Love On The Weekend 2

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Date: July 2, 2022 (1 month ago)

I always knew that there's something between me and Viktor. Not only during the times when he would try to hold my hand or caress my hair down to my waist but the way his eyes would deeply look at mine. Those stares would always send my heart to frenzy, even today.

So it didn't surprise me anymore when even before we went out from his car, his buldge was already showing and a few buttons of my blouse were already unbuttoned by Viktor.

His arm was snaked around my waist as we walked to the door.

"I'll fuck you really hard tonight, babe. I fucking swear."

He whispered on my right ear and licked it while my arm hugged his waist and my other hand was already touching his buldge.

"Uhuh..." I reached for his lips and kissed him hard "Hmm... as it should be. I'll let you do everything, babe."

"Damn, right."

We kissed so hard and rough. I can't even remember when was the last time someone kissed me this hard and rough while mashing my breasts. Damn, never felt this good.

We already had a few convos about our sex lives and I remembered that at that time his last sex was more than a year ago na daw from his last fling. Ako naman, well sobrang tagal na.

And so when we reached his living room. He started unbuttoning my blouse again. Our fingers were both shaking as we undress each other.

All of a sudden nakaboxers nalang siya and when I carresed his member again, bigla niyang hinila pababa ang bra ko and smothered my breasts.

He mashed my breasts shorty before he spoke to me again.

"Hmm.. this is what you want huh? Gusto mong sinususo to huh?"

"Aahh! Babe, Viktor! Fuck you, babe!!"

Napahawak ako sa ulo niya nang dilaan niya muna ang balat ng dibdib ko and biglang ni-suck ang right nipple ko.

We were staring at each other and he was clearly showing me how he moves his tongue to play with my hard nipple.

"Shiiit Viktor! Yes! Suck my nipple, babe!!"

Kinarga niya ako pahiga sa couch niya without letting go of my nipples inside his mouth. Grabe, ansarap ng dila niya sa nipple ko.

He turned his attention to my left nipple at mas lalo pa siyang naging rough. Just the way I want it.

"Hmm fuck!" He said as he suck my left nipple and bit it just enough to make me tingle "I always knew your nipples will be this good to suck, babe. Been waiting for this."

"Yes!! Sige, suck my nipples more, babe! Yan, just like that! Oohhhh!!!"

I kept on watching as he suck my nipples alternately and I just love how his flirty tongue plays with them by flicking my nipples and then sucking them and then kakagatin niya bago i-susuck nanaman habang pinipisil yung kabilang nipple ko.

I did nothing but push his head even harder and moan like crazy.

"Shit ka, Viktor! You suck so damn good!!"

Halos mabaliw-baliw na ako sa sobrang wet ko nang hinahayaan niya lang akong i-grind ang hips ko para makiskis ang panty ko sa kahit saang parte ng katawan niyang maaabot ko.

He had a smirk on his lips when he stipped sucking my nipples and got up and then his hand travelled down to my wet center.

"Why is this wet huh, babe? I bet it's dripping now."

I can't help but move my hips when he started fingering me outside my panty. I propped my elbows while looking at his fingers and then back at him.

I gave him a smirk as well. Viktor's really good at teasing. Before answering his naughty question

"You'll never find out just by touching it." And then I stuck out my tongue at him and moved my hips fast to meet his moving fingers "Oohhh, fuck Viktor!! Oohhh!! Yes!! Ohhh gosh, faster, baaabe!! Harder! Ohh hardeeeer!!"

I teased him by moaning loudly as.if we're already on it. I clearly saw how red his ears and chest were after I moaned like I was being fucked by him already.

"Fuck you, Czarina! Fuck you're being a bitch!"

And that's it! He roughly pulled my panty down and spread my legs. Damn, my legs were even touching my upper body, 'coz Viktor wanted it to be opened wide.

"Shit, you're so damn wet, babe. This pussy deserves a good sucking and fucking."

He said while looking at my wet center. The way he spoke at that, para niya akong dadambahin at any moment na eh.

"Kanina pa ba 'to huh?"

I just nodded my head in response.

"You'll let me taste this again and again tonight, right babe?" He looked at me "I'll make this swollen tonight, okay?"

Shit, sobrang horny ko lalo nang dahil sa mga tanong niya habang naka-open ang legs ko sa harap niya.

"Please, babe. Make my pussy swell with your fucking and sucking, babe!!"

I think this is one thing I like the most about our sex life. With him, I am at my wildest. With Viktor I am in my naughtiest, most horny, roughest self. But most of all, I am at my happiest and safest arms.

"Yes that's it babe! Show me your slut side! Show me how bitchy and wild you can get when we're together from now on okay?"

I nodded my head while biting my lip and looking at him.

"Good girl. Here's your reward, my slut."

He gave my wet center a long lick. And talagang sakop na sakop buong pussy ko.

"Oooohhhh baaabe!! Shiiit!! Yeah, give me more babe, please. Suck my pussy! Lick my pussy good!"

"Uhuhh hmm sluurp sluuurpp hmmm!!!"

He moved his head fast and it just made me lose control even more....

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July 2, 2022 (1 month ago)

Wow intense
Napaka hot ng update

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