a tongue fucker he is.


I knew I was so wild and noisy but when you're cumming so hard while your clit is still being sucked, I bet no one will ever care about the moans and loud noises they make anymore. You just want to scream and make your partner see and hear how great they made you and your whole body feel.

I was trying so hard to catch my breath but I find it impossible since Viktor was still taking his sweet time licking all my juices and sucking my clit and pussy lips from time to time.

"Babe stop!! I can't anymore…" hinang-hina kong sabi sa kanya 'coz I can still feel him sucking my clit and chewing it though he knows that it's still so fucking sensitive "Babe, come here please. Stop chewing me down there already."

"Just one more time, babe." He gave my pussy a long and deep licking again. As if making sure that his tongue wiped all my juices "Come one more time 'coz I love to see your body went wild with my tongue again. Come on, babe! Show me how much this pussy loves to be fucked hard and rough!!"

So again, he ate and chewed my sensitive pussy and clit until I came panting and screaming his name. My eyes were closed and I just didn't know what to do anymore when I came for the third time that night.

"Babe." He whispered and kissed my neck "Open your eyes, my love."

"Hmm…" I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him "Babe."

"Not done yet, okay? I want you now."

We kissed each other hard again and as usual, he would bite my lower lip, to which I would also respond by licking his lips and kissing him again. I embraced him while he kept on kissing my neck, licking my ears and whispering how much he likes seeing and hearing me cum wildly.

He played with my nipples using his mouth and tongue again; making me giggle. But I know he's just trying to calm me down before entering me. In just a moment, I was already holding his rock hard cock with my hands and jacking him off.

"Yeahhh, just like that, babe. Feels so damn good." I played with the tip of his cock and spread the precum before giving it a lick "Damn, you're so sexy doing that, babe. Suck me, suck my cock hard, Czarina."

And as he said, I did suck him hard. I played with his member inside my mouth with my tongue while sucking him. Deepthroating him feels so good coz my mouth is filled with his cock inside.

Isa pa, he looked incredibly sexy with his hard chest sweating, mouth agape, moving hips fucking my mouth fast and deep while moaning and pulling my hair.

It didn't took...

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July 3, 2022 (1 month ago)

Wow sarap po bg update
Be safe

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