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Date: July 2, 2022 (1 month ago)

Straight Woman

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But let me get this straight: If you are in a relationship or are here for hookups, go right ahead and swipe left.

And before you swipe right, know that:I am from the Philippines, can speak Thai like 5/10, divorced with two grownup kids, working in Rayong but staying in Pattaya. And I'm here hoping to meet that one guy who I can connect with and be my person.

I love to hang out / travel on weekends / holidays. Tho, I do have lazy days.

Netflix and books are my go-to.

And I am a morning person.

My Tinder profile.

It was the day after I last cried because of him (hopefully last na 'yon) nung naisipan kong mag-install ng Tinder. Wala lang, sinumpong na naman ako ng depression nung time na 'yon, galit sa mundo at kung ano pang eklavu sa buhay. Deactivated Viber, uninstalled TG, Discord and WhatsApp. In short, nag-MIA sa lahat ng taga FSS.

At dahil sa gasgas na linyang "gusto kong makalimot, gusto kong ma-distract sa kakaisip sa kanya", there I was, swiping left and right sa Tinder. Pero gago 'tong si Tinder, hindi ka pwedeng mag-message kapag hindi kayo mag-match, at para mag-match kayo, you need to upgrade to Tinder Gold. Kaya ayon, nagbayad ako ng five hundred nineteen para makahanap ng lalake. Pathetic, I know. Pero wala eh, I was just angry and stupid and horny.

For two days, swiping left and right ang naging libangan ko. May mga naka-match naman ako pero after a few exchanges ng chats, nawala na din. And then on the third day, may naka-match akong Australian. Single, retired, older than me by a few years. He's here in Thailand for a one-month vacay and planning daw to settle here for good. It was a Wednesday when we started chatting, hulsam chats pa naman. Then the following day, I decided na mag-work from home. (By the way, we have an option in the office to work from home once in a while and I usually take mine any day from Wednesday to Friday.)

So Thursday morning he told me nasa isang tourist attraction sya malapit lang sa place ko. And I don't know what came over me, out of the blue I asked him "Why don't we grab dinner later?" Since nasa bahay lang ako, pwede akong makipagkita sa kanya after 5:30 ng hapon. Nag-okay naman sya agad. Hindi rin sya pakipot eh noh? And that was when we started flirting. Hindi pa naman hard core, tamang pang-tease lang sa part ko but I gotta admit, I got turned on. Ramdam kong na-we-wet ako while we were exchanging naughty chats.

(Well, you could blame it on the fact na nung time na 'yon it had been more than a month since last akong nag-masturbate which was not really a regular thing kasi nung may kasabay pa akong mag-DIY, we would do it at least once a week. Simple explanation, I missed having sex, virtual it may be.)

We agreed on a meeting place which was malapit lang sa hotel where he was staying. Super excited ako. And when 5:30 came, naligo ako agad. Wala akong paki kung may email pang need kong sagutin basta gogora na ako. Booked my ride earlier, mga 4pm pa ata nag-message na ako sa suki kong Grab driver. I didn't want to be late. And I didn't want to drive kasi hindi ako familiar sa parking area ng mall na 'yon at hindi pa ako ganun kagaling mag-reverse park at mas lalong takot akong magpark na paabante.

On my way to our meeting place, we continued teasing each other and I could feel my libog really rising. Malamig man ang aircon sa loob ng car ni Kuya, ramdam ko ang init and I started sweating.

Blue ripped jeans, black v-neck shirt and pink slippers, no make up or kahit anong kolorete sa mukha, I found myself standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower at exactly 5:50pm. (Actually, 'yong mall na 'yon have floors named after some of the famous airports in the world. He told me earlier sa chat na he would meet me in NY and I said, no, I'd be waiting for him in Paris., which was the ground floor.)

"What are you wearing?" He asked sa chat when I said nasa Paris na ako.
"Slippers" I replied.

He said "Gross". Hahaha! Well, totoo naman, naka-tsinelas lang ako. And true enough sa NY sya nag-antay which was nasa third floor ata but he told me to stay where I was.

As I watched him coming down on the escalator, mas lalo akong nalibugan. He was tall, like almost 6 feet, malinis ang part ng mukha na hindi covered ng mask and he was kinda muscular.

He then hugged me, beso-beso. He smelled nice too. And since I was hungry, I said akyat kami sa taas where the food court and the restos are located. He said kumain na daw sya kasi early sya nagutom. So ako nalang ang kakain. Baliw din eh noh, I invited him for dinner pero nauna na syang kumain. Either totoong nagutom sya earlier or ayaw nyang sya magbayad or ayaw nyang ako ang magbayad ng food. Anyway, we went up sa fourth floor at nag-order nalang ako ng salad sa Subway.

While waiting for my order,...

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